Saturday, February 27, 2010

Condolences and the true story how my name was created!

Hey all... Well a lot has been happening for these past few days. Firstly, My condolences to the Keasberry Family as they have lost a family member, Uncle Lionel Keasberry. May His soul rest in peace. Then there's an acquaintance, Mr Stanley Loo, i remember him as a very helpful and friendly man. And lastly, Dex Keasberry, his grandmother from his mother's side has also passed on. My condolences to all the families. God bless their souls and may they rest in peace. I feel that once you have experienced or seen how close death is to someone you love, you don't feel the hit as bad. If a person passes on so suddenly, i guess it will hit you hard. For me, when you see a person you love passes on, there is that void in your life. The sense that you feel lost that you don't know what to do. But we do have to remember that they are all passing on to a better place where there is no pain or suffering. And that they want us to move on as they will always be watching and guiding us when we really need it. =)

On a cheery note, there has been some big hu-ha at work about bonus and we have already receive our bonus... Am i any richer? Not really... Was it better than last year? A lil' bit... Am happy i did get it coz i need to pay some stuff off, you know with that new credit card regulation thing. So yeah, i have not splurge just yet... well i just bought a computer monitor for my sister's laptop so i can use it and resume my downloading and stuff. Plus i also need to buy my ticket to Australia in Nov/Dec, which will cost me $1.2k+++. The mos expensive thing i have ever spent on a ticket...

Ohhh... last night, i went to my cousin's house for dinner, it's just us family only and we all just sat down and talked a lot. In that talking, i found out how my name came out. My dad asked my cousin to help him name all us sisters an they came up with K's and since i was the last one to pop, my cousin, Tina had no idea what to name me... and she decided to find a name that started with K for me. Then in 1987, Cousin Tina got to know this little girl who she found to be very beautiful. And i do know this girl and she is really pretty now. This little girl was called Kelda. At that time my cousin was also a big fan of Kylie Minogue. She wanted to call me Kylie but she remember this little girl because her name was unique... so my cousin Tina decided to combine the both and she wrote on paper, KLYDER, to combine and change it up a little bit. She gave the paper to my dad and did not expect him to use the name and when i popped! There i was, KLYDER. hahahaha... funny but yet true story! After 22 years, i finally know how my name came about! LoL! And if you're wondering how to pronounce my name its KELDER. Because so many people have difficulties pronouncing my name, that is why i decided to address myself as KeL as it's easier to pronounce... teeheee... So this is it for now... gotta shower and get ready =)

Yours Truly,
Klyder =P

Monday, February 22, 2010

Tomorrow's Our 26th National Day! and Falling in LIKE...

Hi All!!! As the title says it, tomorrow is National Day, for Brunei that is... Am i feeling patriotic? err not really... i've done my share of patriotism when i was younger... you know flag waving and stuff, plus i did march for the 24th National Day parade back in 2008 for the Brunei Association of Banks... We had to practice both day and night, just to march exactly like the police/army style... Not something i enjoy as i must say i have 2 left feet and i also have no rhythm! Lol! So dancing is also quite difficult for me... hahahah... lets not say dancing, trying to learn poco poco was difficult for me as well... hahahah... enough said.

So what are my plans for tomorrow... well there is lunch at excapade at 1, my eldest sister is treating... so yeah... after that i'm not too sure what i'll be doing... I'll probably get leggings again... I actually got a pair yesterday, quite surprised they fit me, so i want to get another just in case it runs out... This is usually my normal routine, if a pair of pants especially jeans which fit me well, i always buy 2 pairs because of several reasons 1. in case i wear 1 of em out and 2. i know i will never ever find another pair like them anytime soon.

Ohh... i also went to miri last saturday, to accompany one of my close friend... she just got out of an accident 2 days before and she wanted so badly to go to miri, so decided to just bring her. I'm also discovering the joys of twitter too... it seems cool.. hahahah

Falling in like... hmmm... this actually means something, it's like falling in love but you don't love the person, you just like em... i think this could be defined as an infatuation or a crush... Am i crushing on someone? Yes, i am! hehehe... don't think he has noticed me... Don't know why but yeah, although i don't see him that often , i dunno i just think i like him... would i make a move? Nah! For me, why bother... I like keeping my options open ;) Anywhoos, today i saw a hottie at work! haha! i have not seen this guy before so i would consider him fresh meat to the building... hahaha... well it happened like this, after i parked my car, shah just came and parked beside me. so we walked to the office together... we were hanging around downstairs because shah was smoking and we were talking about bonus and things like that. I dunno what possesed me to turn my head and there he was wearing blue and he was walking to his car to take his diary... and i think he smiled at either me or shah... and i was like "Shah, who's that?" He's like "New collector" and i went "He's cute!" *pauses and stare* "he's hot!" . i must admit i did ogle at him for a bit when he came back from his car... i so need to see this guy close up on Wednesday to really take a good look at him! hahaha =) i heard he has a long name too but Shah says it's a nice name, so i'm like ok cool... heheheh... i sound like a high school girl all over again! And oh... he's not the one i'm crushing on ya... i have to scrutinize this one... heheh ;P

Ok i guess this is it for tonight... will blog more soon =D))

