Saturday, April 10, 2010

Are you Australian?

Hellew all!!! So many things had happened for the past week or so... firstly, it's the Are you Australian question... hahahaah... Well how this came about was very funny, it was around 6.45+++pm and i was still at work calling customers. If i am not wrong, i was about to complete my purpose of calling this last customer, as the conversation was about to end, the person said, "Miss, can i ask you a question?" I was like, "Yes" the customer then said "Are you Australian?" then i went "No" the customer then laughed and told me that my accent sounded Australian... hahahahah... After so long of calling customers, this was the first a customer has commented on the way i talked... hahahaha... i must admit i find it quite hilarious!

Other than that, i had a stalker-ish creepy encounter the other day at the pantry's workplace. To clarify things so that you won't be lost, i shall explain about this man. When i first met this man, he had this funny smile everytime he saw me. And i mean, it was that creepy kinda smile.. from instinct, you know that that smile meant something else... plus he's married and i happen to know his wife. So at work i would try my very best to avoid crossing paths with this man and since i have moved to my new dept, i rarely crossed his path. So i went into the pantry to wash my cup, then the door closed behind me and then there was a soft hello greeting me from the back, i turned, i saw this man and said hi, my head said "oh shit!!!" He then asked me, "you've moved dept already right" i was like "yeah" when in fact i've been in my new dept for already a good 9 mths! then he said " Oh, it's because i never see you pass by near my dept anymore" and i went "oh, i see" then he went on with more questions, "your dept, is that isolated dept at the end right?" i then said "yeah" at this point, i was washing my cup like crazy " then he said "oh, we rarely go round there to visit you all" by this time i finished washing my cup, i turned, smiled and said "yeah we're very far away from others. ok bye" and walked out of the pantry. UUURRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!! I don't ever want to be anywhere alone with that man and plus, the pantry is a very small place!!!! eeeeeeeee!!!! creepy much and gatal!!!!

That's all abt work... on a personal note, i have a lot of catching up to do in terms of watching my downloaded series! i have not been updated since the week before i left for Singapore because i was sick. i have downloaded them already but have not watched them yet. I like watching Glee, Vampire Diaries, Community, Accidentally on Purpose, Big Bang theory, just to mention a few ;) So i guess this is it for now, will try to blog more soon =D)) xoxo

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