Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Hi All!!!!

This would be me sticking my tongue out to ppl... hehehehe =P

A very ganas version of me

A scared little girl on halloween?

Hellew....I had fun yesterday morning surfing the net and going on that south park website where you can make your own version. I made a lot of south parks version of what i think could represent me and it seems very very cool and i guess i shall post some of them up =) This one on the right is very innocent looking, i really like it. initially, i wanted her to hold a knife which would actually look cool as she seems very deceiving.... heheheheh i guess i'll try that out later myself =P Well if you want to try it out go to this.

Well that's it for now... will blog later =) bubyez... muahz <33

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Such a sad afternoon... =P

OMG!!!!! The institution have really sad afternoons!!!! here are the ppl practsing for national day!!!! so kasian, they only work with fans and pom poms!!!! hahahaha.... thank god i'm not in it.... =) just wanted to make a point... hehehehe


Hellew!!!!! Well, i just had a test and guess wat?!? i did not study for it last night, instead i was out shopping!!!! My allowance and my pay is not out yet but i did some major shopping!!!! I went a little crazy at Baleno!!!! They had 50% discounts and so.... tell me who can refuse such an offer? ehehheeh =P.... not me, i can tell you that!!! I bought a jacket that i really wanted to buy the other day and i'm really really happy that i did not buy it then because it was from $36 to just $18!!!! i am so dead set on going there again sometime this week. Then my sis, her bf and i went to Cartino Sonea and my sis bought me a pair of sandals there. I wanna get high heels there again.... Their sandals are just so comfortable!!!!

Oh i just had a lecture just now and i found out that we have 3 more textbooks to come and the whole cost of all 3 books is $163.90!!!! I don't even have my allowance yet!!!! i'll be left with so little cash this month!!! ~sigh~~~ i can't shop like crazy as i initially planned to =P~~~ hehehehe... and ohhh.... yesterday i only had one tutorial and we had career dialogue day!!!!well since i arrived in the institution a bit early before my tutorial, i decided to check out the bank that i work at booth.... Well i saw very very familliar faces and one of them asked me "What are you doing here?" and obviously i study here... he seemed to have forgotten that. Then after tutorials, i met him again outside the lobby, so we talked for a bit... then he asked a qustion i did not expected... He asked "How are the people here like?" and i went "Errr... Ummm... They're ok and blah blah blah" he then laughed and said "You hesitated there" and i just laughed... yes i hesitated to answer how the people here are and then i told him "They're not my cup of tea". i guess in life you do come across a lot of people who are just not your cup of tea...

For me, at first i thought that i would really be compatible with everyone but i've now realised that we all don't think that much alike... My style is that i agree with anyone and anything and i won't make any objections about anything... The main thing is, for all the months being here, i now know that a LOT of people don't really know me. You may think that you do know me but the thing is you don't. You don't know what's going on in my head, and what i really think about things... most importantly, we don't think alike and there is no deeper understanding. And the thing is i don't feel that i can talk about anything with them, plus i'm very weird myself =P. The only person who understands me and whom i can talk to about just anything is my sisters, my bestfriends and several other people.

Well for now, the people in the institution and i have a gap. I guessed that i have learned how to distant myself from a person very fast or better yet i was already distant before anything started... I just hope after everything is done, i can carry on with myself normally. Maybe i'm on the path of self discovery here.... heheheeh... =))... It was good to get that off my chest... =)) I guess, i shall be ok for the rest of the day =)

That's it for now... bubyez... Muahz <33

Sunday, January 28, 2007


Hellew all!!!! Well on friday i had a manicure and a pedicure... i eveen got them to paint and draw on my nails!!!! its very nice!!! Both my fingernails and my toe nails are painted in blac and my fingernails has flowers drawn on them. Its so nice!!!! i wonder how long they will last me though...

On Saturday, i had a physics test related to my course and you know what... i'm so going to fail it!!!! i answered one of the questions wrongly and all i can say is i'm not so good at this physics related subject!!! My lecturer has a laser mouth... Arrgh!!!! Well, i think was only it on saturday.

Today, i went out with my sis and mum... nothing much... I think that is it for tonight... will try to blog more. Muahzzzz <33

Thursday, January 25, 2007

I got it figured out =P

Hellew!!!! i finally figured out how to add in a tagboard!!!! hehehehe thanks to all the ppl who gave me tips =P. Well, i'm in school at the moment, and i'm supposed to be studying... *whistles* hehehehe... i'm side tracking... sufrfing the net when its free... Its such a drag that i can't access Friendster or go on my MSN =( but this is good enough eh? =P.

Plans for today... hmm~~~ i'll probabaly go to work after school and i can't wait for pay day!!! that's it for now... Muahz <33

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Hellew, this is my first time trying out blogspot so hmm~~~ interesting =P