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Twitter and Mi Maggi Kari

Hellew... Last night i went to Amie's house for CNY!!! I had fun!!! =D Alyaa, Siang and Daus were there too!!! Amie's parents and brother, Adam lit up some fire works for us so that was cool... it was like a short private show for us... and ooohhhhh.... amie's puppies are so cute and chubby!!!! So it was fun also because we made and "bullied" Daus to give a a private show with Adam's acoustic guitar. He claimed to be shy but when Adam whipped out his electric guitar, he wasn't shy anymore and it came to a point where the rest of us did not understand a word they were saying... guitar language.. hahaha...and what was funny was i managed to guess some of the songs he played on the guitar... i must admit, i don't recognize when people play Kings Of Leon's Use Somebody... that was what happened at Faizul's show... i did not know it was that song until he said it! Songs i managed to guess were 1. that thing you do 2. Broken by Amy Lee and Seether and lastly 3. Lifehouse - You and Me- of course this one with the help of Daus's singing... Let's just say music wise, i listen to a lot of songs, mostly songs that catches my ears, these three songs were once my favourite songs a couple of years back... I must say i do like songs from the 80s as well and this is because of my older sister, she likes them, get's me to download them and i start liking them... There was even once, one of my colleagues thought that i was born in the wrong year, i should have been born in the 70s so i could become a hippi in the 80s! LOL!

So as the title says Twitter... well, i actually have a twitter account since a while back and only started following people today, you can follow me, just type and search KeLRimpang... you would so find me.. the reason why i have a twitter account was because of eztv! hahaha... there came a point in time where their website was down and i was getting left behind on my weekly dose of downloading torrents of my favourite series... so they had twitter and that was my only other option... i don't fancy piratebay that much... so yeah i now have twitter... follow if you like =D

Mi Maggi Kari.. i just had this for dinner, i topped it off with a few slices of boiled sausages, an egg and baby clam in the can!!! yummy!!! i have not had this in a while... i LOVE baby clam in the can! heheheh... i guess this is for now! Bubyez!! =)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

It's dead... kaputz...

Hi all!!! Firstly happy chinese new year to everyone and also happy Valentine's day! May the year of the tiger bring in joy, wealth and happiness for all... May cupid strike you with his love arrow for that one person! As the title says it, it's dead. What's dead you might ask? My lovely red faithful dell inspirion who has served me for about 2 years! ~sigh~ i am still very heartbrokened about it... Nevertheless, my hard drive is still ok so i have not lost it all just yet... So for now, i will be laptop-less... for some reason, i just feel like a big chunk of me is gone... that was like my life... i know i sound like i'm exaggerating but that is how i feel at the moment... So i asked the technician at dell and they say to fix it it would cost more that $500!!! When i asked them, it's more worth it i buy a new one right? they just smiled at me ~sigh~ the HORROR!!! They then told me, well you can sell it to us but we won't pay out so much because we only need the internet card... i told them i'll think about it.. so now i'm living like a hermit, jumping from laptop to laptop... i can't wait till my bonus come out so i can start buying me another one... this time round i'm not getting a laptop, i'm getting a desktop to cater for my demanding needs =D

So long dear red dell, you have served me very well

KeL <3

Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Band Once concert

Good Morning All... before i get to the concert... i actually had made another success dessert!!!! yay.. it's called grasshopper mint pie!!!! yay!!! i'll post up pictures soon =D)). So i went to A Band Once concert... it was my first time watching them play live... I must admit Faizul, the lead singer is really good. Plus to me he sounds a bit like the lead singer from Sheila on 7 but of course he has his own style. I don't normally show up for gigs like this but this time i decided why not and faizul is actually my classmate in form 4&5, plus he always send out invites so i thought why not? it's free some more!!! =) we knew he loved singing and if i'm not wrong he even joined our school's talent time... When his song Te'a came out, I was surprised to hear it was him singing... Wow my friend made it! Kudos to you! And great job last night!

The stage at JP Mini Amphitheatre

I saw Azwan!!! and his friend Dayat... and eerrr... i don't know the other guy but yeah they sat in front of us =D))

Faizul in Action

This was the last song, where there was a mosh pit in front and ppl started jumping and it was craaazzzzyyyy but cool and fun =D))

What i loved about the gig was he did quite a good number of songs and one of my personal favs was Kings Of Leon's Use somebody... out of the whole gig, i actually recorded 6 videos on my phone! So i will be catching more gigs in time... A couple of words to sum up their gig, AWESOME, CRAZY and that is what you call PURE ENTERTAINMENT! =) In future, i'm planning on watching Epic Frequency as well, if they do have another gig becoz i actually missed out on their gig last Jan.

So that is it peeps! Bubyez <33

Saturday, February 6, 2010

It's already february...

Wow!!! It's already February... i can't believe it!!! January seemed to pass by like a breeze for me or i could have just been going with the flow...So January for me ended off quite well, my sister, katherine will be sent to Singapore for a 3wks course for teaching starting 21march-13apr. And guess what, i'm going to singapore on 21-28 march... that's 8 days with my mum. Katherine heard that they will be put up in the Royal Plaza on Scotts... classy and abit expensive hotel... so since katherine will be staying there for free... mum and i will be bunking in... I actually had no plans for going to singapore this year because i wanted to save for my Australia trip in nov/dec. And guess what, my other sister, kathleen has decided to pay for my singapore ticket as my birthday present!!!!!! OMG!!!! I feel happy and guilty at the same time because i did not get her a birthday present so while i'm in Singapore, i plan to get her a 4g ipod shuffle from the singapore website and get it engraved! and i also plan to get myself an itouch as well...

So i will be seeing sunny singapore soon =))

On another note, it's so funny how i have 2000+++ visitors on my blog and yet no followers... hahahah... i guess that's it for now... Bubyez <33