Saturday, September 27, 2008

My Spore Trip

Hellew all… Time for another long update… I’m on leave at the moment and I’ll be back to work on Tuesday 30th September… ~sigh~~~ I wish my leave was longer… there are so many things I want to do and yet there is so little time . So during my leave me, Katherine and Kathleen went to Singapore from the 19th to 21st to visit Yanti, Harun and Baby Eliza… Baby Eliza is soo CUTE!!!!! Kuat ber-gudah saja =P We stayed in Yan and Harun’s apartment… the apartment itself was cool… how they decorated it was very interesting and I really liked their air-cond… it was one of the things that I liked… 4 split air-conds could actually run on one compressor… how cool is that?!? Yan told us a lot of interesting facts and it was cool. The apartment was about 30-45 mins from the airport and it was near Geylang… we did not go to Geylang because we were tired and felt like just hanging out at the apartment. So now for the pics which I took with my new camera… I finally bought myself a camera =D)) it’s a shock, crush and water proof camera. Now we shall proceed with pictures

This were taken at the camera shop where I bought the camera

This was when we were at Marks & Spencer’s in Wheelock Place I think

These are pictures of the apartment where we were staying and its surroundings… Let’s just say aku ani “sakai” cikit, industrial area also want to take picture… hahahaha

The masjid near the apartment

Airplane in the midst of the clouds

At Bugis Junction

The Stamford Court

This was a church somewhere… I was in a taxi so I just snapped at anything that looked interesting

That is a Fire Station… it looked really old like the ones you would find in UK

This was a sign somewhere around the apartment… it was screwed on like that which I thought was funny =P

This is the Com-Tech building, the tree covered the sign

This is the view outside Vivo City

Us posing outside Vivo City while having dinner

A pic of a brightly lit apartment

Katherine packing what we bought during our shopping trip

The air cond that I like =P

One of the taxis that we took had a screen in its head rest

The soon to be Casino

The Esplande… I hope I spelled that right

HSBC at Suntec City

Ben & Jerry’s… Moo mooo

I this is also a mosque

A beer advert

Dunno what this is called, bit I wanna go on it when I go back to Spore in the future =)

Of course you would probably be thinking “where is the baby pictures?!?” well I’m saving it for last … so introducing Eliza Harun De Silva

Baby Eliza getting showered and changed

Her foot is so small

Posing with Baby Eliza

Mummy and baby!!!!! =)

Saying goodbye to Yan and the baby… yan didn’t want to take a pic but I managed to snap this… hehehheh

Us waiting for a taxi to take us to the airport

I had a good time in Spore and I wish I had a longer holiday. Thanks to Yan and Harun for the hospitality... i felt really comfortable and at home .