Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's December already

Hi All!!! As usual, i reappear! Definitely a lot has happened and i shall go through the highlights...

October - hmmmm.... i cant seem to remember what happened in this month. Well what i remembered was that i was supposed to move to my new role on the last week of october, but because my bosses were not looking hard enough for a replacement, they had to retain me that last week and only let me go as of 1st November. That last week, i had to spend half the day in Jerudong and the afternoon in Gadong. So it was a lot of driving up and down for me.

November - I finally start full time in Gadong. Being in the front lines is definitely different and a big eyeopener for me. The work is not as hectic like my previous role. I move around a lot more in this new role, a lot of running around and interacting with a lot of people everyday. I don't spend a lot of time infront of a computer like i used to. it is very fun and i feel much more "free". The only downside is that i have to work saturdays. To be honest, i konk out quite easily these days. I'd get so tired after work that when i wake up in the morning i feel like i don't have enough sleep. It's a good thing i guess, i sleep much better and i kinda "exercise" more than i use to... LOL!!! Also, i went to Penang to accompany my sis for her Penang Bridge Marathon and no, i did not hold up a sign this time. I think holding up a sign would be reserved for KK's Borneo International Marathon. My sis says she will doing it again next year, so i will be more prepared this time round. I'll hold up my sign, be prepared with my camera, a pen and paper. Just in case i ever meet any cute runners that could potentially find me cute and not run away from me... hahahaha... As corny as it sounds, i just hope that particular one will be there next year and that i'll finally remember how he looks like! About my new role, it is definitely interesting and i have made new friends already. I mean i do know some of them but getting to know them has been interesting. The only thing is because my sister used to work there with some of them, they assume i'm like her and have mistakenly called out her name instead of mine. I do look a lot like my sister but a lot of people assume i am an exact replica of her. Looking exactly like her is cool, because that means they're looking at my face and not my body but thinking that i act like her, is a whole different thing. Some people who have gotten to know us both or have closely observed us, have found that we are very different. I'm not as loud and chatty as her. I'm more quiet and reserved around people that i am acquainted with. If i know you better, then i would warm up but other than that, i'd definitely make small talks and flash you my big smile. Some people are quite surprised how different we are. Lookalike sisters with different personalities. My sister is so friendly that she makes a lot of friends, especially clients. Sometimes when these people see me walking on the streets or in a restaurant, they stare or smile at me like they know me but of course they don't know that i'm not my sister. Then if my sister comes and join me, then it clicks to them and they always go "Oh, i thought she was you". Funny stuff i tell you.

So now it's december, i'm on leave for the next few days. I'll be back to work by monday... boo hoo =( I have been lazing about today and so far it has been good =) 2012 is coming pretty soon so i have no expectations, just that i have a feeling that next year will be a good year for me. Things will definitely be better. I know some people are worried that the world will end in 2012. I'm not. To be honest, i saw bits and pieces of the movie 2012 and this is what i think. If the world were really to end in 2012, i don't think God would tell us, he'd just wipe us all out at one go. If we were meant to die in 2012, then we'll just all die at one go. There won't even be time for us to prepare. so if you're worried 2012, don't. If the world is meant to really end in 2012, then it would. But if it isn't, it's best we don't know when. So live your life like it's the last and enjoy it while it lasts =) xoxo

Sunday, September 18, 2011

As always, it has been a while...

Hi all... as usual i disappear for a couple of months and then i show up again... Definitely a lot has happened since May. I will try to do it systematically by going through month per month... hahahaha... so do bear with me but if you get bored well u know what to do =). So let's start now, in no particular order that these events happened in the months...

