Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bags and cookies in a Sunday Morning

Hi All... i know that this is a quick update.... well i was up early, my sis asked me if i wanted to go to church today but i decided to skip and do something else. I actually wanted to do my laundry but it's all cloudy and i don't see the point. Anywhoos, i still have extra energy to burn so i decided to bake cookies. i actually bought a batter mix where you just add an egg and some butter to it and i actually had a minor accident.... hahahahah.... i was trying to open the packet and instead of using a scissors like a civilized person, i decided to open it with with my hands and i did loose a bit of the batter... hahahahah... all was good my cookies turned out ok... i just forgot to add in chocolate chips in them... Good attempt without help this time. =D

And did i ever mention that i have a weakness for bags... yes i cannot resist bags... especially hot ones. I've been buying bags from Amelie Accessories (click to check out her site)For her site new items are usually updated on the Picasa Web albums. These are some of the bags i ordered 2 mths ago... it actually came early but both Amelie and i were a bit busy with our own thing that we could not meet up. I know it's crazy but i am unable to find bags in this style here. I got one, last year when i was in Spore from Perllini and it is a bit small but very cool overall. This version from amelie is different, it's bigger and it zips up. My bag from SG does not zip but it closes by the magnets near the handles of the bag... complicated to explain here. Since i could not resist, i bought the same bag in 3 colours!!! Each cost $28, which i find to be quite cheap for its size =D

This pink one, is very interesting up close... the colour is a bit different


And black!!!! you cannot not get black coz black goes with anything =D

The interior of the bag... quite big ya? So i dunno what i will be doing today... i still want to find cookie cutters... i think i am entering that baking phase... hahahaha... crazy much... Will update soon again... Bubyez... xoxo KeL <3

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I've been baking lately... =D

Hellew all... well i have been baking/making things lately.... There are some days where i feel that i have extra energy to burn off so i tried to do something useful... to make something from scratch... hehehehhe

Here are my doggie cookies.... hahahah they look funny and were of different sizes. the whole batch was supposed to produce 48 cookies but i ended up with less then 20 i think..... hahahahah... never the less, i will try this one again =D

The above is called Doggie Cookies, this lady had two versions of it; one horlicks and one milo. Click here to check it out... she has plenty of cool recipes. look how pretty her ones look

This dessert is a failed one... hahahah.... not very successful... it was supposed to be a Oreo Dirt Pudding and it did not turn out right.... this one i will NEVER attempt again.... hahahahah.... i'll just stick to my usual peaches and cream ;D

And this one.... Choco Cornflakes.... i had an order for this way back in June from my kakak angkat Di Wi... hahahah... only 2 weeks before puasa ended i decided to reconfirm how may pieces she wanted and she told me 400 pcs!!! So i only made one batch earlier this week and the rest yesterday afternoon... it is tiring!!! And guess what i have 2 more orders from 2 other people... Well i was out just now and i wanted to buy some cookie cutters, there was one in particular that i saw from Giant a few weeks ago and it was shaped like the playboy bunny logo. Sadly, i could not find it today =( Anywhoos i think i will be baking or making something within the 2 days holidays.... yay!!! that is it for now... will update soon... <3 xoxo