Sunday, December 19, 2010

Time really flies...

... when you're caught up in a lot of things. Hi All!!! I can't believe that i made it through another year. To me this year passed by so fast and it seemed that yesterday was something i did last march. Wow... time really did fly. I must admit that i did went through some tough times and i hope that next year would be better. Hopefully there will be lesser tough times and more good times.

Before i get on to what might be my plans for next year, i want to talk about the singer Bi Rain. My friend from Melbourne, one of the twins, Kakra is crazy about Rain and she posted a link on my facebook wall. And it was Rain's video. OMG!!! He is so FREAKING HOT!!! Check out this link and tell me if you don't agree with me. I LOVED the part when he ripped his shirt and when he pulled his shirt over his head and danced. OMG!!!! It's so hot!!! HOTNESS i tell you!!!! hahahaha... okie enough of going man crazy for now.

On my transit in SG, i did write out a list of what i wanted to do next year. Well in 2012, instead of going to UK, we will probably head back to Melbourne and then go to New Zealand. And the baking biz, i'm not too sure about that now... At the moment i don't think next year will be the right time just yet. And as usual, i still have not found my direction yet. I'm still exploring a lot of possibilities for now. Hopefully it will come soon. I think this is it for now. I'm gonna go indulge myself in more Rain videos on you tube... hahahah. Bubyez... Muahz <3

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I'm back!!!! =D

Hey all, so yeah i'm back from Melbourne. I touched down in Brunei on a Wednesday Afternoon. My trip was a very relaxing one and i really had a good time plus, my sis and i is gonna make this a bi-annual trip! Yay! I had fun getting to know my sister friends and it was very cool. They are twins and the difference between them is quite huge. Anywhoos, When i left, i was in SG in transit for 2hrs and you know what, i bumped into Rozan. He used to work with the bank and the same building i was in. He was also in transit before going off somewhere for work. It was good to see him and it was a bit weird that i would actually bump into him outside of Brunei. Hahahahah. So the trip from SG to Melbourne lasted 7hrs. In that time i manage to sleep a bit, watch a couple of tv series and Despicable Me. Despicable Me was a really good movie.

So we landed in Melbourne at 10++ am and the twins picked us up. We got lost trying to go back to one of their houses from the airport... hahahaha... that same night, they had the hens night for one of the twins and we actually went to a strip club! hahahaha... it was the first for me and the waiters were so hot plus they were topless the whole time!!! With their muscles and their fit abs... woooohhhhhh.... i enjoyed what i was looking at.... hahahaha =P. The next few days after that we were running around with the twins, assisting them with errands and helping them in the kitchen and all. So when the wedding day came it was cool, the reception i must say is different from what we normally have here but it was interesting. It shows how different cultures celebrate marriage differently. There were so many things that happened when i was there that i dunno where to start. I'll just give u a short list of things that i did/see... well just the highlight of it =)
  1. I went to a strip club and enjoyed the sight =D)))
  2. Had a good time at the wedding and found how they did things were interesting.
  3. After the wedding, we went to Phillip Island, a mini holiday in my holiday... hehehehe =D
  4. Went to the Nobbies, Chocolate Factory, A Maze and Things and the Penguin Parade while we were in Philip Island.
  5. Got pooped by a seagull while i was at the Nobbies.
  6. Since the house we were staying at Philip Island was so close to the beach, we went to the beach often.
  7. Saw a seal while we were at the beach.
  8. Flew a kite while i was at the beach.
  9. After Philip Island, we went to the other twin's house in Dandenong.
  10. I walked to Dandenong Plaza =D
  11. Visited 2 Direct Factory Outlets.
  12. Went to Northlands 2-3 times that week we landed when we were there.
  13. I love K-MART!
  14. Watched a korean drama, Full House while i was there.
  15. Went to Docklands.
  16. Pancake Parlour is the BOMB!
  17. Watched Narnia in 3D while i was there, but seriously, not worth your money, movie did not have as much action and some parts were not even in 3D! Plus Prince Caspian never took of his shirt =(
  18. And oh, we visited a friend in St Kilda =D

And i think that is it...but u know pictures speak a million words, so if u have me on Facebook, check out my pics =D For now, i'll just leave you with some pictures =D. That's it for now... Bubyez!!! Muahz <3

At The wedding reception

The View of the sea at the Nobbies

Churros from San Churro

Saying goodbye to the twins before we head into the departure hall

Orchard Road, Singapore while we were in Transit before we flew back to BN

Friday, November 19, 2010

Greetings from T3 Changi Airport

Hey All, as i promise, i would blog... hahahahah.... Well at the moment i'm in transit at T3 of Changi Airport and it's a bit warm i must say and plus, aku SAKAI tadi in the plane!!!! hahahaha =P To be honest, it was and is my first time flying on a big plane to Singapore with a small TV screen in front of me and the table does not even toucg my tummy plus there is plenty of leg space!!!! hahahaha.... TTR bah aku tadi at the airport and the plane.... hahahaha

So anyways, i have 5 more mins before i end this, so i feel at ease at the moment and this is like the moment i have building up to during the year... Finally i get to go on leave... I'm very excited and for these past few nights i could not sleep well because of it... hahahah... iski banar skalinya.... The last time i had a long holiday was in March and i practically slaved till now to get here... I know i will enjoy melbourne =D So yeah... i'm very happy, no crazy shit, no work and no more drama =D An oh i booked a holiday to air asia in march next year... so i guess this is it for now.. bubyez ... muahz <3

Friday, November 5, 2010


Hi All, it's exactly 2 weeks before i fly off for my long awaited holiday. A few things that is currently happening, firstly, i'm selling off my PSP slim because i don't use it as often as i should so i feel it's such a shame to leave it lying around the house with no use. I got a buyer already so hopefully all goes well =) Who knows next year i upgrade to an ipod touch... heheheheh...

Other things, the other day i went to Lilli Lingerie and i came out with 2, well undergarments... i'm going to be very clean with my words here...hahahaha.... it's not what you think... seriously... hahahah... i did not come out with lingeries, i came out with 2 bras to be exact. You're probably wondering why i would go buy them there well i will tell you why. I don't remember what year it was but i was having a dilemma with supporting my "girlies", back then my current support was not very good and my back was always in pain. So one day, my sister decided to bring me there because one of her friend recommened to bring me there. so when i got there, i got measured and put into the right support and hey presto! my back problems are gone! So eversince then i have been using bras from Lilli Lingerie and i cannot go back to them normal ones because... well i don't fit there anymore, if you know what i mean. To be honest, yes the bras are quite pricey but they last you quite a long time and good support is essential. Being plus sized, there is no way where you can lie about your size and think you can fit into them normal off the shelf hua ho kinds... hahahaha. Ans it does make a lot of difference, so ladies, if you know that you are well equipped and when you can afford it, do drop by there and check it out, at least get measured and buy 1. you will definately feel the difference =). ok enough of bras.... on to other things..