June - I remember this was a hectic month. Firstly we had a Mexican Family Fun Day for all the staff and their family members. I just went to for the fun of it and i definitely got tanned. Then at the end of the month there was the Bank's half yearly team building activity. We actually had a barbeque at the beach and there was supposed to be a mini beach olympics but it rained. I stayed a while to eat and then i went home and ran some errands. Then there was system testing, there was one day where i had to stay back at work till 8.30pm to do system testing and work. In this month, we also had a movie departmental date and dinner, we had dinner at McDonald's and we watched Green Lantern. I really enjoyed Green Lantern, partly because Ryan Reynolds is HOT and was in his boxers in one of the scenes. During that scene when Ryan Reynolds was only in his boxers, my male colleague who sat beside me said to me "I bet you enjoyed that KeL" and i was like "UHHH - HUHHHHH!!!" =P... Ya i know i gatal, what's new with that right? hehehe It was also that "time" of the month, so i went through a crazy chocolate phase and had very bad mood swings... nearly everything annoyed and pissed me off. In short, my hormones were RAGING like crazy. There was the tyre embarrassment day, i went for breakfast with my mum early one morning and i parked right in front of the restaurant, then some of these uncles were sitting at a table outside the shop. One elderly uncle said to me "Eh kawan, u punya tayar ahhhh..." In my head i was thinking that i hope i don't have a flat tyre. The uncle then continued "U punya tayar ahhh banyak lumpur ohhh" I sighed in relief and said "Rumah saya banyak lumpur bah" Later on while having breakfast, the uncle passes by me inside the restaurant and flashes me a big smile... Me, freaking embarrassed!!!! hahahaha... Remember in May i was TTR when i came across a customer whom i called had a birthday on that day, well i came across another customer and i wished him happy birthday!!! yay!!! In terms of baking, that month i was not successful in making a peach and banana crumble.. my crumble did not turn out well. June was also a sad month as one of my young cousins, Helmi passed away in a car accident. Some car rammed into him while he was headed home... His girlfriend got away with a few scratches but sadly he did not make it, he succumbed to his injuries. He was only 21 i think. He was a very sweet young boy and i had the pleasure of getting to know him when he was posted at my workplace. May his soul rest in peace.

July - Bridex happened, i did not go because my sister did not want to see military weapons but it was a decision we both regretted. All them hot military men were there!!! it's ok i made a promise to myself that when they have it in Brunei again, i will definitely attend it =D I watched the last installment of the Harry Potter movie and it was AWESOME!!!! My sister also went to Manila in this month just to accompany her friend, she bought me greyish, purpleish pearl necklace and matching earrings... i am in LOVE with them!!! best accessories ever! I also lost my pictures in my camera my memory card decided to go loco on me. Late this month, the bank piloted the new system we were using, it was hell because our user could not do anything and we had to wait nearly a week before we can do anything plus it's a difficult system to use =/ In food terms, i "premiered" my pilot batch of Hersey's chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting and rice krispies hearts with chocolate frosting. it turned out great! everybody loved it! I also attended the OTTERS toastmaster meeting in OGDC. It was great, i caught up with an old friend and met quite a few interesting individuals, in particular the "and so we meet again" guy... explaination for that will be coming up soon =P

August - I have a pen set obsession, so far i got myself a Sheaffer pen and pencil set and then a Cross pink stripe pen and pencil set. I love them both and i wanna get MORE!!!! Crazy but yeah =) It was also the month of Ramadhan, i went out sungkai about 4-5 times only. I think i hosted a speech marathon at Liz's house where i met the "And so we meet again" guy. Seriously, that was how he greeted me "And so we meet again" and then he shakes my hand... when i first met him, he approached me and said hi, then he said to me "Did you know that health is important?" i replied "Yes" but at the back of my head i was like "Apakan?!?! i GET it, i know i'm fat" but you know, being cool KeL is not hard, i just went with the flow and we chatted about health... hahahaha... such irony ya... and to describe how this guy looks like, he is fit and he's got a very nice muscular body. The kind of guy you would want to hear fitness about. But in other terms as in do i like what i see... Ok lah, cute jua lah in his own ways but not what i like. Physical looks, not my type, not the kind that rocks my boat... hahahaha ok i am shallow a bit and i know i don't have much to rock other people's boats but yeah. August also marks my 4th year love-hate journey and relationship with the bank. Late in the month, I was also approached by my former boss about joining the front line crew in the bank. She wanted me in her team because she believes that i can talk very well. Very important decisions to make but i said no but would consider it in the future. Food terms, i was not very successful in making molten lava cakes... no lava coming out of the cake =/ but no worries, i will attempt it again =D

