Sunday, September 19, 2010

Raya and random stuff

Hi All... so i've been missing for quite some time again... A very Selamat Hari Raya to all of you out there. Maaf Zahir dan Batin. Hope you all have a good time visiting friends and family. To be honest i was busy making chocolate cornflakes and famous amos chocolate chip cookies during puasa and like i said in my earlier post this year was the biggest order i have ever received. These cookies had to be the size of a 50cent coin as per requested and i can tell you it took me the longest time ever to bake!!! And also last night i attended my kaka angkat Diwi's open house. There is a story to this, she actually wanted me to make my Marie biscuit tiramisu dessert as her...well....dessert =). So the night before event, i decided to buy my ingredients... i bought everything except for Philadelphia cream cheese because i could not find any. I even sent my sister on a wild goose chase to find the cream cheese but to no avail. So i texted Dee to tell her i can't make the tiramisu because i can't find cream cheese but i will make her something for dessert. She said ok and that just as long as i made her some dessert she's fine. I spent till midnight that night looking for a fast and easy dessert and i found it, Soya Bean Milk Jelly Longan dessert. And i had to buy my stuff and the individual cups for it too... I again did not take any pictures because i was too busy... my mum took her time in the kitchen and i started at a later time. i actually made 2 kinds, Soya Bean and Bandung. The last batch of the dessert did not have enough time to set but overall for an untested and first batch run dessert, it turned out to be a success!!! =D yay!!! It was a crowd-pleaser and a lot of people liked it!!! So i now know what i need to prepare beforehand when i make this dessert.

Today, i actually got up to church because my sister wanted to bring me to Heidi's house for Raya. Whilst getting ready we both decided that we should actually come back home before going to Heidi's and that i could go back to sleep if i wanted to but since i already showered and was halfway dressed, i decided to just go. The service today was interesting because of 2 things; 1. the choir was bigger and they are called a Chorale and 2. the guest speaker for the sermon Mrs Chan. The choir (my sister is also in it) did very well. They sounded really good today. Then there was Mrs Chan, the guest speaker. Now this was the really interesting bit. Just to give you a background on Mrs Chan, she's actually a music director in a church and a choir consultant for churches. In the early part of her sermon she mentioned that it will be a participative sermon. So during the sermon not only did she gave us her personal testimonies in the Lord and made us read Bible verses for her, she actually belted out songs in between. I think it was 5-6 songs. And in the earlier parts, when we were not participating by reading the verses on the screen she actually said to us "You all need to help me read these Bible verses, if not i won't be able to sing later" i thought that was strange and a few minutes later, she sang us a song, kinda opera style. My personal thoughts on this went like this :-
  1. Wow, it's like a musical. Breaking out in songs in between.
  2. She was full of expression and emotion, so i think in real life she must be a bit of a drama queen, her expressions, actions and voice said it all.
  3. That sermon kept me wide awake... Don't judge me on this, i'm sure some of you out there have nearly fell asleep during a sermon =D
  4. She's a really, really, really good singer; hands down, no questions asked.
  5. Wow... that was a really interesting sermon, the content and the style.
So yeah it was really interesting. Nothing much happened after that. We just went for breakfast and while my mum and aunt did some grocery shopping, my sis and i went to look at some kains. My sis bought a lot today and i did not want to tempt myself just yet because for me pay day is just 2 days away!!! Yay!!!! =D The happiest time of the month for most people... hahahaha. After that we got back home, changed and went to Heidi's new house and HOMAIGAWD!!!!! LAWA BAH RUMAHNYA!!!! hahahahah... i love the style of the house and the kitchen was HUGE!!! i love the fact that the style was a bit western whereby at the windows, there is a built in seat or space where you can sit and from the living room. Since the doors going out to the garden was clear glass doors, the view overlooking the garden was really beautiful. Heidi told us that if we have time, we can just chill at her house. And if we do that, i am so going to take pictures and explore the house!!! It is a really beautiful house and i want one just like that... heheheheh =P

Before i sign off, just some random thoughts :-
  • if i am not mistaken, i have about 61 more days to my Australia trip!!!! Yay!!!! I need double check my calendar tomorrow again
  • It's raining tonight...
  • I still have orders for Chocolate Cornflakes and my Famous Amos Cookies
  • I made a new friend at work, well via email that is, Mr Mei ( i know that he might be reading this, so hi Mei!!!! =D)
  • For breakfast, i ate porridge with cut chilli, lime and soya sauce on the side.
  • My sister called me weird for doing the above. And yes, i do admit i am weird. I'm proud and happy to be weird, otherwise i won't be me... heheheh =P
Okie peeps... i think that should be it for now... bubyez... Muahz <33

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