The other day, i had a thought. i wanted to make a list of things i want to do next year.... i was so enthusiastic about it in my head that i now forgot some of the things in my list.... so here goes... somethings on my list =D

1. Try flying via Air Asia once.
2. Try to spend my birthday overseas.
3. Buy that $600+++ oven
4. Lauch the online baking biz
5. Buy an ipod touch
6. Wash my car more often or send it to the car wash more often.
7. make plans and save up for 2012 UK trip
8. Look for outside opportunities
9. Spend on diamonds on myself

I think that is it for now.... i gotta go back up and work... will try to blog more soon =D

Saturday, October 23, 2010

26 and a half

Hi All!!! I know i have been missing for a long time... i have been busy baking and selling cookies and other stuff too. As the title says it, 26 and a half more days to go before i fly off to Melbourne for my big and long holiday away from Brunei... I will be away for about 19 days (counting saturdays and sundays). This is my first trip far away from home and i'm pretty excited... I do travel but it's always to singapore and lately KK and next year i might go to KL as well. My aim for this trip to be a relaxing one where i have no care in the world... just to let go and forget everything for a bit and really enjoy myself. So i guess that is it =D i'll try to blog some more before i leave.... Bubyez... muahz xoxo

~i hear Melbourne calling my name..~

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Raya and random stuff

Hi All... so i've been missing for quite some time again... A very Selamat Hari Raya to all of you out there. Maaf Zahir dan Batin. Hope you all have a good time visiting friends and family. To be honest i was busy making chocolate cornflakes and famous amos chocolate chip cookies during puasa and like i said in my earlier post this year was the biggest order i have ever received. These cookies had to be the size of a 50cent coin as per requested and i can tell you it took me the longest time ever to bake!!! And also last night i attended my kaka angkat Diwi's open house. There is a story to this, she actually wanted me to make my Marie biscuit tiramisu dessert as her...well....dessert =). So the night before event, i decided to buy my ingredients... i bought everything except for Philadelphia cream cheese because i could not find any. I even sent my sister on a wild goose chase to find the cream cheese but to no avail. So i texted Dee to tell her i can't make the tiramisu because i can't find cream cheese but i will make her something for dessert. She said ok and that just as long as i made her some dessert she's fine. I spent till midnight that night looking for a fast and easy dessert and i found it, Soya Bean Milk Jelly Longan dessert. And i had to buy my stuff and the individual cups for it too... I again did not take any pictures because i was too busy... my mum took her time in the kitchen and i started at a later time. i actually made 2 kinds, Soya Bean and Bandung. The last batch of the dessert did not have enough time to set but overall for an untested and first batch run dessert, it turned out to be a success!!! =D yay!!! It was a crowd-pleaser and a lot of people liked it!!! So i now know what i need to prepare beforehand when i make this dessert.

Today, i actually got up to church because my sister wanted to bring me to Heidi's house for Raya. Whilst getting ready we both decided that we should actually come back home before going to Heidi's and that i could go back to sleep if i wanted to but since i already showered and was halfway dressed, i decided to just go. The service today was interesting because of 2 things; 1. the choir was bigger and they are called a Chorale and 2. the guest speaker for the sermon Mrs Chan. The choir (my sister is also in it) did very well. They sounded really good today. Then there was Mrs Chan, the guest speaker. Now this was the really interesting bit. Just to give you a background on Mrs Chan, she's actually a music director in a church and a choir consultant for churches. In the early part of her sermon she mentioned that it will be a participative sermon. So during the sermon not only did she gave us her personal testimonies in the Lord and made us read Bible verses for her, she actually belted out songs in between. I think it was 5-6 songs. And in the earlier parts, when we were not participating by reading the verses on the screen she actually said to us "You all need to help me read these Bible verses, if not i won't be able to sing later" i thought that was strange and a few minutes later, she sang us a song, kinda opera style. My personal thoughts on this went like this :-
  1. Wow, it's like a musical. Breaking out in songs in between.
  2. She was full of expression and emotion, so i think in real life she must be a bit of a drama queen, her expressions, actions and voice said it all.
  3. That sermon kept me wide awake... Don't judge me on this, i'm sure some of you out there have nearly fell asleep during a sermon =D
  4. She's a really, really, really good singer; hands down, no questions asked.
  5. Wow... that was a really interesting sermon, the content and the style.
So yeah it was really interesting. Nothing much happened after that. We just went for breakfast and while my mum and aunt did some grocery shopping, my sis and i went to look at some kains. My sis bought a lot today and i did not want to tempt myself just yet because for me pay day is just 2 days away!!! Yay!!!! =D The happiest time of the month for most people... hahahaha. After that we got back home, changed and went to Heidi's new house and HOMAIGAWD!!!!! LAWA BAH RUMAHNYA!!!! hahahahah... i love the style of the house and the kitchen was HUGE!!! i love the fact that the style was a bit western whereby at the windows, there is a built in seat or space where you can sit and from the living room. Since the doors going out to the garden was clear glass doors, the view overlooking the garden was really beautiful. Heidi told us that if we have time, we can just chill at her house. And if we do that, i am so going to take pictures and explore the house!!! It is a really beautiful house and i want one just like that... heheheheh =P

Before i sign off, just some random thoughts :-
  • if i am not mistaken, i have about 61 more days to my Australia trip!!!! Yay!!!! I need double check my calendar tomorrow again
  • It's raining tonight...
  • I still have orders for Chocolate Cornflakes and my Famous Amos Cookies
  • I made a new friend at work, well via email that is, Mr Mei ( i know that he might be reading this, so hi Mei!!!! =D)
  • For breakfast, i ate porridge with cut chilli, lime and soya sauce on the side.
  • My sister called me weird for doing the above. And yes, i do admit i am weird. I'm proud and happy to be weird, otherwise i won't be me... heheheh =P
Okie peeps... i think that should be it for now... bubyez... Muahz <33

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

i've been MIA

Hellew all... yes i have been missing in action for quite some time =D So a whole lot of things have been happening and i mean a lot!!! Please bear with me as i have a lot to get off and this will be one hell of a long post =)