September (well up to today =D) - It's Hari Raya month, i went to a couple of houses, some houses i did not go so i am very sorry... I met the "And so we meet again" guy at an open house and to assure you all, he still used that same line. I think he wanted to talk to me at that open house but i kinda avoided him and was successful. Jahat ah aku ah... hehehehe... i also went to OGDC to attend their speech contest, i also had Sri Kandi's kebab that day from their express stall in KB i think, chicken and beef... it was YUMMY!!!! Earlier in the month, work was as stressful as ever, i felt that the new system kinda doubled our work. I asked my former boss on tips how to handle front line. She gave me useful tips and she then asked me "Are you interested?" I told her i would definitely give it a go in the future. Little did i know, that future was not far away. Then something happened at work which was the final straw for me to put my foot down and say enough is enough, i can't tolerate this shit no more, 2 years is all i can take. The advert for the front line post was closed but i asked some good friend in HR if there was any openings and my friend asked me what i was looking for and will let me know soon. That same week i got called for an interview. I did not know abt this interview until i came to work on the day of the interview. i went home an hour early the day before to go to OGDC. Interview day and i came to work in one of the bank's collared t-shirt. I was not informed by some parties that i has an interview that day but that did not stop me. I went for the interview and one of colleagues said i got it already. But i was not too sure until i get that confirmation from HR, when i got the offer the next week, in 3 minutes i replied and said "I accept". My boss and line manager was shocked as they don't think i would move to front line after 4 years in back office. For me, i see this as a good learning opportunity and i know i can do it. So i will be moving departments by October. I am quite happy, i know that this will be unfamiliar territories but there is nothing you cannot do without learning, hard work and perseverance. Well for this weekend, i had to attend my cousin's church wedding and stuff. I was not able to attend my Penguin friends open house, i was excited to go but due to a lot of things going on and the reception at night, time was not very kind to me. So sorry azwan and penguin friends, i was so excited to see u all already =/ it's ok there will be another time for us to meet again. During later part of the reception, we heard news that one of our cousin got into a motorcycle accident at 5pm and the doctors tried to save her but she succumbed to her injuries and passed away. I heard she was riding by herself and she got into a self accident, she crashed into the metal side railings of the road. She was only 26. God bless her soul and may she rest in peace. Her funeral would be taking place tomorrow. Well today, i was also overbooked. I had to be the timer for the first half of the Toastmaster's Area contest and then i had to pick up my friend in Rimba and then go to a colleague's wedding in Pengkalan Batu. i only came home around 3++pm.

So many things happening, in such short time. I was thinking about death and i have watched my dad take his final breath before my eyes. It was heartbreaking but we all knew that it would happen and we had to be prepared for it. My 2 cousins passing away so suddenly and both in road accidents, it makes me think that i don't want to die like that. If i were to die, i want to go peacefully like how my late dad did. People had to be prepared for it. I know their families are all in shock and to cope with a sudden death is definitely very hard. So drive safe and responsibly people. But like some people say, it's all fate. God loves you much more so he takes you earlier so you can join him and all the others up in heaven. May all the souls of the people whom we know that has passed on before us rest peacefully. They are all looking out for us from above. XOXO.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

HSBC Walk Run Cycle and other random stuff =)

Hey Peeps! I'm back yet again =) So i have had some interesting moments at work for these past few days. You know, working in the bank where i call tons of people everyday just to verify their purchases is quite routine. Some days you get demanding customers other days, you get them ok nice ones. Usually before i verify their personal purchases, i ask them if i could verify some of their personal details. There was one customer, i asked him "Can i have your date of birth sir?" He responded, " Ok, it's today 19XX" I *feeling very awkward and thinking should i say Happy Birthday?" responded "Ok.. thank you very much Sir" hahahahahaha.... i should have greeted him... but since i am more experienced now, i should.... hahahaha. The other funny situation happened today. Before i asked my verification questions to my customer, he said jokingly "It's still the same me. I'm still the same person so shoot away with your questions..hahaha" I was like "eh..hehehe? =_=" ok..." It has been quite an interesting journey for me in the bank. it's like nearly 4 years now that i will be in this bank, which brings a grand total of me being in the banking industry for nearly 6 years. To be honest, i quite like banking with all the new people and acquaintances. It's just some days you feel like giving up and calling it quits! I'm hanging in here =D.

