Monday, November 24, 2008


On sunday... i went out with both Katherine and Sharin for sushi and we decided to check out Excapade Shokudo.... I decided to take some interesting pics... heheheh.... Enjoy peeps =D))

A hospital for your shoes... hahahah i can't believe they exist

Look at all the food on our table!!!

My food!!!! Garlic Fried Rice & Salmon Furai

I have no idea what i was looking at!!!

Majority of our plates stacked up... mind you we had 2 more plates lying around the table =D

The Train

The hot water tap

Ani gambar org2 ke-kanyangan... hahahahah =P

The signboard of the shop across

The Madagascar characters hung at Seri Q-Lap mall...

Well, i think this is it for today... nothing interesting has happened... So tata for now <33

Jane & Victor's Wedding Reception

Hulo All!!!! I went to my colleagues wedding reception, Jane and Victor who also works in the same building as us. The pictures are very very shaky and far away.... i still trying to get used to my camera... So enjoy the pictures =D))

Siti Nora and Me

Jane & Victor's entrance

The 13 yrs old singer.... She's very talented

My office mates at the other table

The people at my table.... very funny people =D

Jane & Victor doing table rounds

Siti Nora and I left before desserts were being served and we decided to meet up with Kathleen at Coffee Zone and so yeah we hanged out for bit... so that was it for the night... got home around midnight or so