Firstly, it's puasa which means i'm busy making orders of chocolate cornflakes... This year, is by far the most i have to make... My most beautiful kaka angkat decided to order 1000pcs from me!!! Plus i have orders to entertain from the office as well. I foresee that till puasa ends, i will be sleeping at least 5 hrs a day. Plus, my beautiful kaka told me that some people want to buy my "tester" cookies... The chocolate chips are hard to find now but i will put effort into finding them. The other day i went to that big electronic store in gadong where hua ho used to be. I was looking for a really big oven. My plan next year is to start a baking business where i would be selling cookies, cupcakes and chocolate cornflakes. A lot of credit goes to Dirah who gave me the recipe for these wonderful chocolate cornflakes... thank you so much because the recipe is helping me in a lot of ways. Back to the oven... i fell in love with one of them, it was so big and it had 5 stove on top of it and it cost $1499!!!! i am so buying that oven because it would be so convenient for me and i find it quite cheap too and it's electric too... I have so many big plans for next year so i just hope things will be better next year and hopefully everything will run smoothly =D

On another note, my bmobile jet phone is giving me so much problems... i think the battery is busted... without the battery, i can't switch the phone on and i can't go online... That is why i am so gonna buy a usb modem in kb this friday because it seems cheaper there... that way i can just plug in and go online hassle free. Bmobile does not sell extra batteries for their phones nor do they sell their usb modems to their existing subscribers without a prepaid line attached to them. And oh friday i'm taking the day off and i will be going to miri to spend that rm$200 voucher on a handbag =D... so yeah friday is just 2 days away... yay yay!!!

Next on the agenda is my bestie, Amie... She went off to Singapore for an interview and the other day she told me that she got a job there and is starting work on this friday. I'm so happy for her... and hopefully if all goes well i shall visit her some time next year =D

Then there is Zek with his apology video to his girlfriend Emma... My thoughts on it was that it is hilarious and embarrassing. In the video, i thought he was going to cry but he did not, so it did not seem that sincere to me. And if he did shed a few tears, i think people would feel sorry for him and help him find his "Princess of the Earth" Emma.... hahahahah The part i hated was when he kissed the camera, it made me pull back from my screen and scream hell no!!! hahahaha... But honestly, he is brave to do such things but seriously boy there are other better methods of apology that will not haunt you in the future.

Next up...Date.Dating. So what is your definition of a date or dating? This is an interesting subject as there was one day where my older sister was supposed to go out with "the guy she is dating", not boyfriend ya, let's be clear here "the guy she is dating". Personally, i have met this man and i think he is a nice and sincere person... why it's not official yet, well only God, her and "the guy she is dating" knows. So back to what is your definition of a date with a guy or person that you have been seeing for quite some time? For me, my definition of a date or dating is when a guy and a girl or same sex couples (just in case you swing the other way) go out together, to eat or watch a movie or just go out and enjoy each others company. It does not matter what you wear or do just as long as you are spending time with each other getting to know each other better or if you have been together a long time, get on each others nerves or something =D heheheh... So my sister's definition of going on a date or dating with "the guy she is dating" is that she has to be dressed up. She has to be wearing something nice then it qualifies as a date... i find that quite silly because don't tell me when she is not dressed up and when they go out, spend time or go on road trips it does not qualify as a date or dating...sowhat the hell is that?!?!? Now that is just BULLCRAP!!!! I pity this man... and i have no idea what is wrong with my sister... SERIOUSLY!!!! The things people think nowadays ya...

Lastly to end my very long post of random nothings =) is that i went to Tarindak Polo Club for sungkai with kak mai and kathleen, it's $20 per person just now =D)) the food was great, there was a lot of dishes for the main course, satay, kebab, roasted lamb, an assortment of flavored drinks and desserts, murtabak, mee soup, popcorn, cotton candy a a whole lot more. We saw the chefs fro the beach cafe and they recognized us... hahahaha... we are such regular patrons that they can remember us. When the chinese looking chef saw us, he seemed quite happy and surprised to see us... it was as if he missed us... hahahahahah... and i also saw the hot waiter, i think he also recognized us too... all i can say is HOMAIGAWD!!!! HOMAIGAWD!!!! I SO WANT THAT!!! To me he is so hot and i want to jump on that but i'm too shy. I think he knew i was gawking at him just now plus he looks different in the white uniform, he also kept looking at our table too... *sigh* I will just have to wait till puasa and raya is over till i can go back to the beach cafe and enjoy the ceaser salad and the sight... hahahahah

So i guess that is it, i'll try to update soon =D... Good night and happy puasa peeps! Muahz <3

Saturday, August 7, 2010

When i'm bored, i bake

Hellew all, i know it's been a while since i've updated. Anyways, as the title says it i bake when i am bored... and yes it's quite true. well this morning i had cravings for chocolate chip cookies... i actually baked some last week using the recipe amie gave me, the famous amos chocolate chip cookies recipe... i did not take any pictures of that batch because i was very tired, it was a really big batch and i want to make some of those soon but i think i would half the recipe so i dun have to make so much and take too much time... my oven is very small plus everybody loved that batch that i made. So this morning i searched high and low on the internet to find an easy one... it does not taste like the famous amos ones but they are ok lah if u just wanna eat em for fun =D

The first 12 cookies out of the oven, yes my oven can only fit 12 cookies at one go

Here is a picture of 3 birdies who were hatched in that very nest a few week ago... they have left the nest already

My first attempt at brownie cupcakes... it had a different texture but overall it was not too bad

And oh i went to the consumer fair last week and i won RM$200 Parkson Shopping vouchers. I picked up amie and we went to the consumer fair. Tourism Malaysia had their booth there and the told us, hey come sign up for free, just give us your name, email add and your facebook id and then spin the wheel... I was actually quite reluctant then amie said why not coz it's free. Then we got to spin their wheel and had a chance to wine one of the prizes there. So amie was up first and she won RM$50 Pavillion shopping vouchers. I did not have a good look at the wheel and i did not expected to win. And then when i spun i won the RM$200 Parkson Vouchers, i was so blur because both the ladies were so excited and they were so happy for me. One lady looked at me and said "Gempak sikit lah Dek" hahahahah... that was how blur i was. And kathleen told me that that was the highest prize on the wheel... so yeah i was very lucky =D

I guess this is it for now, am too lazy to listen to my mum nagging in the back ground. I think i'll be baking more tomorrow if i dun have anything to do and i'll probably go out for a while to find some of the things i need to bake those famous amos cookies again. Oh amie has gone to singapore yesterday because she has an interview this afternoon. she says she will be there for a bit to look for a job but i think she wud be back around september to send her lil sis off to uk.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Oreo Cupcakes and playing b*tchy...

