Monday, July 29, 2013

Gloomy Monday

Hey Everyone! Yes, it's a very cloudy and gloomy Monday at work for me. So i decided to take some time out and blog. I have been up to a lot of things this week. So first up, baking! I've been baking a quite a bit


 Above I baked a dessert called Lemon Delicious Pudding. I actually made this dessert when i was in Melbourne on a holiday a few years back and i wanted to recreate it. Overall a success! I loved it and my sister actually finished one by herself. On the left, i made a no fat banana loaf, it was ok, my sister liked it. and last night i baked banana chocolate chip muffins. I baked last minuted because i wanted to get rid of my bananas before they went bad so i decided to make these muffins. And the recipe has never failed me once! I love it. And for an extra surprise, i put in a slice of banana in between of the muffins so you get a feel of more bananas in it.

Some of these pictures are overdued pictures.Lol! These are the friendly evergreen aunties and uncles that i spend every Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings with. They are the choir members of my church and if you did not know, yes I am in the choir with them. I am probably the youngest or 2nd youngest member. Here we are celebrating their birthdays and yesterday we had a big celebration for one of the uncles. It was his 60th birthday and he wanted crabs! So we actually had Crabs, fish, cockles, tanghoon salad, 3 types of green vegetables, bean sprouts, rice, chicken, fruits and cheese cake to top it all of! They can really eat and they are funny too! The last birthday celebration we had, the ladies were worried about pigmentation on their faces and how they could get rid of it, and yesterday it was still the same issue! Hahaha!

 These are the only pictures i took during my short, short trip to KK. The one on the left was before we took of from the Airport and the ones below was on our road trip back home. It was a 5hr drive back home! I was sandwiched between my mum and my aunty. My mum actually bought a stylish hat in KK and used it on our way back in the car. So she practically slept in style. I did speed shopping in KK and I actually got, 6 ramekins, 2 border craft puncher, 3 pairs of shoes, a pair of knock-off aviator sunglasses, 2 pairs of fipper rubber flip flops and a Starbucks tumbler with a sipper straw! Money well spent i tell ya!

I guess this is it for today. Hope you all have a great week ahead of ya.Below is something to cheer you up if you are worried about your belly. lol! Just to keep your spirits up, 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Hey Everyone! I'm so excited today because I'm flying off later. YAYYYYYY!!!!! Yes I'm very excited to get on that plane and fly. I guess i like that feeling of taking off and landing...Anyways, I have been home alone since Wednesday and it's very boring. There wasn't anything good on TV either. And of course I had no one to make my 10 cents face to make me food. I had to cook, so yeah that was fun, trying to spice up what I should eat and stuff. Just so you know, I had a lot of bread and I actually do love bread over rice on most days. 

Remember those poppadoms i was talking about, so this is how they looked like after they were fried. And the plastic packet also said Extra Large poppadoms. I didn't imagine them to be this big. 

 Since Wednesday was a public holiday, I got very bored and I started to look through all my recipe books and I found a very easy and simple chocolate chip cookie recipe. And since i had all the ingredients, i decided why not try it.

This was the outcome of my cookies, huge right? Well the recipe called for 1 cup of self raising flour and baking powder so they expanded and I was surprised. I like these cookies because they're a bit crunchy on the sides and bottom and chewy on the inside. It's definitely a keeper!

This was my dinner a few days ago; toast! Am I the only weirdo out there who like a good peanut butter-cream cheese toasted sandwich? Lol! It really tastes good and I really love it.

I guess this is it for now! A few more hours then WHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEE. Yes, excited much I am! Till the next post, bubyez =D

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Sometimes I can be a bimbo

Hi everyone! Just a quick update! I have not watched Despicable Me 2 yet! I'm probably going to watch it on Monday!!! Yay!!! It's already July and the fasting month will start soon. I like working during the fasting month in this new company because we get to work to either 2 or 3pm. Yay for me right? lol. Honestly, I don't remember what i was doing during the fasting month last year. What i remember was the fasting month during my banking years, I remembered that I still had to work normal hours, which was such a drag. So I am looking forward to puasa this year. Just thinking of all the free time I can have all to myself. Anyways, i will be taking a short trip next weekend! and when I mean short, i mean really short. So I'll be flying to my destination next Saturday after work and returning back the next day Sunday by car. Yes! Super short right? So speed shopping is all i can do. I'm quite excited because I finally get to fly... Hahahahahaha, I know it sounds weird but I actually do enjoy being on the plane and flying off. I like that feeling. Hopefully I can do more next year. As for this year, this is my first flight out. So sad right? Well i'm saving my leave for my big trip for December. I'm going to Korea and stopping over in Singapore before I head back. I'm so excited and I think the long break will do me good. And when I mean long break, I mean 14 calendar days long! I really can't wait for it. I hope i get to experience snow! Oh Korea, wait for me ya! :D

Now back to why I can be a bimbo sometimes. So the other day, I was craving for poppadums and you can actually buy some store bought instant ones. I went to my regular supermarkets and searched high and low for it. I searched for weeks ok and i could not find any. Last week, on a Sunday, my sister and i decided to buy some groceries and i told her that i will check for these poppadums and when i told her i could not find them. She said it was impossible and she asked me which section did i looked for it. I told her the frozen section. She laughed at me so hard and then told me that they're not frozen and i could usually find them in the sundries section. Yes, i did not know poppadums were dry! I thought they were like the frozen roti pratha ones! Hahahahahahaha... silly me right? Anyways, I managed to get the last box on the shelf! Yay! I have yet to cook these babies, maybe soon coz i know that there is a public holiday coming up soon! Yayers! Guess this is it. I'll update soon :D