Sunday, February 14, 2010

It's dead... kaputz...

Hi all!!! Firstly happy chinese new year to everyone and also happy Valentine's day! May the year of the tiger bring in joy, wealth and happiness for all... May cupid strike you with his love arrow for that one person! As the title says it, it's dead. What's dead you might ask? My lovely red faithful dell inspirion who has served me for about 2 years! ~sigh~ i am still very heartbrokened about it... Nevertheless, my hard drive is still ok so i have not lost it all just yet... So for now, i will be laptop-less... for some reason, i just feel like a big chunk of me is gone... that was like my life... i know i sound like i'm exaggerating but that is how i feel at the moment... So i asked the technician at dell and they say to fix it it would cost more that $500!!! When i asked them, it's more worth it i buy a new one right? they just smiled at me ~sigh~ the HORROR!!! They then told me, well you can sell it to us but we won't pay out so much because we only need the internet card... i told them i'll think about it.. so now i'm living like a hermit, jumping from laptop to laptop... i can't wait till my bonus come out so i can start buying me another one... this time round i'm not getting a laptop, i'm getting a desktop to cater for my demanding needs =D

So long dear red dell, you have served me very well

KeL <3

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