So a lot has happened, so before i go to the delicious oreo cupcakes i made, i had a very bad encounter at work. Ok so, my colleague who i am currently relieving is now on her core leave and is in china for holiday. The thing is she sends monthly statistics to HK every month and it so happens she sent out the mail for june but did not update the figures in it. So HK sent it back to us asking the figures. The thing is everytime she goes on leave, i do update her statistics but she has never showed me or told me about this one. So after really trying to study the excel file and the spreadsheets in it, i manage to figure how to get the figures for half of it and i tried trying to figure out the other half. When i could not figure it out, i smsed her asking her where do i get the figure and that i managed to find half of it and i told her, she can either sms me back or email me on facebook. She then replied insisting that she already sent out the figure and asked me to recheck whether the mail was sent out. I then replied to her and said yes, u did send out the mail but u did not update the figures. And i asked her, where can i find these figures. She then smsed me back asking me to figure it out, and said i should learn because who knows she might leave soon so i have to know all these things. and the she said, if you want my reply, send her some credit because she was running low.

When i read that reply, i was boiling MAD!! i mean seriously, u did not tell me about these figure nor have i ever seen it in my life and u asked me to learn by myself and then have the nerve to ask me for credit?HELL TO THE NO!!! GO TO HELL GIRL!!!! And oh, i'm using a prima so i can't send u no credit nor am i going to waste my money on such crappy replies!!
So in the end i figured it out, and i replied to her and i quote "It's ok i figured it out already. U leave? Seriously? I hope i leave before you do.... hahahaha" And you know, i have been in the department for 1 year and there are things that i am still learning and you know everytime i ask her questions about work which i seriously don't know answers to, she always say to me "U THINK LA".... Seriously... WTF!!!! I usually brush it off but this was the last straw!!! I asked u a question because i really don't know the answers to them because if i knew, i would not ask you and i don't want to do anything until i'm doing the right thing... because i dun want a small mistake to become a huge hoo-ha... I was so pissed. so u know, if she wants bitchy, i'll give her bitch... because she seriously don't know who she's messing with.... I maybe quiet an all but girl it's SO ON!!! U ain't getting any mercy from me anymore!!!

Enough of the angry parts... So on a brighter note, i made Oreo Cupcakes... i googled the recipe and i combined it with one of my vanilla cupcake recipes and it turned out great!!! My sister says it not too sweet and it's just nice =D

cupcakes waiting to be baked.

The oreo with the cream side up goes at the bottom before u fill it in with the batter.

The final product the oreo cupcake!!! I was just curious on how it would taste like so there it is =D

Since i'm typing and all, i might as well give u the recipe to try... you can also substitute the oreo for nutella, just add a small scoop on nutella on top of the batter and using a toothpick, swirl it around... the nutella cupcakes are a hit with everyone... i have made them a lot of times =D u know what i will put a picture as well =)

*Makes 12 cupcakes
- 10 tablespoons of softened butter
- 3 eggs
- 3/4 cup white sugar
- 1/2 teaspoon vanilla
- 1 3/4 cups flour
- 1/4 teaspoon salt
- 2 teaspoon baking powder
-12 oreo biscuits

- Preheat oven to 160 degrees celcius
- Gently twist off one side of the oreo biscuit so that the cream is on one side.
- The side of the oreo biscuit with no cream are to be crushed roughly.
- Cream butter and sugar until light. Add in eggs one at a time until fully incorporated.
- Add in vanilla, stir in flour, salt, baking powder and crushed oreos until combined.
- In a muffin liner, place the other half of the oreo cookie, cream side up.
- Fill in each muffin liner till 3/4 full
- Bake for 25-30mins.

So here is how the nutella ones look like, just substitute the recipe above with nutella and u put the nutella on top of the batter and swirl it around

Nutella cuppies ready for baking

The nutella before it is swirled into the batter

The end product!

These nutella ones are so sinful i tell u!!!! It keeps you wanting for more =D
I guess this is it for today, i have a big day ahead of me tomorrow... am going to KB for a wedding at LLRC and the we are headed to Miri for shopping and some other stuff... so this it for now... Bubyez =D

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Last weekend was CRAZY!!!

Hey all! hope all of you are doing good! Well as the title says, last weekend was crazy for me because i went to Miri, with them bankers to play paintball. It was fun!!! each player gets to play 4 games!!! Fun fun!!! i nearly fainted because i did not eat and i was lucky, one of my fren's younger sister saved me with her lollipop... hahahahah.... yes, one small lollipop makes a difference. if you are interested, you can visit their website here, but it has not been updated for quite a while, so it's best to contact Mr Liew via email or sms to get the rates. i got shot twice, yes only twice because i kept hiding behind the bunkers and only started shooting when no one was shooting at me.... i knew some of the ppl i was up against were quite frustrated with me because they could never get a good shot at me... hahahahaah... strategize ppl!!! hehehehe.... overall, it was fun! and the gun was very heavy but it was worth it =D here are some pictures i managed to snap before i played. and oh if you were were wondering where i got shot, it was on a sensitive part of my chest and yes, there is a mark even though the person who shot me was so far away... i did feel the pain when i was shot and after... i was just very unlucky not to have lovely and colourful paintball bruises to show off... hahahah

people who were already inside collecting their guns and testing them before they started playing.

the bunkers which can protect you... good hiding places =D

people getting geared up before the game.

That was last weekend, an oh yesterday was a public holiday because it was HM Sultan of Brunei 64th Birthday so i had the day off, i did not do much except catch up on sleep and to recuperate after the tiring weekend. I did however went out to Tarindak D'Polo Jerudong Beach cafe for their ceasar salad and cucur... my older sister, karen went there with they guy she was dating and then myself, kathleen and kak mai followed up after that... i should bring my camera there next time to take pictures of the beach... i really love the scenery there and the food and also that hot waiter. My older sister, karen decided to ask the cute waiter's friend his name and now i know his name and also the waiter that we questioned... hahahaha.... it was so embarrassing and yet so funny... so yeah, i know know both his name and his friend's... will i do anything to action on it? i don't think so... i'm a shy person so i won't do that until i've really lost my mind!!! hahahahahah =D

And oh just tonight i went to the Brunei Speaker's Group 11th Installation Dinner at Ilotus! it was fun and zana was good at singing the mandy moore's only hope... it was an interesting and fun night, i really did enjoy myself =) so yeah, i guess that is is for now, i'll try to blog soon =) muahz!

Friday, July 2, 2010

my water proof camera

The pictures below are not from my team building, it's from the cool people from the 1st floor. I lent my water proof camera to 2 of my friends and they had fun using it underwater. They unleashed the full potential of my water proof camera... i can't swim to save my life so i never thought of playing with it in the pool either... but the pictures my friends took turned out great! they looked amazing and these are the 3 i like the best =D Maybe i should take my camera for a spin when i decide to go swimming or something =D as for my team building, well it's nothing to boast about or worth mentioning. we went to work and then went for lunch and that is it.

