Tuesday, August 24, 2010

i've been MIA

Hellew all... yes i have been missing in action for quite some time =D So a whole lot of things have been happening and i mean a lot!!! Please bear with me as i have a lot to get off and this will be one hell of a long post =)

Firstly, it's puasa which means i'm busy making orders of chocolate cornflakes... This year, is by far the most i have to make... My most beautiful kaka angkat decided to order 1000pcs from me!!! Plus i have orders to entertain from the office as well. I foresee that till puasa ends, i will be sleeping at least 5 hrs a day. Plus, my beautiful kaka told me that some people want to buy my "tester" cookies... The chocolate chips are hard to find now but i will put effort into finding them. The other day i went to that big electronic store in gadong where hua ho used to be. I was looking for a really big oven. My plan next year is to start a baking business where i would be selling cookies, cupcakes and chocolate cornflakes. A lot of credit goes to Dirah who gave me the recipe for these wonderful chocolate cornflakes... thank you so much because the recipe is helping me in a lot of ways. Back to the oven... i fell in love with one of them, it was so big and it had 5 stove on top of it and it cost $1499!!!! i am so buying that oven because it would be so convenient for me and i find it quite cheap too and it's electric too... I have so many big plans for next year so i just hope things will be better next year and hopefully everything will run smoothly =D

On another note, my bmobile jet phone is giving me so much problems... i think the battery is busted... without the battery, i can't switch the phone on and i can't go online... That is why i am so gonna buy a usb modem in kb this friday because it seems cheaper there... that way i can just plug in and go online hassle free. Bmobile does not sell extra batteries for their phones nor do they sell their usb modems to their existing subscribers without a prepaid line attached to them. And oh friday i'm taking the day off and i will be going to miri to spend that rm$200 voucher on a handbag =D... so yeah friday is just 2 days away... yay yay!!!

Next on the agenda is my bestie, Amie... She went off to Singapore for an interview and the other day she told me that she got a job there and is starting work on this friday. I'm so happy for her... and hopefully if all goes well i shall visit her some time next year =D

Then there is Zek with his apology video to his girlfriend Emma... My thoughts on it was that it is hilarious and embarrassing. In the video, i thought he was going to cry but he did not, so it did not seem that sincere to me. And if he did shed a few tears, i think people would feel sorry for him and help him find his "Princess of the Earth" Emma.... hahahahah The part i hated was when he kissed the camera, it made me pull back from my screen and scream hell no!!! hahahaha... But honestly, he is brave to do such things but seriously boy there are other better methods of apology that will not haunt you in the future.

Next up...Date.Dating. So what is your definition of a date or dating? This is an interesting subject as there was one day where my older sister was supposed to go out with "the guy she is dating", not boyfriend ya, let's be clear here "the guy she is dating". Personally, i have met this man and i think he is a nice and sincere person... why it's not official yet, well only God, her and "the guy she is dating" knows. So back to what is your definition of a date with a guy or person that you have been seeing for quite some time? For me, my definition of a date or dating is when a guy and a girl or same sex couples (just in case you swing the other way) go out together, to eat or watch a movie or just go out and enjoy each others company. It does not matter what you wear or do just as long as you are spending time with each other getting to know each other better or if you have been together a long time, get on each others nerves or something =D heheheh... So my sister's definition of going on a date or dating with "the guy she is dating" is that she has to be dressed up. She has to be wearing something nice then it qualifies as a date... i find that quite silly because don't tell me when she is not dressed up and when they go out, spend time or go on road trips it does not qualify as a date or dating...sowhat the hell is that?!?!? Now that is just BULLCRAP!!!! I pity this man... and i have no idea what is wrong with my sister... SERIOUSLY!!!! The things people think nowadays ya...

Lastly to end my very long post of random nothings =) is that i went to Tarindak Polo Club for sungkai with kak mai and kathleen, it's $20 per person just now =D)) the food was great, there was a lot of dishes for the main course, satay, kebab, roasted lamb, an assortment of flavored drinks and desserts, murtabak, mee soup, popcorn, cotton candy a a whole lot more. We saw the chefs fro the beach cafe and they recognized us... hahahaha... we are such regular patrons that they can remember us. When the chinese looking chef saw us, he seemed quite happy and surprised to see us... it was as if he missed us... hahahahahah... and i also saw the hot waiter, i think he also recognized us too... all i can say is HOMAIGAWD!!!! HOMAIGAWD!!!! I SO WANT THAT!!! To me he is so hot and i want to jump on that but i'm too shy. I think he knew i was gawking at him just now plus he looks different in the white uniform, he also kept looking at our table too... *sigh* I will just have to wait till puasa and raya is over till i can go back to the beach cafe and enjoy the ceaser salad and the sight... hahahahah

So i guess that is it, i'll try to update soon =D... Good night and happy puasa peeps! Muahz <3

Saturday, August 7, 2010

When i'm bored, i bake

Hellew all, i know it's been a while since i've updated. Anyways, as the title says it i bake when i am bored... and yes it's quite true. well this morning i had cravings for chocolate chip cookies... i actually baked some last week using the recipe amie gave me, the famous amos chocolate chip cookies recipe... i did not take any pictures of that batch because i was very tired, it was a really big batch and i want to make some of those soon but i think i would half the recipe so i dun have to make so much and take too much time... my oven is very small plus everybody loved that batch that i made. So this morning i searched high and low on the internet to find an easy one... it does not taste like the famous amos ones but they are ok lah if u just wanna eat em for fun =D

The first 12 cookies out of the oven, yes my oven can only fit 12 cookies at one go

Here is a picture of 3 birdies who were hatched in that very nest a few week ago... they have left the nest already

My first attempt at brownie cupcakes... it had a different texture but overall it was not too bad

And oh i went to the consumer fair last week and i won RM$200 Parkson Shopping vouchers. I picked up amie and we went to the consumer fair. Tourism Malaysia had their booth there and the told us, hey come sign up for free, just give us your name, email add and your facebook id and then spin the wheel... I was actually quite reluctant then amie said why not coz it's free. Then we got to spin their wheel and had a chance to wine one of the prizes there. So amie was up first and she won RM$50 Pavillion shopping vouchers. I did not have a good look at the wheel and i did not expected to win. And then when i spun i won the RM$200 Parkson Vouchers, i was so blur because both the ladies were so excited and they were so happy for me. One lady looked at me and said "Gempak sikit lah Dek" hahahahah... that was how blur i was. And kathleen told me that that was the highest prize on the wheel... so yeah i was very lucky =D

I guess this is it for now, am too lazy to listen to my mum nagging in the back ground. I think i'll be baking more tomorrow if i dun have anything to do and i'll probably go out for a while to find some of the things i need to bake those famous amos cookies again. Oh amie has gone to singapore yesterday because she has an interview this afternoon. she says she will be there for a bit to look for a job but i think she wud be back around september to send her lil sis off to uk.