Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Another holiday trip story =)

Hi all!!! Just got back from a holiday from SG with my mum, sis and our friend. We used Air Asia so our flight was from BN-KL-SG and vice versa. Our friend is crazy i tell you. For now, i don't ever wanna go on holiday with her ever! All she wanted to do every night is go clubbing! And all the clubs we went to, the crowd were not "happening" not much people seemed like they wanted to dance. Clubbing is not cheap! And the last night we were there, a sunday night, she insisted we go to a club again! Who on earth goes clubbing on a sunday night! Lucky for me and my sis, the club was deserted! Other than that, i had a good time shopping till my feet hurt like crazy!!!

I noticed that the new craze now for foot wear is Fitflop. Because my feet were so much in pain, my friend suggested that i buy a pair of Fitflops. So i was keen on getting them... seems like they were the "in thing" and made the person wearing them feel like they were walking on air. Well, i did not get it. Much to my disappointment, the creators of Fitflops, did not think about the ladies with wide feet. I'm not ashamed to say that i really have big feet. I wear a size 9 or size 40 shoes. When i tried them on, they were so tight that i was like forget it and i tried a size 41! So fitflops were never meant for me.

I did a lot of shopping, i bought a lot of bags! I finally visited the Perllini store in Plaza Singapura and i bought so much bags that i got a lifetime membership with them! hahahahaha. Perllini bags are affordable and may not be as fancy as Carlo Rino or Bonia, but i really like this brand. I bought a couple of bags from their classic line =D Then i also got a Sembonia backpack for $45!!! this was at a sale at Takashimaya. it was the bag to wrap up all of my bag shopping. I was also trying to look for clothes from Dorothy Perkins and Marks and Spencer but they did not have what i like and DP did not have my size. Lucky for me i manage to buy a little black dress from DP!!! Expensive but worth every penny i paid and i will cherish it!!! hahahah so yeah, plenty of shopping and eating at burger king too.

So below are pictures of what i managed to snap with my ipod touch, to be honest i did not even use my camera at all! hahahaha... so enjoy =D

my view when we we flying from Brunei to KL

Eating chilli crab at Jumbo Restaurant in Clarke Quay! Best chilli crab eating experience ever =D

Motivational words posted on an MRT Sign board.

From Rubi Shoes and dedicated to all them shoe lovers out there

CK Underwear Vending Machine at ION Orchard. So men, if by any-God-knows-how chance you lost your underwear around ION, you can buy them here instantly! =) hahahaha

So i guess this is it for now, i shall be back at work by this friday... arrrrgggghhhhh.... i wish i don't have to work! then i'll be flying off again on Saturday with my sister for her Borneo Marathon. Hopefully i'll still have energy by Monday! hahahaha... Bubyez! Muahz <3

Sunday, April 10, 2011

#100 facts about me

Hey all!!! i know i have disappeared for quite some time now... well i have been pretty busy, there was one weekend where i went to Miri for the weekend with my mum, my sis and the bestie. We actually stayed one night at the Miri Marriot... It is really a beautiful place to stay in =D And it won't be long till i'm on leave!!! woot woot!!!

So as the title says #100 facts about me. i saw this as a trending topic on twitter, so i thought, why don't i put some in my blog. Bear with me people, all of the facts are in random order and are made up as i write this blog, hopefully i can reach 100 =D