A group picture with some of them. Amazing how some of them managed to pose =)

I personally like this shot, wina (the one in green) looks like she's a mermaid, while efah (the one in brown) looks so like she's not even in the water and mizzie (the one in blue) looks like she trying to get some of the spotlight from them... overall, great picture!

Them, trying to pose again under water.

Oh if you're wondering what camera was used in this process, well its the Olympus 1030sw, click here to see a review written on it. That is exactly how my camera looks like and i bought it 2 years ago... so yeah, it works perfectly well under water =D

Also, the colleagues and i are having a small celebration at work on Monday... A celebration for what you ask, its a celebration for "The noisy bunch has finally left the building" celebration... hahahaha... this time round i won't be making dessert, i'll be making nutella swirl cupcakes! yay! To be honest, i think i need to learn how to make new simple desserts, my simple tiramisu and peaches and cream are getting too over rated i think ... and yeah, if you did not know, i like to bake and stuff =D, i guess this is it for now, will try to blog more. muahz and bubyez =))

Monday, June 28, 2010

Seriously, i have World Cup FEVER!!!

Hey all.... Well plenty has happened since i lasted posted =D As the title says, i do have World Cup Fever... hehehe.... so far i have 3 jerseys, Japan, Italy and Brazil. I think i should get the Germany White and Black jersey too... and oh, i watched the Germany vs England game last night... My oh my... england did not do too well... I thought that if they had persisted more and did not give up easily, they could have gone down with pride. Germany was fantastic, great defence but i felt at the end where they could have attempted to score, they did not. Actually they had several opportunities but they hesitated. I see it 2 ways, either they were not confident to shoot or they were trying to tire out the Brits... Overall, well played for Germany!

Enough of World Cup on to other things =D I went down to Miri on Saturday with my sis, kak mai and amoi at 4pm. We then went to KB just to eat at Buccaneer around 9++pm. I like eating there, the food is fantastic and cheap! Good place to eat also if you want to go dating *wink wink* Also another great place to eat is D'Tarindak Polo Beach Cafe. You know that beach cafe down the hill from D'Tarindak in Jerudong.... I LOVE going there, i love their Ceasar Salad and their cucurs.... Mind you, they do not open on Mondays and operating hours daily are from 2pm till 10pm and cucurs are only available before 6pm. Not much choices of food but i find it a good place to eat with a great view. and oh, i saw a HOT waiter there too... heheheheeh... i like looking at guys, i'm sorry, what's a girl to do. But the hot waiter has a ring on the ring finger so he's off limits. So girlies, when a man wears a ring, he's off limits and must be avoided. Plus, i ain't no home wrecker, MAN + RING = OFF LIMTS AND DANGEROUS. hehehehe =D So we bankers are now fast approaching the half yearly mark... don't know what my department will be doing... to be honest, i don't really want to do much. I'm lazy. and oh silly random fact, i have not washed my car for at least 3months... so yeah, it's very filthy...heheheh

Wait now i remembered why i wanted to post... i was re-reading my previous post and OMG!!!! My english has gone down hill... hahahaha =D))) i guess this is it for today and hopefully more posts to come. xoxo KeL

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Drunk people, great makeup, World Cup and HOTTIES!!!

Hey all! so i have been missing for over month! I've been lazy to blog and occupied with some stuff. Anywhoos, i'm gonna do a bit of flashback to see what has happened for that 1 month =D For may the biggest highlight was 28May2010, it was the 1 year anniversary of my Dad's passing. May his soul rest in peace. I do think about him every now and then but i don't feel his presence as much as i did a few months ago, so my guess is he's really gone to watch us from above. I've been through a whole ups and downs lately but i'm not too bothered because somehow i know either way everything will be ok and back to how it is.

May also started the functional man craze...hahahaha... okie, this is how it goes. There is this one functional engineering man who once in a blue moon comes to the office. He looks like he's eurasian and i find him hot! i wanna jump on him but i don't know if i have the guts to do so. After the Oscar night, i actually asked my friend, the clairvoyant if i would even meet a guy this year and she just said that i will meet one but i have to approach them first. so yeah, if you see someone who looks just like me, jumping on some dude, oh yeah, you got that right, it is me! hahahaha... so yeah functional man has caught my attention now =D

Now on to June, the first weekend, i attended a colleague's wedding and it was not too bad, i like the food and i had good fun. Then the weekend after that we had a bank event, Oscar Night. My friends and the clairvoyant happen to be in the event committee so i did help them out a bit with the script and the re packing of door gifts the day after. I had fun dancing at the after party and i had a good laugh watch people get drunk at the after "after party". The things people do when they get drunk.

To be honest, i never get drunk or high at these events because i don't know what i will do and i don't want to be the laughing stock the next day. So RULE #1 for big events is DO NOT GET DRUNK! you don't need to get drunk to have a good time, i've watched so many people in the past get drunk for these events that i seriously have a good laugh at them... mean but yeah they seriously don't know what they are doing and they need someone to tell them the next day.

RULE #2, DON'T SLEEP UNTIL EVERYONE LEAVES. with loud music and drunk people, there is no telling what will happen so i did not catch any sleep till 3++am. And also one colleague got so drunk that i had to pull him and made sure he had some sleep before he left with another colleague at 4.30am, which of course i woke up and made sure he was ok to drive. This drunk colleague, so so silly that he logged on to facebook and wrote some things he should not have said on his facebook status. His girlfriend wanted a breakup on his status and blamed us for him being drunk. So boys and girls, if you have a possessive partner, RULE #3, WHEN DRUNK, DO NOT LOG ON TO FACEBOOK. WAIT TILL YOU'RE SOBER. The boy deleted that status and apologized to his girlfriend. Dunno whether he patched things up with his girl tho =D

Anyways, i got Heidi to do my make up and it was AMAZING!!! i did not take much pictures myself, because everything looked yellow in my camera. But i made sure i posed at every chance there was a photog snapping near by. Several people did ask me about my make up and of i course i did advertise. They loved it! so do check out her blog here if you want to see her works =D. You want to know why the make up was amazing, i'll list them out for you =D
  1. She made me look HOT!!!! I'm so using her for Annual Dinner next year =D
  2. The material that she uses are good quality stuff and it feels light on your face.
  3. I did plenty of dancing and i sweat a lot too... so when i pat my face with a tissue, my makeup did not run nor did it looked patchy afterwards.
  4. The makeup lasted till 2++am, i think it could have lasted till the next morning if i did not have to remove my makeup when i needed to sleep.
  5. Heidi's cool and funny =D