On to other stuff, here are some nice photos i would like to share with you. Just random things and 1 pic from Walk Run Cycle that i manage to snap away with my ipod touch =)

This was one of those days when the sun was so hot!
Taken on 18May11 at 7.56am!

This was one of the fridays when our boss belanja us big ass cookies.
Honestly, i can make quite a mean batch of Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookies but these were HEAVENLY!!! It was not sweet and everything i wanted in a big ass chocolate chip cookie.
The other flavour was White Chocolate Macadamia... OMG!!! The white chocolate just melts in your mouth! These cookies are TO DIE FOR and i think they're about $3.50 a piece!!!!

The only picture i manage to snap at the Walk Run Cycle Event... Should have brought my water proof camera instead!

A stolen shot of me and my sis from one of the HSBC Walk Run Cycle photog!
I look so round! hahahahaha =P
*Courtesy of HSBC WalkRunCycle photog - Safu*

A shot of me, my sis, my cousins and her friend in red =D
*Courtesy of HSBC WalkRunCycle photog - HjMdFouzi*

I guess this is it for tonight, i will be leaving work early tomorrow!!! Yay!!! And i have a themed Mystery Manor party to attend... my first to be exact... i bet it will be an interesting one! =D Muahz! Bubyez <3

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I found ti!!! =D

Hey All!!!! i'm back on such short notice... hahahaha... so these past few days i've been google-ing pictures for the Borneo International Marathon 2011 in case i can find a picture of me or a blog containing a pic of me on race day and i found one!!!! Yay!!! The credit for the picture goes to Ms Puisan!!! Thank you so much for taking my pic =D

i guess this is it ... will blog soon! bubyez! muahz <33

Monday, May 2, 2011

Borneo International Marathon 2011

Hey all!!! i'm back yet again to tell you about my adventures but before that, i forgot to mention a very important observation i had whilst i was in Singapore. It may be true but based on what i saw, it was hmmm...hahahaha... ok Let me just go straight to the point. While i was out walking around in Singapore, i noticed that if a Caucasian man was not with other Caucasian men or Caucasian women or even with an Asian woman. He is always with an Asian man... and i think they swing that way... so yeah odd but could be true or not. Overall, i think i saw in my whole SG trip, 5 pairings like that... Just my thoughts to share =D

Oh, i found something odd today. Tell me what is the most weirdest place you have found an army of ants. I always find them at home, at my desk at work, my handbag sometimes and also in my car but today i found a reasonable army of them ants in the toilet at work and wait for it... ON THE TOILET BOWL!!!! Mind you to my eyes, the toilet bowl was clean ok... so i thoroughly washed it off... made sure it was ant free and continue with my purpose of visiting the toilet.

So the Borneo International Marathon 2011 was held in Kota Kinabalu on 1May2011. Honestly, i don't run marathons but i was there supporting my sister and all the other runners who passed by me and my bright pink sign/poster =D. We stayed at the Likas Condotel which was quite close to the Likas Sports Stadium where the marathon was held. My sister did her first 21km. We flew in from Miri using MAS on Saturday afternoon and we left on Sunday afternoon. We only went to 1Borneo to get stationary for me to make awesome sign/poster and to find food. It was a really fun experience. So enjoy some of the pics i have below =D

The hotel room number we stayed it. We actually booked for a double occupancy room but in the end we got a 3 bedroom apartment for RM150++ per night. It was a really nice and big apartment but it felt a bit empty even with the two of us. To me it felt a bit hollow. If i was given an apartment like that to stay in, i would make sure i have 4 ppl living with me!