Fact 1 : i love cute cartoon cows...wait, i'm OBSESSED with them. For what reasons, i still don't know.
Fact 2 : i love bags, be it handbags, totes or backpacks i love them all. And when i see a hot bag, i MUST get it. Sometimes i can't sleep because of it.
Fact 3 : i love to travel! My #1 yearly destination is Singapore.
Fact 4 : i like to bake, i still have yet to polish my baking skills to make a living of it.
Fact 5 : i'm a big pirate... we all know what that means =D
Fact 6 : It took me 1 year to get my driver's license and i got it at the age of 21. It was not because i failed but because i was to lazy to attend practical driving lessons and i was working to pay for it.
Fact 7 : I nearly killed my driving examiner because the car lost it's power steering for while. I nearly crashed into some wooden construction thingy before i manage to brake on time.
Fact 8 : Sometimes i just have urges to eat a piece of cheese. You know those single wrapped kraft singles cheese and i do it.
Fact 9 : i used to have a love hate relationship with ipod products and itunes. Now i love it and i want to buy an iphone 4!
Fact 10 : i like wearing black everyday to work, sometimes i add a bit of colour.
Fact 11 : i prefer wearing short skirts/dresses on rainy days because i don't have to fuss with my pants being wet.
Fact 12 : when i'm in my car driving home from work, i crank up the volume of my radio and hook up my ipod so i can "karaoke" on my way back...hehehe
Fact 13 : When i'm infront of the TV, it only takes me a few mins and then i fall asleep. This als0 applies to the Twilight books... sorry no offence =)
Fact 14 : i can't swim to save my life.
Fact 15 : i love watching cartoons when i get the time to. I love watching Sponge Bob and Phineas and Ferb.
Fact 16 : when i eat fast food, i always eat burger. i never order fried chicken unless they're boneless.
Fact 17 : I usually eat boneless breast meat chicken. If i have no other options then i would eat the wing or drumstick.
Fact 18 : I love eating sushi but only things that have been cooked and nothing raw.
Fact 19 : i love buying books. The only vampire author i love is Kerrelyn Sparks. Her books are more exciting and filled with passion.
Fact 20 : i have never gotten drunk or wasted. Only a lil bit tipsy
Fact 21 : i love watching drunk people who do crazy shit! hahahaha... Well someone has to stay sober and make sure they don't get in trouble right? =)
Fact 22 : if i receive a text/whatsapp message an unknown number, i normally respond "Hi who is this? i've lost my phone so many times that i never had the chance to save your number"
Fact 23 : i don't usually eat lamb but i make an exception for lamb burgers and lamb misoyaki from Excapade =D
Fact 25 : i dislike driving at night or in the rain at night. I have to use my glasses to drive and all these car headlights look like really up close bright stars to me. That's why i prefer driving on the highway at night.
Fact 26 : I STRONGLY HATE CARS WITH BRIGHT WHITE LIGHTS. They really hurt my eyes.
Fact 27 : i hate grass cutters cutting grass at the side of the road. seeing them send shivers down my spine. i'm afraid they might hit a stone which might hit my car or their grass cutter blades might hit my tyres. i know i sound crazy and they're just doing their job but i still hate it.
Fact 28 : i have found joy in drinking peppermint tea and also some of Mr Brown's coffee. i love the french vanilla one and the macadamia nut one.
Fact 29 : i love the cold. when it's pouring i like to make sure my aircond is on full blast so i can cocoon myself in my comforter.
Fact 30 : i love lazing around during the weekends but lately i have not have the chance to do so. And i literally mean laze about at home doing nothing.
Fact 31 : i don't normally use make up to work or when i go out. But i go all out during work functions. This is so i can wow people.
Fact 32 : i LOVE going to that cafe by the beach in Jerudong =D
Fact 33 : physically, i like guys/men who are really tall and skinny. If they look good in glasses, then that is an added bonus. Guys who look like this really rocks my boat ;) hahahaha
Fact 34 : i like using phrases such as "whatever/whichever floats your boat"or "fudgesticks"
Fact 35 : i like to dance but i have no rhythm and have 2 left feet. so if you see me dancing very awkwardly then that is just me =D
Fact 36 : Sometimes during a conversation with my close friends, i would make dirty remarks and they would look at me and shake their heads. So i justify by telling them "If i don't say it then you know it's not KeL or me being just me" they often respond by nodding or saying "Yeah that's true".
Fact 37 : i don't like clowns
Fact 38 : i like to smile a lot and i mean literally. which sometimes lead to me attracting wrong kinds of people.
Fact 39 : i hate frogs, rats and snakes. i will squeal if i see one near me. let's just leave that one at that.
Fact 40 : i don't like being near balloons or when people are touching them... I don't like it if it pops!

I thin that is it for now... I'll try to come up with 60 more facts when i am on leave... hehehehe... hope that was bearable for you peeps. Enjoy the rest of your sunday and i will watch Phineas and Ferb now =D xoxo muahz bubyez!!!