    These are the pics i got from her blog, i'm still waiting for the pictures from the dinner to appear so i can grab and see how i great i looked that night =D

Oh, tomorrow i also have another bank event, i'm a volunteer for Cycle for SMARTER... So hopefully that will turn out ok. And also World Cup!!!! I have World Cup fever!!!! Hahahahah... and it seams like i'm the only person in my department who is semangatz for the world cup.... hahahaah... And i bought Japan's Home jersey for $18!!! i want to find Argentina's and USA's jerseys next. I watched the Argentina team played against Korea and i can only say HOT HOT HOT!!! The Argentina men were HOT!!! Especially #9 and #16 HOTNESS i tell you!!! You see because of this argentina match, i wanna jump on men now.... hahahahaaha.... i know i'm crazy but who cares!!! So yeah enough of that... i'll update soon... Muahz!!! xoxo

Sunday, May 16, 2010

i had a MAKEOVER!!!!! =D

Hellew !!! so i have disappeared for quite some time... i've been both preoccupied and lazy... hehehehe... work is as usual, a bit crazy. Plus it's soon to be the 1 year anniversary of my father's passing and also in a few months, i'll hit the 3 years mark working in the bank! 3 years, lets hope i can last another 12yrs before i retire and move on to better things =D

Ooohhh... i recently attended a cousin's wedding, both her husband and herself are very young, most probably around 22 or 23 yrs old. What was funny was, during the wedding she had 2 emcees, a male and female. One speaking in English and the other in Malay. So you know they randomly said things and the most bizarre thing they said was and i quote "Both the newlyweds are currently working in Brunei Shell Petroleum eversince they finished their studies." okie. need you tell the world that you're working in one of the best paid companies ever? i must admit, the wedding was very grand and all but need you spend that much on your wedding and show it off to the world? And the hantaran, Diamonds and Platinum! 1 full set!! do you know that it cost u so much to buy diamonds from that place? Did you know that the quality of the diamond is the same as Taka in Singapore, and Taka can give you a better , more sparkly set for cheaper. Ohhhh.... lets not forget the Cannon DSLR (i think) and the Tissot watch! So you know what i said to my sisters, i told them we should also have a wedding as grand as that and then we get the emcee to say "Both the bride and groom are currently unemployed, so any monetary contributions will help them a long way. Thank you." hahahahah... i'm no hater for grand weddings but announcing to the whole world where you work, that's just plain showing off. And spending so much on your hantaran, you know that the items they got probably came out from loans and stuff which you have to pay off your whole life. For me, i would have a simple wedding, around tea time maybe by the beach. D'Tarindak Polo Beach Cafe looks like a good spot for that.. hehehehe ;D

So yesterday, i tagged along with my sister to Heidi's house for a makeover. My sister volunteered to be Heidi's model and when she saw me she decided to do me too!!!! Yay!!! That was my first time at a makeover!!! It was so cool, i really look like a different person, plus my eyes are a bit small...hahahaha... who knew i had chinky eyes right? hahahaha. Overall, i had fun, i really enjoyed the makeover and i will be getting Heidi to do my makeup for a bank event coming up on the second week of june =D)) Oh yeah, if you want to check more of Heidi's work, pls visit her website here. i think my picture and my sis will go up on Monday, i'm very excited!!! heheheh =P

Just need to do something with my hair next time. Enough said =D

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Are you Australian?

Hellew all!!! So many things had happened for the past week or so... firstly, it's the Are you Australian question... hahahaah... Well how this came about was very funny, it was around 6.45+++pm and i was still at work calling customers. If i am not wrong, i was about to complete my purpose of calling this last customer, as the conversation was about to end, the person said, "Miss, can i ask you a question?" I was like, "Yes" the customer then said "Are you Australian?" then i went "No" the customer then laughed and told me that my accent sounded Australian... hahahahah... After so long of calling customers, this was the first a customer has commented on the way i talked... hahahaha... i must admit i find it quite hilarious!

Other than that, i had a stalker-ish creepy encounter the other day at the pantry's workplace. To clarify things so that you won't be lost, i shall explain about this man. When i first met this man, he had this funny smile everytime he saw me. And i mean, it was that creepy kinda smile.. from instinct, you know that that smile meant something else... plus he's married and i happen to know his wife. So at work i would try my very best to avoid crossing paths with this man and since i have moved to my new dept, i rarely crossed his path. So i went into the pantry to wash my cup, then the door closed behind me and then there was a soft hello greeting me from the back, i turned, i saw this man and said hi, my head said "oh shit!!!" He then asked me, "you've moved dept already right" i was like "yeah" when in fact i've been in my new dept for already a good 9 mths! then he said " Oh, it's because i never see you pass by near my dept anymore" and i went "oh, i see" then he went on with more questions, "your dept, is that isolated dept at the end right?" i then said "yeah" at this point, i was washing my cup like crazy " then he said "oh, we rarely go round there to visit you all" by this time i finished washing my cup, i turned, smiled and said "yeah we're very far away from others. ok bye" and walked out of the pantry. UUURRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!! I don't ever want to be anywhere alone with that man and plus, the pantry is a very small place!!!! eeeeeeeee!!!! creepy much and gatal!!!!

That's all abt work... on a personal note, i have a lot of catching up to do in terms of watching my downloaded series! i have not been updated since the week before i left for Singapore because i was sick. i have downloaded them already but have not watched them yet. I like watching Glee, Vampire Diaries, Community, Accidentally on Purpose, Big Bang theory, just to mention a few ;) So i guess this is it for now, will try to blog more soon =D)) xoxo

Saturday, April 3, 2010

So i've been gone for quite some time....

