Saturday, October 23, 2010

26 and a half

Hi All!!! I know i have been missing for a long time... i have been busy baking and selling cookies and other stuff too. As the title says it, 26 and a half more days to go before i fly off to Melbourne for my big and long holiday away from Brunei... I will be away for about 19 days (counting saturdays and sundays). This is my first trip far away from home and i'm pretty excited... I do travel but it's always to singapore and lately KK and next year i might go to KL as well. My aim for this trip to be a relaxing one where i have no care in the world... just to let go and forget everything for a bit and really enjoy myself. So i guess that is it =D i'll try to blog some more before i leave.... Bubyez... muahz xoxo

~i hear Melbourne calling my name..~

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Anonymous said...

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