Saturday, April 3, 2010

So i've been gone for quite some time....

As the title says it, i've been gone for quite a bit and now i'm back! yay!!!heheheeh... Well loads have been happening, firstly there was my birthday... i've turned 23 now... still very young and raw... presents... Kak mai treated all of us for dinner at Holiday Lodge, which i really appreciate, i got an air ticket to Singapore from my second sister, Kathleen, clothes from my eldest sister, Karen and a waffle maker from my third sister, Katherine and fiance Sharin. At work, we went for lunch at I-Lotus. it was from birthday funds with 3 celebrants, myself and 2 other colleagues. And then my really close friends, Wina, Serena, Siti Nora, Kak Mai surprised me with a cake, on their floor and all of the people in collections sang happy birthday to me. They caught me off guard. That day i was supposed to go back 3hrs early and they told me that they needed to discuss work with me. So when i came down, they played along and then my sweet friend, Wina came out of the pantry with a big chocolate cake and started singing and everyone at that section started singing!!! ~sigh~ That i must admit was a good surprise, they caught me so off guard that i was so shocked and i was shaking and i was so nervous... Good surprise though... they got me real good... hahahah =D))

Remember i was talking about that window of opportunity at work, well it did come around, i applied and then i was NOT shortlisted. Why? i have no freaking idea, well actually in my theory it's 2 things... 1. my former line manager does not want to work with me and 2. she's trying to save me from entering "hell". So yeah, am i upset? a bit. I somehow had the feeling after i applied that i would not get it and my instincts were dead on! i was not shortlisted. Why? it was because of the fact that among all the people who had applied, i actually had the background, experience and knowledge of that area. And yet i was not shortlisted. So yeah, i'm still where i am now and to add a more dreadful note on that, my colleague in my section whom i am close to Miss W is moving to another department! God! I won't have anyone to bitch about things now! ~sigh~ nonetheless, i am happy for her move as it could be a promotion for her in the future.

So on a better and interesting note, i was in Singapore for 8 days with my mum and sister Katherine because she has a course there for 3 weeks. I learned how to use the MRT with the help of the map and the signboards around the stations. We saved so much rather than using a taxi. Plus the most "expensive" trip i spent was $2.80 and if u return the ticket, u get $1 back! i actually did not see the sign at the counter about the tourist pass, i think it would have been cheaper or something. But it's ok, i managed pretty well for 8 days. I walked a lot, sweat a lot, shopped a lot and i got sunburnt too walking on the streets. I went to quite a number of places such as China Town, Little India, The Verge (it's a mall at Little India), Bugis, City Hall, Raffles, St Andrew's Cathedral, Vivo City, Jurong Point, Mustafa Centre, City Square Mall (it's an Eco Mall... i dunno what that means), Sim Lim Square, a bit of Singapore Botanical Gardens, National Orchid Garden and Universal Studios. I spent very little time around Orchard, i only went round Orchard at night with my sister and the maximum time we went out was around 3hrs or less. So yeah, that's what me and my mum did in 8 days. We also visited Yan, hubby and her babies, Eliza and Danial.

Now on with some pictures... i just posted 1/10 of what i took... i took about 600+++ pictures and have posted half on FB =D))

Breakfast at the Royal Plaza on Scotts. The breakfast buffet cost $38 (i think) w/0 gst and service charge. if u add that all together it was about $40++++

Street sign outside The Verge at Little India.
The back office of HSBC Claymore Branch. This was taken at the window of my sister's room.
Ham and Cheese sandwich with either coffee or tea at Toast Box in Jurong Point. This was breakfast for me and my mum that day.
China town. They were selling a lot of cheap stuff, if you like summer kind of clothing, come to this place.
This was a rock band rocking on the streets out side a mall. My sis and i were just walking around and then we heard music and we decided to watch them.
Eliza 1 1/2 years old
Baby Danial 2mths
St Andrew's Cathedral. Apparently in the 1800 it was struck by lightning twice.
Stained Glass Windows
A stone elephant at the National Orchid Garden which was in the Singapore Botanical Gardens.
Flowers =D
Some people carved their names on a tree
Universal Studios
This was somewhere around New York

Universal studios was fun, especially Shrek 4D and the in house Mummy ride... it was so cool. i had so much fun... So i guess this is it for now... will try to blog more soon =D)) XOXO

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