This was my famous bright pink sign which i held up for about 2 hrs! This was taken today and i look so dark! hahahaha. It was quite an interesting experience holding up this sign and seeing the reactions of the runners, pedestrians and practically everyone who passed by me. I was holding this sign a few meters after the 1km mark to the finish line. One man who passed by me earlier that day, said as he passed by me "Buat kacau aje". Well obviously he was not there to see what impact this sign had to the people running the marathon. Standing there by myself in the sun smiling at anyone, I got a lot of thumbs up, claps, thank you's, "Thanks for the motivation!", "Good job", "i like your sign/poster!", "i love you" and some actually touched my sign/poster. Only one runner looked at me and gave me a thumbs down =( Some people who saw my poster/sign started running to the finish line after they saw it. I also got quite a number of runners taking pictures of me or the poster/sign and i was also asked to pose with some of the runners and the organizers who were on bicycles as well. A few curious people asked me what exactly i was doing there so i told them, i was supporting my sister who was running her first 21km marathon and i was waiting for her. The poster/sign was there to motivate everyone who passed by me. The only thing i did not do was take my camera and take pictures of the runners passing by. The highlight of my motivational wait and stand was a good looking thai runner who has already finished the race and was headed to his hotel, i think... which i suspect could be the same hotel that we were staying at. He came to me and said "Hi, i really like your words. Thank you" and then he shook my had and said bye while waving at me. He walked on a few meters, looked back and waved at me again. He was oh so cute and i did not take any photos of him or even asked his name. *sigh* i'll probably meet him in the future again... who knows =D As for my sign... that is not the last people will see of it =)

My sis sleeping at the airport while we were waiting for our flight back.

The sun... we sat under a sunny place as it was cold in the terminal... trying to get some warmth =)

The tiny plane that we were on going to and from KK. To be honest, don't be deceived by this small plane. There was plenty of leg space, the seat belt fits me no extenders needed here =D and i could put the table tray down and it would not touch me... hahahaha... it was surprisingly a pleasant flight =D

So i guess this is it for now! i had a very good and fun experience and i wonder if i will ever see any of those pictures =D Good night all! Muahz <3

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Another holiday trip story =)

Hi all!!! Just got back from a holiday from SG with my mum, sis and our friend. We used Air Asia so our flight was from BN-KL-SG and vice versa. Our friend is crazy i tell you. For now, i don't ever wanna go on holiday with her ever! All she wanted to do every night is go clubbing! And all the clubs we went to, the crowd were not "happening" not much people seemed like they wanted to dance. Clubbing is not cheap! And the last night we were there, a sunday night, she insisted we go to a club again! Who on earth goes clubbing on a sunday night! Lucky for me and my sis, the club was deserted! Other than that, i had a good time shopping till my feet hurt like crazy!!!

I noticed that the new craze now for foot wear is Fitflop. Because my feet were so much in pain, my friend suggested that i buy a pair of Fitflops. So i was keen on getting them... seems like they were the "in thing" and made the person wearing them feel like they were walking on air. Well, i did not get it. Much to my disappointment, the creators of Fitflops, did not think about the ladies with wide feet. I'm not ashamed to say that i really have big feet. I wear a size 9 or size 40 shoes. When i tried them on, they were so tight that i was like forget it and i tried a size 41! So fitflops were never meant for me.

I did a lot of shopping, i bought a lot of bags! I finally visited the Perllini store in Plaza Singapura and i bought so much bags that i got a lifetime membership with them! hahahahaha. Perllini bags are affordable and may not be as fancy as Carlo Rino or Bonia, but i really like this brand. I bought a couple of bags from their classic line =D Then i also got a Sembonia backpack for $45!!! this was at a sale at Takashimaya. it was the bag to wrap up all of my bag shopping. I was also trying to look for clothes from Dorothy Perkins and Marks and Spencer but they did not have what i like and DP did not have my size. Lucky for me i manage to buy a little black dress from DP!!! Expensive but worth every penny i paid and i will cherish it!!! hahahah so yeah, plenty of shopping and eating at burger king too.

So below are pictures of what i managed to snap with my ipod touch, to be honest i did not even use my camera at all! hahahaha... so enjoy =D

my view when we we flying from Brunei to KL

Eating chilli crab at Jumbo Restaurant in Clarke Quay! Best chilli crab eating experience ever =D

Motivational words posted on an MRT Sign board.