As the title says it, i've been gone for quite a bit and now i'm back! yay!!!heheheeh... Well loads have been happening, firstly there was my birthday... i've turned 23 now... still very young and raw... presents... Kak mai treated all of us for dinner at Holiday Lodge, which i really appreciate, i got an air ticket to Singapore from my second sister, Kathleen, clothes from my eldest sister, Karen and a waffle maker from my third sister, Katherine and fiance Sharin. At work, we went for lunch at I-Lotus. it was from birthday funds with 3 celebrants, myself and 2 other colleagues. And then my really close friends, Wina, Serena, Siti Nora, Kak Mai surprised me with a cake, on their floor and all of the people in collections sang happy birthday to me. They caught me off guard. That day i was supposed to go back 3hrs early and they told me that they needed to discuss work with me. So when i came down, they played along and then my sweet friend, Wina came out of the pantry with a big chocolate cake and started singing and everyone at that section started singing!!! ~sigh~ That i must admit was a good surprise, they caught me so off guard that i was so shocked and i was shaking and i was so nervous... Good surprise though... they got me real good... hahahah =D))

Remember i was talking about that window of opportunity at work, well it did come around, i applied and then i was NOT shortlisted. Why? i have no freaking idea, well actually in my theory it's 2 things... 1. my former line manager does not want to work with me and 2. she's trying to save me from entering "hell". So yeah, am i upset? a bit. I somehow had the feeling after i applied that i would not get it and my instincts were dead on! i was not shortlisted. Why? it was because of the fact that among all the people who had applied, i actually had the background, experience and knowledge of that area. And yet i was not shortlisted. So yeah, i'm still where i am now and to add a more dreadful note on that, my colleague in my section whom i am close to Miss W is moving to another department! God! I won't have anyone to bitch about things now! ~sigh~ nonetheless, i am happy for her move as it could be a promotion for her in the future.

So on a better and interesting note, i was in Singapore for 8 days with my mum and sister Katherine because she has a course there for 3 weeks. I learned how to use the MRT with the help of the map and the signboards around the stations. We saved so much rather than using a taxi. Plus the most "expensive" trip i spent was $2.80 and if u return the ticket, u get $1 back! i actually did not see the sign at the counter about the tourist pass, i think it would have been cheaper or something. But it's ok, i managed pretty well for 8 days. I walked a lot, sweat a lot, shopped a lot and i got sunburnt too walking on the streets. I went to quite a number of places such as China Town, Little India, The Verge (it's a mall at Little India), Bugis, City Hall, Raffles, St Andrew's Cathedral, Vivo City, Jurong Point, Mustafa Centre, City Square Mall (it's an Eco Mall... i dunno what that means), Sim Lim Square, a bit of Singapore Botanical Gardens, National Orchid Garden and Universal Studios. I spent very little time around Orchard, i only went round Orchard at night with my sister and the maximum time we went out was around 3hrs or less. So yeah, that's what me and my mum did in 8 days. We also visited Yan, hubby and her babies, Eliza and Danial.

Now on with some pictures... i just posted 1/10 of what i took... i took about 600+++ pictures and have posted half on FB =D))

Breakfast at the Royal Plaza on Scotts. The breakfast buffet cost $38 (i think) w/0 gst and service charge. if u add that all together it was about $40++++

Street sign outside The Verge at Little India.
The back office of HSBC Claymore Branch. This was taken at the window of my sister's room.
Ham and Cheese sandwich with either coffee or tea at Toast Box in Jurong Point. This was breakfast for me and my mum that day.
China town. They were selling a lot of cheap stuff, if you like summer kind of clothing, come to this place.
This was a rock band rocking on the streets out side a mall. My sis and i were just walking around and then we heard music and we decided to watch them.
Eliza 1 1/2 years old
Baby Danial 2mths
St Andrew's Cathedral. Apparently in the 1800 it was struck by lightning twice.
Stained Glass Windows
A stone elephant at the National Orchid Garden which was in the Singapore Botanical Gardens.
Flowers =D
Some people carved their names on a tree
Universal Studios
This was somewhere around New York

Universal studios was fun, especially Shrek 4D and the in house Mummy ride... it was so cool. i had so much fun... So i guess this is it for now... will try to blog more soon =D)) XOXO

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Condolences and the true story how my name was created!

Hey all... Well a lot has been happening for these past few days. Firstly, My condolences to the Keasberry Family as they have lost a family member, Uncle Lionel Keasberry. May His soul rest in peace. Then there's an acquaintance, Mr Stanley Loo, i remember him as a very helpful and friendly man. And lastly, Dex Keasberry, his grandmother from his mother's side has also passed on. My condolences to all the families. God bless their souls and may they rest in peace. I feel that once you have experienced or seen how close death is to someone you love, you don't feel the hit as bad. If a person passes on so suddenly, i guess it will hit you hard. For me, when you see a person you love passes on, there is that void in your life. The sense that you feel lost that you don't know what to do. But we do have to remember that they are all passing on to a better place where there is no pain or suffering. And that they want us to move on as they will always be watching and guiding us when we really need it. =)

On a cheery note, there has been some big hu-ha at work about bonus and we have already receive our bonus... Am i any richer? Not really... Was it better than last year? A lil' bit... Am happy i did get it coz i need to pay some stuff off, you know with that new credit card regulation thing. So yeah, i have not splurge just yet... well i just bought a computer monitor for my sister's laptop so i can use it and resume my downloading and stuff. Plus i also need to buy my ticket to Australia in Nov/Dec, which will cost me $1.2k+++. The mos expensive thing i have ever spent on a ticket...

Ohhh... last night, i went to my cousin's house for dinner, it's just us family only and we all just sat down and talked a lot. In that talking, i found out how my name came out. My dad asked my cousin to help him name all us sisters an they came up with K's and since i was the last one to pop, my cousin, Tina had no idea what to name me... and she decided to find a name that started with K for me. Then in 1987, Cousin Tina got to know this little girl who she found to be very beautiful. And i do know this girl and she is really pretty now. This little girl was called Kelda. At that time my cousin was also a big fan of Kylie Minogue. She wanted to call me Kylie but she remember this little girl because her name was unique... so my cousin Tina decided to combine the both and she wrote on paper, KLYDER, to combine and change it up a little bit. She gave the paper to my dad and did not expect him to use the name and when i popped! There i was, KLYDER. hahahaha... funny but yet true story! After 22 years, i finally know how my name came about! LoL! And if you're wondering how to pronounce my name its KELDER. Because so many people have difficulties pronouncing my name, that is why i decided to address myself as KeL as it's easier to pronounce... teeheee... So this is it for now... gotta shower and get ready =)

Yours Truly,
Klyder =P

Monday, February 22, 2010

Tomorrow's Our 26th National Day! and Falling in LIKE...

Hi All!!! As the title says it, tomorrow is National Day, for Brunei that is... Am i feeling patriotic? err not really... i've done my share of patriotism when i was younger... you know flag waving and stuff, plus i did march for the 24th National Day parade back in 2008 for the Brunei Association of Banks... We had to practice both day and night, just to march exactly like the police/army style... Not something i enjoy as i must say i have 2 left feet and i also have no rhythm! Lol! So dancing is also quite difficult for me... hahahah... lets not say dancing, trying to learn poco poco was difficult for me as well... hahahah... enough said.

