Friday, July 2, 2010

my water proof camera

The pictures below are not from my team building, it's from the cool people from the 1st floor. I lent my water proof camera to 2 of my friends and they had fun using it underwater. They unleashed the full potential of my water proof camera... i can't swim to save my life so i never thought of playing with it in the pool either... but the pictures my friends took turned out great! they looked amazing and these are the 3 i like the best =D Maybe i should take my camera for a spin when i decide to go swimming or something =D as for my team building, well it's nothing to boast about or worth mentioning. we went to work and then went for lunch and that is it.

A group picture with some of them. Amazing how some of them managed to pose =)

I personally like this shot, wina (the one in green) looks like she's a mermaid, while efah (the one in brown) looks so like she's not even in the water and mizzie (the one in blue) looks like she trying to get some of the spotlight from them... overall, great picture!

Them, trying to pose again under water.

Oh if you're wondering what camera was used in this process, well its the Olympus 1030sw, click here to see a review written on it. That is exactly how my camera looks like and i bought it 2 years ago... so yeah, it works perfectly well under water =D

Also, the colleagues and i are having a small celebration at work on Monday... A celebration for what you ask, its a celebration for "The noisy bunch has finally left the building" celebration... hahahaha... this time round i won't be making dessert, i'll be making nutella swirl cupcakes! yay! To be honest, i think i need to learn how to make new simple desserts, my simple tiramisu and peaches and cream are getting too over rated i think ... and yeah, if you did not know, i like to bake and stuff =D, i guess this is it for now, will try to blog more. muahz and bubyez =))

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