Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Hellew.... Well a lot has happened.... Firstly, i MISSED JO's flight!!!! Jo, if you are reading this, i'm so sorry!!!! i came a bit too late!!!! SORRY JO!!!! I promise we will hang out in June!!! Maybe it's not meant to be this time around.... =(

My birthday is coming up in a couple of days... One thing for sure is that, i don't want any attention... For the people at the institution, i DON'T want ANY SURPRISES or PRESENTS.... Actually, to be honest, i don't want anything from them.... WHY?!? I really feel that i don't fit in, it does not feel right and its not the same as being with friends that you have. This time around, for my birthday, i don't want anything... i hate surprises and i'm very hard to please. At this point, I feel very down....

Sigh~~~~ i hope things will turn soon.... bubyez... muahzz <33

Thursday, February 22, 2007


Hellew.... Its been a while since i've blogged and a lot has happened. I really thank the people who have listened to me because it was good to get it off my chest. Now that i really know what i'm feeling, i really cannot wait till this semester ends, i really want to break away from the people in the institution.... i feel that i don't fit in and that one of them is not to crazy being in group work with me... I guess i should tell you what happen... it may be a small thing but sometimes it starts from little things like these. One of my lecturer decided that she is giving us a web assignment and that we have to give our group member list by the end of the day. Since the institution group only has limited male counterparts, they were not included in our decision making thing. when we have sorted us girls out, then we would split them boys. So us 5 girls "bahsam" and i was supposed to be in a group with one of the girls and a guy. The thing is i am in another group assignment with this girl. In this other group assignment, we are to produce 3 essays with one of them containing 800-1000 words while the other 2 are 600-800 words. This lecturer also told us that if we were to do the 1000 word essay, our marks would be higher.... honestly, i don't care about marks... just as long as the work is done, i'm fine. Me, being nice and kind, i volunteered to do the 1000 word essay as i feel that english is the first language i have spoken and am at an advantage, not because of the marks, no... i don't care... so the other 2 can do the lesser word essay. so back to my story.... we "bahsem" and i was in the same group as this girl... All so sudden, she then says, "NO!!! i want to work with other people".... hmmm~~~ it makes you think, do they actually want me there or not. So the 4 of them discussed by themselves and then i decided that i might as well pull myself out... i then decided that i should do this web assignment with the girl that i'm doing my programming project with... and also pulling 2 other people that are willing to be with us. Since taht girl was absent, i texted her and she said ok. I thank God that there are people who are willing to work with others. And since she knows her way around these assignments, i don't mind working with her because i can learn more and know more. So yeah... i want this semester to end so badly!!!!

I'm moving on and trying to be positive =) Well tomorrow won't be a happy day for me... JO is leaving for Melbourne!!!!! I have not hung out with her nor did i go to her chinese new year open house.... I'm so SORRY Jo!!!! I'm really wrapped up i a whole load of work.... So for tomorrow, i will be sending her off at the airport, its the least i can do. She did tell me that she will be back in JUNE.... That's even better news as i'll be on a one month holiday by then!!!! For Jo, i will be making my special choco cornflakes for her long flight back... i hope that she will like it =)

i guess this is it for now.... bubyez.... Muahz <33

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

It's Valentine's Day <33

Hey all!!!! It's Valentine's Day!!!! Well, earlier this week, i did not realize that today would be Valentine's day.... Nothing much has happened... its not like i do expect anything to happen though =) So far, i came to school late because my dad was worried that no one would be in the institution so he decided to send me instead. In the institution, i wanted to sms my best friends, but when i wanted to i came to realization that i don't have their numbers in my phone. How did this happened? well... it was when my phone memory card decided to go loco on me. so that was how i lost some of them numbers.

During lunch, the penguinz and i decided to find for a good place to eat... we ended up eating at LLF beside under ten in serusop. That was the first time i have eaten anything else other than their cucur keladi. We all had chicken rice.... might i add, it was not too bad, it was very nice. I think that is about it for today... Happy V-Day everyone... bubyez... muahz <33

Monday, February 12, 2007


First of all, i'd like to say HI!!!! to Metal Chick, thanks for tagging me and congratz on ur blog and your tag board as well =). It's good to "read" that you are doing well =D heheheeheh... The next shout out is for FARID!!!!! Thanks for the testimonial and i would really love it that you would cook my 3 favourite foods for me... That's very sweet =) hehehehehe i'm sure it would taste good =)

Now for some updates, well... ummm... Its been a week since i've blogged or do anything.... Oh my physics-related-subject test.... I didn't do too well... i failed i scored 13/60!!!! How great is that?!? And then during our tutorial, my lecturer asked me a question that i could not answer. I did not know the answer because i did not attend her extra classes... and it was not on purpose... i had a valid MC for 7 days and my head was in a bandage... i can't come to classes looking like a mummy!!!! But hey, some lecturers are like this right?!? Moving on to other news, i had a haircut, it was just to get rid of the split ends i had on my hair. My hair is slightly shorter and my fringe is at another parting. I wanted to cut my hair till it was shoulder lengthed, but i decided not to because i don't want to give people the shock of their lives andi still love my long hair =D hehehehe... i'll probabaly do that next month, if i have the guts =)

Ohhhh.... At the moment i'm obsessed with this chinese song. Its from the sound track from love @ first note and the song is called Kong by Justin Lo.... Although i don't understand chinese, the song sounds good and when i watched the movie, it had deep meaning to it =D heheeheh Oh and the guy whom i think is cute just passed by me.... hehehehe.... he's so cute and tall ~sigh~ another one of my infactuations i suppose =)

I gotta go, lectures will start in 6 mins... will blog again later... Bubyezz... Muahz <33

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Loads have been happening

Hellew.... well a lot has happened in both my institution life and at home. Well for starters.... i have PLENTY of assignments to complete!!!!! And guess what?!? The due dates for these assignments are in March!!!!! All at different weeks!!!! ~sigh~~~ =( Then there is one assignment which is due one day before my bday!!!! ~double sigh~~~ =( It looks like i'm gonna be really really busy for the next 2 months... I hate all the work that they are giving us... somehow i think its a torture test for all us students to see how well we can endure this assignment torture months =P Oh them lecturers... they like doing things like this.... Well... hmmm~~~ For one of my assignments, i have decided to work with someone else because i want to experience working with someone new.

ohhh.... I am POSITIVELY SURE that i have failed my physics-related-subject test. U wanna know what our lecturer is planning to do? She plans to break some of the tutorial groups and mix us with other tutorial groups.... One of my class mates posed a very logical question "What's the point of separating us?" And yeah... what is the point? what happen if we have friends in the other tutorial groups and we start blabbing even more? Bet she didn't think about that... or what if we have a crush on someone in the other tutorial group? now that's an even bigger distraction... no?!? =P heheheheeheh.... well, i think i'm over analyzing things here... heheheh

i guess this is it for tonight.... will blog soon.... Muahz <33