From Rubi Shoes and dedicated to all them shoe lovers out there

CK Underwear Vending Machine at ION Orchard. So men, if by any-God-knows-how chance you lost your underwear around ION, you can buy them here instantly! =) hahahaha

So i guess this is it for now, i shall be back at work by this friday... arrrrgggghhhhh.... i wish i don't have to work! then i'll be flying off again on Saturday with my sister for her Borneo Marathon. Hopefully i'll still have energy by Monday! hahahaha... Bubyez! Muahz <3

Sunday, April 10, 2011

#100 facts about me

Hey all!!! i know i have disappeared for quite some time now... well i have been pretty busy, there was one weekend where i went to Miri for the weekend with my mum, my sis and the bestie. We actually stayed one night at the Miri Marriot... It is really a beautiful place to stay in =D And it won't be long till i'm on leave!!! woot woot!!!

So as the title says #100 facts about me. i saw this as a trending topic on twitter, so i thought, why don't i put some in my blog. Bear with me people, all of the facts are in random order and are made up as i write this blog, hopefully i can reach 100 =D

Fact 1 : i love cute cartoon cows...wait, i'm OBSESSED with them. For what reasons, i still don't know.
Fact 2 : i love bags, be it handbags, totes or backpacks i love them all. And when i see a hot bag, i MUST get it. Sometimes i can't sleep because of it.
Fact 3 : i love to travel! My #1 yearly destination is Singapore.
Fact 4 : i like to bake, i still have yet to polish my baking skills to make a living of it.
Fact 5 : i'm a big pirate... we all know what that means =D
Fact 6 : It took me 1 year to get my driver's license and i got it at the age of 21. It was not because i failed but because i was to lazy to attend practical driving lessons and i was working to pay for it.
Fact 7 : I nearly killed my driving examiner because the car lost it's power steering for while. I nearly crashed into some wooden construction thingy before i manage to brake on time.
Fact 8 : Sometimes i just have urges to eat a piece of cheese. You know those single wrapped kraft singles cheese and i do it.
Fact 9 : i used to have a love hate relationship with ipod products and itunes. Now i love it and i want to buy an iphone 4!
Fact 10 : i like wearing black everyday to work, sometimes i add a bit of colour.
Fact 11 : i prefer wearing short skirts/dresses on rainy days because i don't have to fuss with my pants being wet.
Fact 12 : when i'm in my car driving home from work, i crank up the volume of my radio and hook up my ipod so i can "karaoke" on my way back...hehehe
Fact 13 : When i'm infront of the TV, it only takes me a few mins and then i fall asleep. This als0 applies to the Twilight books... sorry no offence =)
Fact 14 : i can't swim to save my life.
Fact 15 : i love watching cartoons when i get the time to. I love watching Sponge Bob and Phineas and Ferb.
Fact 16 : when i eat fast food, i always eat burger. i never order fried chicken unless they're boneless.
Fact 17 : I usually eat boneless breast meat chicken. If i have no other options then i would eat the wing or drumstick.
Fact 18 : I love eating sushi but only things that have been cooked and nothing raw.
Fact 19 : i love buying books. The only vampire author i love is Kerrelyn Sparks. Her books are more exciting and filled with passion.
Fact 20 : i have never gotten drunk or wasted. Only a lil bit tipsy
Fact 21 : i love watching drunk people who do crazy shit! hahahaha... Well someone has to stay sober and make sure they don't get in trouble right? =)
Fact 22 : if i receive a text/whatsapp message an unknown number, i normally respond "Hi who is this? i've lost my phone so many times that i never had the chance to save your number"
Fact 23 : i don't usually eat lamb but i make an exception for lamb burgers and lamb misoyaki from Excapade =D
Fact 25 : i dislike driving at night or in the rain at night. I have to use my glasses to drive and all these car headlights look like really up close bright stars to me. That's why i prefer driving on the highway at night.
Fact 26 : I STRONGLY HATE CARS WITH BRIGHT WHITE LIGHTS. They really hurt my eyes.
Fact 27 : i hate grass cutters cutting grass at the side of the road. seeing them send shivers down my spine. i'm afraid they might hit a stone which might hit my car or their grass cutter blades might hit my tyres. i know i sound crazy and they're just doing their job but i still hate it.
Fact 28 : i have found joy in drinking peppermint tea and also some of Mr Brown's coffee. i love the french vanilla one and the macadamia nut one.
Fact 29 : i love the cold. when it's pouring i like to make sure my aircond is on full blast so i can cocoon myself in my comforter.
Fact 30 : i love lazing around during the weekends but lately i have not have the chance to do so. And i literally mean laze about at home doing nothing.
Fact 31 : i don't normally use make up to work or when i go out. But i go all out during work functions. This is so i can wow people.
Fact 32 : i LOVE going to that cafe by the beach in Jerudong =D
Fact 33 : physically, i like guys/men who are really tall and skinny. If they look good in glasses, then that is an added bonus. Guys who look like this really rocks my boat ;) hahahaha
Fact 34 : i like using phrases such as "whatever/whichever floats your boat"or "fudgesticks"
Fact 35 : i like to dance but i have no rhythm and have 2 left feet. so if you see me dancing very awkwardly then that is just me =D
Fact 36 : Sometimes during a conversation with my close friends, i would make dirty remarks and they would look at me and shake their heads. So i justify by telling them "If i don't say it then you know it's not KeL or me being just me" they often respond by nodding or saying "Yeah that's true".
Fact 37 : i don't like clowns
Fact 38 : i like to smile a lot and i mean literally. which sometimes lead to me attracting wrong kinds of people.
Fact 39 : i hate frogs, rats and snakes. i will squeal if i see one near me. let's just leave that one at that.
Fact 40 : i don't like being near balloons or when people are touching them... I don't like it if it pops!