So what are my plans for tomorrow... well there is lunch at excapade at 1, my eldest sister is treating... so yeah... after that i'm not too sure what i'll be doing... I'll probably get leggings again... I actually got a pair yesterday, quite surprised they fit me, so i want to get another just in case it runs out... This is usually my normal routine, if a pair of pants especially jeans which fit me well, i always buy 2 pairs because of several reasons 1. in case i wear 1 of em out and 2. i know i will never ever find another pair like them anytime soon.

Ohh... i also went to miri last saturday, to accompany one of my close friend... she just got out of an accident 2 days before and she wanted so badly to go to miri, so decided to just bring her. I'm also discovering the joys of twitter too... it seems cool.. hahahah

Falling in like... hmmm... this actually means something, it's like falling in love but you don't love the person, you just like em... i think this could be defined as an infatuation or a crush... Am i crushing on someone? Yes, i am! hehehe... don't think he has noticed me... Don't know why but yeah, although i don't see him that often , i dunno i just think i like him... would i make a move? Nah! For me, why bother... I like keeping my options open ;) Anywhoos, today i saw a hottie at work! haha! i have not seen this guy before so i would consider him fresh meat to the building... hahaha... well it happened like this, after i parked my car, shah just came and parked beside me. so we walked to the office together... we were hanging around downstairs because shah was smoking and we were talking about bonus and things like that. I dunno what possesed me to turn my head and there he was wearing blue and he was walking to his car to take his diary... and i think he smiled at either me or shah... and i was like "Shah, who's that?" He's like "New collector" and i went "He's cute!" *pauses and stare* "he's hot!" . i must admit i did ogle at him for a bit when he came back from his car... i so need to see this guy close up on Wednesday to really take a good look at him! hahaha =) i heard he has a long name too but Shah says it's a nice name, so i'm like ok cool... heheheh... i sound like a high school girl all over again! And oh... he's not the one i'm crushing on ya... i have to scrutinize this one... heheh ;P

Ok i guess this is it for tonight... will blog more soon =D))

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Twitter and Mi Maggi Kari

Hellew... Last night i went to Amie's house for CNY!!! I had fun!!! =D Alyaa, Siang and Daus were there too!!! Amie's parents and brother, Adam lit up some fire works for us so that was cool... it was like a short private show for us... and ooohhhhh.... amie's puppies are so cute and chubby!!!! So it was fun also because we made and "bullied" Daus to give a a private show with Adam's acoustic guitar. He claimed to be shy but when Adam whipped out his electric guitar, he wasn't shy anymore and it came to a point where the rest of us did not understand a word they were saying... guitar language.. hahaha...and what was funny was i managed to guess some of the songs he played on the guitar... i must admit, i don't recognize when people play Kings Of Leon's Use Somebody... that was what happened at Faizul's show... i did not know it was that song until he said it! Songs i managed to guess were 1. that thing you do 2. Broken by Amy Lee and Seether and lastly 3. Lifehouse - You and Me- of course this one with the help of Daus's singing... Let's just say music wise, i listen to a lot of songs, mostly songs that catches my ears, these three songs were once my favourite songs a couple of years back... I must say i do like songs from the 80s as well and this is because of my older sister, she likes them, get's me to download them and i start liking them... There was even once, one of my colleagues thought that i was born in the wrong year, i should have been born in the 70s so i could become a hippi in the 80s! LOL!

So as the title says Twitter... well, i actually have a twitter account since a while back and only started following people today, you can follow me, just type and search KeLRimpang... you would so find me.. the reason why i have a twitter account was because of eztv! hahaha... there came a point in time where their website was down and i was getting left behind on my weekly dose of downloading torrents of my favourite series... so they had twitter and that was my only other option... i don't fancy piratebay that much... so yeah i now have twitter... follow if you like =D

Mi Maggi Kari.. i just had this for dinner, i topped it off with a few slices of boiled sausages, an egg and baby clam in the can!!! yummy!!! i have not had this in a while... i LOVE baby clam in the can! heheheh... i guess this is for now! Bubyez!! =)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

It's dead... kaputz...

Hi all!!! Firstly happy chinese new year to everyone and also happy Valentine's day! May the year of the tiger bring in joy, wealth and happiness for all... May cupid strike you with his love arrow for that one person! As the title says it, it's dead. What's dead you might ask? My lovely red faithful dell inspirion who has served me for about 2 years! ~sigh~ i am still very heartbrokened about it... Nevertheless, my hard drive is still ok so i have not lost it all just yet... So for now, i will be laptop-less... for some reason, i just feel like a big chunk of me is gone... that was like my life... i know i sound like i'm exaggerating but that is how i feel at the moment... So i asked the technician at dell and they say to fix it it would cost more that $500!!! When i asked them, it's more worth it i buy a new one right? they just smiled at me ~sigh~ the HORROR!!! They then told me, well you can sell it to us but we won't pay out so much because we only need the internet card... i told them i'll think about it.. so now i'm living like a hermit, jumping from laptop to laptop... i can't wait till my bonus come out so i can start buying me another one... this time round i'm not getting a laptop, i'm getting a desktop to cater for my demanding needs =D

So long dear red dell, you have served me very well

KeL <3

Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Band Once concert

Good Morning All... before i get to the concert... i actually had made another success dessert!!!! yay.. it's called grasshopper mint pie!!!! yay!!! i'll post up pictures soon =D)). So i went to A Band Once concert... it was my first time watching them play live... I must admit Faizul, the lead singer is really good. Plus to me he sounds a bit like the lead singer from Sheila on 7 but of course he has his own style. I don't normally show up for gigs like this but this time i decided why not and faizul is actually my classmate in form 4&5, plus he always send out invites so i thought why not? it's free some more!!! =) we knew he loved singing and if i'm not wrong he even joined our school's talent time... When his song Te'a came out, I was surprised to hear it was him singing... Wow my friend made it! Kudos to you! And great job last night!

The stage at JP Mini Amphitheatre

I saw Azwan!!! and his friend Dayat... and eerrr... i don't know the other guy but yeah they sat in front of us =D))

Faizul in Action

This was the last song, where there was a mosh pit in front and ppl started jumping and it was craaazzzzyyyy but cool and fun =D))

What i loved about the gig was he did quite a good number of songs and one of my personal favs was Kings Of Leon's Use somebody... out of the whole gig, i actually recorded 6 videos on my phone! So i will be catching more gigs in time... A couple of words to sum up their gig, AWESOME, CRAZY and that is what you call PURE ENTERTAINMENT! =) In future, i'm planning on watching Epic Frequency as well, if they do have another gig becoz i actually missed out on their gig last Jan.

So that is it peeps! Bubyez <33