Saturday, August 7, 2010

When i'm bored, i bake

Hellew all, i know it's been a while since i've updated. Anyways, as the title says it i bake when i am bored... and yes it's quite true. well this morning i had cravings for chocolate chip cookies... i actually baked some last week using the recipe amie gave me, the famous amos chocolate chip cookies recipe... i did not take any pictures of that batch because i was very tired, it was a really big batch and i want to make some of those soon but i think i would half the recipe so i dun have to make so much and take too much time... my oven is very small plus everybody loved that batch that i made. So this morning i searched high and low on the internet to find an easy one... it does not taste like the famous amos ones but they are ok lah if u just wanna eat em for fun =D

The first 12 cookies out of the oven, yes my oven can only fit 12 cookies at one go

Here is a picture of 3 birdies who were hatched in that very nest a few week ago... they have left the nest already

My first attempt at brownie cupcakes... it had a different texture but overall it was not too bad

And oh i went to the consumer fair last week and i won RM$200 Parkson Shopping vouchers. I picked up amie and we went to the consumer fair. Tourism Malaysia had their booth there and the told us, hey come sign up for free, just give us your name, email add and your facebook id and then spin the wheel... I was actually quite reluctant then amie said why not coz it's free. Then we got to spin their wheel and had a chance to wine one of the prizes there. So amie was up first and she won RM$50 Pavillion shopping vouchers. I did not have a good look at the wheel and i did not expected to win. And then when i spun i won the RM$200 Parkson Vouchers, i was so blur because both the ladies were so excited and they were so happy for me. One lady looked at me and said "Gempak sikit lah Dek" hahahahah... that was how blur i was. And kathleen told me that that was the highest prize on the wheel... so yeah i was very lucky =D

I guess this is it for now, am too lazy to listen to my mum nagging in the back ground. I think i'll be baking more tomorrow if i dun have anything to do and i'll probably go out for a while to find some of the things i need to bake those famous amos cookies again. Oh amie has gone to singapore yesterday because she has an interview this afternoon. she says she will be there for a bit to look for a job but i think she wud be back around september to send her lil sis off to uk.

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