Sunday, December 19, 2010

Time really flies...

... when you're caught up in a lot of things. Hi All!!! I can't believe that i made it through another year. To me this year passed by so fast and it seemed that yesterday was something i did last march. Wow... time really did fly. I must admit that i did went through some tough times and i hope that next year would be better. Hopefully there will be lesser tough times and more good times.

Before i get on to what might be my plans for next year, i want to talk about the singer Bi Rain. My friend from Melbourne, one of the twins, Kakra is crazy about Rain and she posted a link on my facebook wall. And it was Rain's video. OMG!!! He is so FREAKING HOT!!! Check out this link and tell me if you don't agree with me. I LOVED the part when he ripped his shirt and when he pulled his shirt over his head and danced. OMG!!!! It's so hot!!! HOTNESS i tell you!!!! hahahaha... okie enough of going man crazy for now.

On my transit in SG, i did write out a list of what i wanted to do next year. Well in 2012, instead of going to UK, we will probably head back to Melbourne and then go to New Zealand. And the baking biz, i'm not too sure about that now... At the moment i don't think next year will be the right time just yet. And as usual, i still have not found my direction yet. I'm still exploring a lot of possibilities for now. Hopefully it will come soon. I think this is it for now. I'm gonna go indulge myself in more Rain videos on you tube... hahahah. Bubyez... Muahz <3

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I'm back!!!! =D

Hey all, so yeah i'm back from Melbourne. I touched down in Brunei on a Wednesday Afternoon. My trip was a very relaxing one and i really had a good time plus, my sis and i is gonna make this a bi-annual trip! Yay! I had fun getting to know my sister friends and it was very cool. They are twins and the difference between them is quite huge. Anywhoos, When i left, i was in SG in transit for 2hrs and you know what, i bumped into Rozan. He used to work with the bank and the same building i was in. He was also in transit before going off somewhere for work. It was good to see him and it was a bit weird that i would actually bump into him outside of Brunei. Hahahahah. So the trip from SG to Melbourne lasted 7hrs. In that time i manage to sleep a bit, watch a couple of tv series and Despicable Me. Despicable Me was a really good movie.

So we landed in Melbourne at 10++ am and the twins picked us up. We got lost trying to go back to one of their houses from the airport... hahahaha... that same night, they had the hens night for one of the twins and we actually went to a strip club! hahahaha... it was the first for me and the waiters were so hot plus they were topless the whole time!!! With their muscles and their fit abs... woooohhhhhh.... i enjoyed what i was looking at.... hahahaha =P. The next few days after that we were running around with the twins, assisting them with errands and helping them in the kitchen and all. So when the wedding day came it was cool, the reception i must say is different from what we normally have here but it was interesting. It shows how different cultures celebrate marriage differently. There were so many things that happened when i was there that i dunno where to start. I'll just give u a short list of things that i did/see... well just the highlight of it =)
  1. I went to a strip club and enjoyed the sight =D)))
  2. Had a good time at the wedding and found how they did things were interesting.
  3. After the wedding, we went to Phillip Island, a mini holiday in my holiday... hehehehe =D
  4. Went to the Nobbies, Chocolate Factory, A Maze and Things and the Penguin Parade while we were in Philip Island.
  5. Got pooped by a seagull while i was at the Nobbies.
  6. Since the house we were staying at Philip Island was so close to the beach, we went to the beach often.
  7. Saw a seal while we were at the beach.
  8. Flew a kite while i was at the beach.
  9. After Philip Island, we went to the other twin's house in Dandenong.
  10. I walked to Dandenong Plaza =D
  11. Visited 2 Direct Factory Outlets.
  12. Went to Northlands 2-3 times that week we landed when we were there.
  13. I love K-MART!
  14. Watched a korean drama, Full House while i was there.
  15. Went to Docklands.
  16. Pancake Parlour is the BOMB!
  17. Watched Narnia in 3D while i was there, but seriously, not worth your money, movie did not have as much action and some parts were not even in 3D! Plus Prince Caspian never took of his shirt =(
  18. And oh, we visited a friend in St Kilda =D

And i think that is it...but u know pictures speak a million words, so if u have me on Facebook, check out my pics =D For now, i'll just leave you with some pictures =D. That's it for now... Bubyez!!! Muahz <3

At The wedding reception

The View of the sea at the Nobbies

Churros from San Churro

Saying goodbye to the twins before we head into the departure hall

Orchard Road, Singapore while we were in Transit before we flew back to BN