Friday, November 5, 2010


Hi All, it's exactly 2 weeks before i fly off for my long awaited holiday. A few things that is currently happening, firstly, i'm selling off my PSP slim because i don't use it as often as i should so i feel it's such a shame to leave it lying around the house with no use. I got a buyer already so hopefully all goes well =) Who knows next year i upgrade to an ipod touch... heheheheh...

Other things, the other day i went to Lilli Lingerie and i came out with 2, well undergarments... i'm going to be very clean with my words here...hahahaha.... it's not what you think... seriously... hahahah... i did not come out with lingeries, i came out with 2 bras to be exact. You're probably wondering why i would go buy them there well i will tell you why. I don't remember what year it was but i was having a dilemma with supporting my "girlies", back then my current support was not very good and my back was always in pain. So one day, my sister decided to bring me there because one of her friend recommened to bring me there. so when i got there, i got measured and put into the right support and hey presto! my back problems are gone! So eversince then i have been using bras from Lilli Lingerie and i cannot go back to them normal ones because... well i don't fit there anymore, if you know what i mean. To be honest, yes the bras are quite pricey but they last you quite a long time and good support is essential. Being plus sized, there is no way where you can lie about your size and think you can fit into them normal off the shelf hua ho kinds... hahahaha. Ans it does make a lot of difference, so ladies, if you know that you are well equipped and when you can afford it, do drop by there and check it out, at least get measured and buy 1. you will definately feel the difference =). ok enough of bras.... on to other things..

The other day, i had a thought. i wanted to make a list of things i want to do next year.... i was so enthusiastic about it in my head that i now forgot some of the things in my list.... so here goes... somethings on my list =D

1. Try flying via Air Asia once.
2. Try to spend my birthday overseas.
3. Buy that $600+++ oven
4. Lauch the online baking biz
5. Buy an ipod touch
6. Wash my car more often or send it to the car wash more often.
7. make plans and save up for 2012 UK trip
8. Look for outside opportunities
9. Spend on diamonds on myself

I think that is it for now.... i gotta go back up and work... will try to blog more soon =D


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