Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Twitter and Mi Maggi Kari

Hellew... Last night i went to Amie's house for CNY!!! I had fun!!! =D Alyaa, Siang and Daus were there too!!! Amie's parents and brother, Adam lit up some fire works for us so that was cool... it was like a short private show for us... and ooohhhhh.... amie's puppies are so cute and chubby!!!! So it was fun also because we made and "bullied" Daus to give a a private show with Adam's acoustic guitar. He claimed to be shy but when Adam whipped out his electric guitar, he wasn't shy anymore and it came to a point where the rest of us did not understand a word they were saying... guitar language.. hahaha...and what was funny was i managed to guess some of the songs he played on the guitar... i must admit, i don't recognize when people play Kings Of Leon's Use Somebody... that was what happened at Faizul's show... i did not know it was that song until he said it! Songs i managed to guess were 1. that thing you do 2. Broken by Amy Lee and Seether and lastly 3. Lifehouse - You and Me- of course this one with the help of Daus's singing... Let's just say music wise, i listen to a lot of songs, mostly songs that catches my ears, these three songs were once my favourite songs a couple of years back... I must say i do like songs from the 80s as well and this is because of my older sister, she likes them, get's me to download them and i start liking them... There was even once, one of my colleagues thought that i was born in the wrong year, i should have been born in the 70s so i could become a hippi in the 80s! LOL!

So as the title says Twitter... well, i actually have a twitter account since a while back and only started following people today, you can follow me, just type and search KeLRimpang... you would so find me.. the reason why i have a twitter account was because of eztv! hahaha... there came a point in time where their website was down and i was getting left behind on my weekly dose of downloading torrents of my favourite series... so they had twitter and that was my only other option... i don't fancy piratebay that much... so yeah i now have twitter... follow if you like =D

Mi Maggi Kari.. i just had this for dinner, i topped it off with a few slices of boiled sausages, an egg and baby clam in the can!!! yummy!!! i have not had this in a while... i LOVE baby clam in the can! heheheh... i guess this is for now! Bubyez!! =)

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