Wednesday, March 7, 2007

I'm 20~~~

Hellew all!!!! My birthday was on Sunday and i went out with both of my best friends!!!! It was so much fun =) it felt good to spend my birthday with them =)... We had lunch at Swenson's and then we watched Ghost Rider.... that movie is so cool!!!! Plus the young Nicholas cage was HOT!!!!! I had a lot of birthday messages and some of them were from ppl i didn't really expect. I really appreciate it as some of them took the effort to msg me even though they were far away =) Thanks to all of you, i had a great turning 20 birthday =)

Amie with her permed hair

Us walking around in the mall

Amie & I in the Ford

Our Lunch at Swensen's

Me, posing for Amie

I had lots of fun!!!! Now to post up what i got from Amie =)))

The lovely bday card and book mark

The yummy cheese and chocolate chip cupcakes


I really love all of them and the perfume..... ohhhhh..... it smells good!!!! i'm planning to buy the big bottle!!!! It's one of those scents that you can never get bored of!!!! Well i think this is it for today.... Will be going out with both of them for lunch later.... Bubyez..... Muahz <33

Thursday, March 1, 2007


Hellew all... well, the penguinz gave me a surprise yesterday.... they surprised me with a birthday cake... i did not expect it... but they did it...they got me this really yummy chocolate cake. This is how it went... it was our last tutorial and the penguinz told me not to go back first... bcoz we needed to discuss our P.I.A. Then i told one of them that i needed the loo and she said that she will wait for me. So as i was walking down the stairs to the kooperasi, and when they saw me they started singing happy birthday... it was so totally unexpected.... And i really appreciate what they did because it did lift up my spirits =) and i think i'm going to be ok, its jut a phase i'm going through. i think i'm over analyzing things... I'm really grateful that i have friends like them and i really loved the surprise cake =)

i guess this is it for tonight.... bubyez... muahz <33>