I thin that is it for now... I'll try to come up with 60 more facts when i am on leave... hehehehe... hope that was bearable for you peeps. Enjoy the rest of your sunday and i will watch Phineas and Ferb now =D xoxo muahz bubyez!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The long awaited update

Hi All! My sincerest apologies to my readers (if any) for the lack of updates... The past 3 months have been very busy busy months for me at work and to be honest i do not feel what i use to feel at work. Things have changed but for now it has come to a point where i am not very happy with my surroundings. Don't get me wrong here, i love the job, i love working in the bank and all but some things are just not very favourable. But hey, you can't please everyone right? At the moment, i am looking for opportunities outside the bank so hopefully i do get an answer outside. For now i will continue tolerating with what i have because i know i can survive it =)

Let's move on to more brighter things =D. I can't really remember what i did for the past 2 months but here are the main highlights i remember... i know, i'm such an old person, cannot even remember what i did... hahahahaha... should start loading up on those raisins eh? hahahaha

So in January, the bank had the Annual Dinner event so it was Grease night, i dressed in all black and got dolled up. I had fun during the dinner and i did a bit of dancing. There were great performances, food was alright and i went in hoping my ass of that i would win a 42" TV and nothing else. And my ticket won me an the new edition 8GB ipod touch!!! hahahaha!!!! it was so unexpected but i am very grateful that i won something. Last year i won a phone, this year an ipod touch. I felt that this was a good start to the year. To be honest, my instincts tell me that this year will be a good year for me and i believe it despite all those feng shui things saying that it won't be a good year for rabbits. So for me, i trust my instincts more and i believe that this year will be a good year =)

My winning ticket

My ipod!

After that i remember that i volunteered for a mural painting at learning ladders. it was fun. i just volunteered for the fun of it and painting is fun =D

Then there was chinese new year in the office!!! This year i felt that the CNY celebration at the office was more lively! And i think i collected more ang pau this year... hahahaha... there was a lion dance in the office and on our floor we had about 4 lions going around and they even brought the drums up in the office to play, so it was pretty loud. there was lots of eating too, but where there is good food there is always good company =)

My friend discovered the Mr Brown Macadamia Nut coffee and it tastes good!!! a bit milder that the French Vanilla one but this tastes real good! 2 thumbs up from me

