Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Open House and the gifts i got =P))) Thanks everyone =D))

Hellew all!!!! I hope you’ve all had a good holiday and long weekend. My holiday was cool… We had a Christmas open house and not many of the people I invited came… to be exact only 7 out of the 50 people I invited came… very sad eh? Well, i guess some of them had errands to run or are away for the very long weekend. Amie made it… she actually found her way with the map I sent =D)). She actually came with Lionel and a new car!!! Hahahah… it was very good to see Lionel again. The only thing that has changed with him is his hair; it has grown quite a bit other than that, he is still very much in love with Amie… awwww… lovebirds <33 style=""> it was quite a pity I forgot to take a picture with them… there is always a next time right? =))This year, I think not much people came… it was quite slow in the afternoon but when it came to around dinner time… people were on a roll… coming in and out. This was when the house was quite busy. I actually hid in my sister’s room to facebook and check on my downloads. Anywhoos… I will be posting up pictures of the Christmas gifts I got so far this year from other people… I’ll post up things I spoiled myself for Christmas this year and also some other activities and events that I will be attending before the year closes for a wrap in another post next week I hope… so enjoy =D))

Me, azlina and katherine

Didi and azlina

My Cousins... the lasts of the guests for the night

Diwi and Kat posing for the other camera

Diwi, kat, me and katherine

A blurry picture of our christmas tree

The presents i got this year

Hua Ho gift vouchers from my colleagues at work... its actually more than $10 =P

Yummy chocolates from Chocolate Paradise given by Amie and Lionel

A Star shaped pendant from Yan and Moo Co.

A bath gift set from Azlina

Another bath gift set from Amie... I'll shall be smelling real good for the New Year =P

A cow box from Diwi... wait till you see its content!

Yes... a cow toy in a cow box!!!

Oh wait... it lights up!!!

Shine moo shine!!!!

This Moo is special... if i press the yellow inner handle on top, not only does its mouth opens to reveal the hidden flash light but it also moos in the process... How cool is that?!?

Also in the box a neclace and earrings set =D))

I would like to thank everyone who gave me gifts, i really appreciate and love them all. They are all very special to me. Thanks again you all... My christmas has been great!!! =P)))

Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas All

Hellew all... Merry Christmas and Seasons Greetings to everyone. A whole lot have been happening... let's just say December is a good month for me... loads of pampering myself and stuff =D)) And that is it i think... hehehe... Hope you all have a good holiday =D))

Monday, December 8, 2008

Amie's Surpirse Bday & Office Antics

Hellew all!!!! Time for another big update with pictures.... Well, i've had a very long and good weekend and i've been downloading TV series... i really like The Big Bang Theory... if you like and find "geeks" amusing then you will find this show hillarious. i'm actually in the process of downloading season 2 and yeah... hahahah... I have pics of Amie's surprise bday dinner... hahahahha.. i actually had this planned, go to excapade, have dinner and get the waiter/waitress to show up with the cake...i can say we took Amie by surprise... She thought we were only having dinner... hahahah It was good fun and after that we went jln2 at the Mall... Enjoy the pics...

Amie and Mas
Kathleen doing the Kat pose
Amie, Mas and Katherine
Katherine doing the Kat pose and Kathleen
HAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!! She's gonna kill me for this =P
Me, Amie and Mas
We were trying to distract Amie from looking on the other side
A very surprised and shocked Amie

A very happy Amie
Amie making a wish
Amie's Cake

Amie cutting the cake for us
Eating cake with chopsticks!!!

Opening presents time!!!!
My gift to Amie
Mas's gift to Amie
Me and Mas busy looking at pictures in Amie camera

Amie's Pups!!!!

Now the pictures below were taken before and after office hours... hahahah some candid pictures

The Black Team
Atul and Shah
Ai Hong
Kak Mai and Jacylin

Me and Kak Mai

i wonder what is she trying to describe....

A lesson in cooking Dhal-cha... anyone interested? ;D

Ai thin and Kak Mai
Jacylin very serious at work

I think this is it for now... will update soon with my very latest buy, hopefully within this week.... hahahhaha... pick a guess on what it is =D and we will see if there is any correct guesses =D))) Bubyez for now <33