Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The long awaited update

Hi All! My sincerest apologies to my readers (if any) for the lack of updates... The past 3 months have been very busy busy months for me at work and to be honest i do not feel what i use to feel at work. Things have changed but for now it has come to a point where i am not very happy with my surroundings. Don't get me wrong here, i love the job, i love working in the bank and all but some things are just not very favourable. But hey, you can't please everyone right? At the moment, i am looking for opportunities outside the bank so hopefully i do get an answer outside. For now i will continue tolerating with what i have because i know i can survive it =)

Let's move on to more brighter things =D. I can't really remember what i did for the past 2 months but here are the main highlights i remember... i know, i'm such an old person, cannot even remember what i did... hahahahaha... should start loading up on those raisins eh? hahahaha

So in January, the bank had the Annual Dinner event so it was Grease night, i dressed in all black and got dolled up. I had fun during the dinner and i did a bit of dancing. There were great performances, food was alright and i went in hoping my ass of that i would win a 42" TV and nothing else. And my ticket won me an the new edition 8GB ipod touch!!! hahahaha!!!! it was so unexpected but i am very grateful that i won something. Last year i won a phone, this year an ipod touch. I felt that this was a good start to the year. To be honest, my instincts tell me that this year will be a good year for me and i believe it despite all those feng shui things saying that it won't be a good year for rabbits. So for me, i trust my instincts more and i believe that this year will be a good year =)

My winning ticket

My ipod!

After that i remember that i volunteered for a mural painting at learning ladders. it was fun. i just volunteered for the fun of it and painting is fun =D

Then there was chinese new year in the office!!! This year i felt that the CNY celebration at the office was more lively! And i think i collected more ang pau this year... hahahaha... there was a lion dance in the office and on our floor we had about 4 lions going around and they even brought the drums up in the office to play, so it was pretty loud. there was lots of eating too, but where there is good food there is always good company =)

My friend discovered the Mr Brown Macadamia Nut coffee and it tastes good!!! a bit milder that the French Vanilla one but this tastes real good! 2 thumbs up from me

Early March, i turned 24!!! I don't feel that much of a difference but i do realize that hey, i'm already 24, i need to stop acting like a little kiddie that i am. 2 of my friends actually asked me out for dinner on 3rd and they surprised me with a cake from Mr Bakers. I like Mr Bakers!!! I love their profiterole cake and my friends actually got me a Mississippi cake. and it was so chocolatey that i love it to bits!!! It's to die for i tell you... i will try to upload some pictures on that soon. My other friend made an announcement over the p.a. system at work and announced to the whole floor it was my birthday. Then kak mai decided that she wants to treat me for dinner again on my birthday and we went to the beach cafe just to end my day by seeing my favourite waiter but he was not there. I got a tweet from an old friend that he was working at the pool side restaurant, so kak mai told me to hurry up so we can have dessert and hey presto he was there. He did not wait on us but he served us our food with the biggest smile i've ever seen from him... hahahahah. My dear friend kak mai is a bit crazy at times, she went over to ask for a glass of water and requested that he served her water and to wish me happy birthday! He came over and greeted me with a very flushed red face. OMG!!!! He was so cute!!! I was so embarrassed that i don't think i can ever show my face there again. But too bad he has a girlfriend already. It's ok, i can just see =)

So the next few not in order photos are of my recent holiday trip to KL!!!! Honestly, they're not very big on customer service there, so KL was a so-so for me. And it was my first time flying via Air Asia. It was not too bad, i was impressed with our landing in KL. It was so smooth athat i was like, what we landed already? hahahaha... so Air Asia is now an option!!! =D I cant wait for my next trip!!! WOOT WOOT! SG here i come =D

Mr luggage was lucky to ride in the front but he had to wear a seat belt. Safety first!

We had dinner at Tony Roma's this was my Big Stack Burger and it only cost RM24.90. It was so good!!! Plus my drink was a refillable coke in a huge ass glass for only RM6.90!!! I must say that Tony Roma's was the BEST place where i got EXCELLENT customer service. If you want royal treatment while dinning, Tony Roma's is the BEST!!! Our server was call Mr Nawab and he was such a fantastic server... Then the burger... oh i have a lot to say about the burger! I am quite obsessed with burgers. The size of this burger i would say is as big as the Classic American Cheese Burger from Charcoal, but this is better. I'll tell you why. Sometimes when i eat a very meaty beef burger, i get a lil' bit heaty and sometimes rasanya mcm sampai ke jantung... i dunno how to describe this but i can feel a bit discomfort ard my heart area or i'll get dizzy and one time i had a nosebleed while eating the burger. Maybe it's me but maybe it's because the burger is so thick and meaty so i "heat" up faster. But this burger from Tony Roma's was the BEST!!! Eventhough my burger was meaty and well done, i really savored it and no discomfort just pure joy eating it!!! i can still taste in and i fell in love with that burger when i saw it!!!! TWO THUMBS UP FOR TONY ROMA'S!!!! It made my trip complete and enjoyable

This was us waiting for the KTM to get back to our hotel

The flower in a bowl at the hotel's restaurant

So i guess this is it for now... will try to update more often now. so adios for now. bubyez <3