Early March, i turned 24!!! I don't feel that much of a difference but i do realize that hey, i'm already 24, i need to stop acting like a little kiddie that i am. 2 of my friends actually asked me out for dinner on 3rd and they surprised me with a cake from Mr Bakers. I like Mr Bakers!!! I love their profiterole cake and my friends actually got me a Mississippi cake. and it was so chocolatey that i love it to bits!!! It's to die for i tell you... i will try to upload some pictures on that soon. My other friend made an announcement over the p.a. system at work and announced to the whole floor it was my birthday. Then kak mai decided that she wants to treat me for dinner again on my birthday and we went to the beach cafe just to end my day by seeing my favourite waiter but he was not there. I got a tweet from an old friend that he was working at the pool side restaurant, so kak mai told me to hurry up so we can have dessert and hey presto he was there. He did not wait on us but he served us our food with the biggest smile i've ever seen from him... hahahahah. My dear friend kak mai is a bit crazy at times, she went over to ask for a glass of water and requested that he served her water and to wish me happy birthday! He came over and greeted me with a very flushed red face. OMG!!!! He was so cute!!! I was so embarrassed that i don't think i can ever show my face there again. But too bad he has a girlfriend already. It's ok, i can just see =)

So the next few not in order photos are of my recent holiday trip to KL!!!! Honestly, they're not very big on customer service there, so KL was a so-so for me. And it was my first time flying via Air Asia. It was not too bad, i was impressed with our landing in KL. It was so smooth athat i was like, what we landed already? hahahaha... so Air Asia is now an option!!! =D I cant wait for my next trip!!! WOOT WOOT! SG here i come =D

Mr luggage was lucky to ride in the front but he had to wear a seat belt. Safety first!

We had dinner at Tony Roma's this was my Big Stack Burger and it only cost RM24.90. It was so good!!! Plus my drink was a refillable coke in a huge ass glass for only RM6.90!!! I must say that Tony Roma's was the BEST place where i got EXCELLENT customer service. If you want royal treatment while dinning, Tony Roma's is the BEST!!! Our server was call Mr Nawab and he was such a fantastic server... Then the burger... oh i have a lot to say about the burger! I am quite obsessed with burgers. The size of this burger i would say is as big as the Classic American Cheese Burger from Charcoal, but this is better. I'll tell you why. Sometimes when i eat a very meaty beef burger, i get a lil' bit heaty and sometimes rasanya mcm sampai ke jantung... i dunno how to describe this but i can feel a bit discomfort ard my heart area or i'll get dizzy and one time i had a nosebleed while eating the burger. Maybe it's me but maybe it's because the burger is so thick and meaty so i "heat" up faster. But this burger from Tony Roma's was the BEST!!! Eventhough my burger was meaty and well done, i really savored it and no discomfort just pure joy eating it!!! i can still taste in and i fell in love with that burger when i saw it!!!! TWO THUMBS UP FOR TONY ROMA'S!!!! It made my trip complete and enjoyable

This was us waiting for the KTM to get back to our hotel

The flower in a bowl at the hotel's restaurant

So i guess this is it for now... will try to update more often now. so adios for now. bubyez <3

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011!!!!

Hey all... So it's 2011 already. I have already laid out some of the things that i wanted to do. I just hope 2011 will be a better year for me. Just an update, for these past few weeks i have been eating a lot and i learned something during the christmas weekend; i am actually the sister that some of the relatives know/met/heard of/seen/remember. One of my distant cousin said to my sister, in front of me "Oh, she's the one we don't usually see right?"... hahahaha To be honest, i don't feel insulted or offended. I quite like it that a lot of my relatives can't/don't recognize me. Not that i'm trying to be snobby here or something but i feel that at least i won't be so watched like my other sister.So i guess it's a good thing.

So for 2011, i think these are the things i want to do/achieve =D

1. Try flying via Air Asia once. <-- Am doing this when i'm going to KL next year.
2. Try to spend my birthday overseas. <--Am only doing this the week after as my line manager will be on leave =/
3. Buy that $600+++ oven
4. Lauch the online baking biz <-- considering this still because somehow i feel that next year might not be right.
5. Buy an ipod touch
6. Wash my car more often or send it to the car wash more often.
7. make plans and save up for 2012 UK trip <-- Scratch UK, will make it Melbourne... Am planning to go during an Australia open =D
8. Look for outside opportunities
9. Spend on diamonds on myself
10. Experience a ZoukOut!
11. Learn how to swim since i now have sufficient swimwear.

I think that is it for now... i'll probably come out with some more things along the way =D So i guess this is it... Let's hope 2011 will be one of the best years of our lives! Cheers! Muahz <3