Thursday, May 26, 2011

HSBC Walk Run Cycle and other random stuff =)

Hey Peeps! I'm back yet again =) So i have had some interesting moments at work for these past few days. You know, working in the bank where i call tons of people everyday just to verify their purchases is quite routine. Some days you get demanding customers other days, you get them ok nice ones. Usually before i verify their personal purchases, i ask them if i could verify some of their personal details. There was one customer, i asked him "Can i have your date of birth sir?" He responded, " Ok, it's today 19XX" I *feeling very awkward and thinking should i say Happy Birthday?" responded "Ok.. thank you very much Sir" hahahahahaha.... i should have greeted him... but since i am more experienced now, i should.... hahahaha. The other funny situation happened today. Before i asked my verification questions to my customer, he said jokingly "It's still the same me. I'm still the same person so shoot away with your questions..hahaha" I was like "eh..hehehe? =_=" ok..." It has been quite an interesting journey for me in the bank. it's like nearly 4 years now that i will be in this bank, which brings a grand total of me being in the banking industry for nearly 6 years. To be honest, i quite like banking with all the new people and acquaintances. It's just some days you feel like giving up and calling it quits! I'm hanging in here =D.

On to other stuff, here are some nice photos i would like to share with you. Just random things and 1 pic from Walk Run Cycle that i manage to snap away with my ipod touch =)

This was one of those days when the sun was so hot!
Taken on 18May11 at 7.56am!

This was one of the fridays when our boss belanja us big ass cookies.
Honestly, i can make quite a mean batch of Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookies but these were HEAVENLY!!! It was not sweet and everything i wanted in a big ass chocolate chip cookie.
The other flavour was White Chocolate Macadamia... OMG!!! The white chocolate just melts in your mouth! These cookies are TO DIE FOR and i think they're about $3.50 a piece!!!!

The only picture i manage to snap at the Walk Run Cycle Event... Should have brought my water proof camera instead!

A stolen shot of me and my sis from one of the HSBC Walk Run Cycle photog!
I look so round! hahahahaha =P
*Courtesy of HSBC WalkRunCycle photog - Safu*

A shot of me, my sis, my cousins and her friend in red =D
*Courtesy of HSBC WalkRunCycle photog - HjMdFouzi*

I guess this is it for tonight, i will be leaving work early tomorrow!!! Yay!!! And i have a themed Mystery Manor party to attend... my first to be exact... i bet it will be an interesting one! =D Muahz! Bubyez <3

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I found ti!!! =D

Hey All!!!! i'm back on such short notice... hahahaha... so these past few days i've been google-ing pictures for the Borneo International Marathon 2011 in case i can find a picture of me or a blog containing a pic of me on race day and i found one!!!! Yay!!! The credit for the picture goes to Ms Puisan!!! Thank you so much for taking my pic =D

i guess this is it ... will blog soon! bubyez! muahz <33

Monday, May 2, 2011

Borneo International Marathon 2011

Hey all!!! i'm back yet again to tell you about my adventures but before that, i forgot to mention a very important observation i had whilst i was in Singapore. It may be true but based on what i saw, it was hmmm...hahahaha... ok Let me just go straight to the point. While i was out walking around in Singapore, i noticed that if a Caucasian man was not with other Caucasian men or Caucasian women or even with an Asian woman. He is always with an Asian man... and i think they swing that way... so yeah odd but could be true or not. Overall, i think i saw in my whole SG trip, 5 pairings like that... Just my thoughts to share =D

Oh, i found something odd today. Tell me what is the most weirdest place you have found an army of ants. I always find them at home, at my desk at work, my handbag sometimes and also in my car but today i found a reasonable army of them ants in the toilet at work and wait for it... ON THE TOILET BOWL!!!! Mind you to my eyes, the toilet bowl was clean ok... so i thoroughly washed it off... made sure it was ant free and continue with my purpose of visiting the toilet.

So the Borneo International Marathon 2011 was held in Kota Kinabalu on 1May2011. Honestly, i don't run marathons but i was there supporting my sister and all the other runners who passed by me and my bright pink sign/poster =D. We stayed at the Likas Condotel which was quite close to the Likas Sports Stadium where the marathon was held. My sister did her first 21km. We flew in from Miri using MAS on Saturday afternoon and we left on Sunday afternoon. We only went to 1Borneo to get stationary for me to make awesome sign/poster and to find food. It was a really fun experience. So enjoy some of the pics i have below =D

The hotel room number we stayed it. We actually booked for a double occupancy room but in the end we got a 3 bedroom apartment for RM150++ per night. It was a really nice and big apartment but it felt a bit empty even with the two of us. To me it felt a bit hollow. If i was given an apartment like that to stay in, i would make sure i have 4 ppl living with me!

This was my famous bright pink sign which i held up for about 2 hrs! This was taken today and i look so dark! hahahaha. It was quite an interesting experience holding up this sign and seeing the reactions of the runners, pedestrians and practically everyone who passed by me. I was holding this sign a few meters after the 1km mark to the finish line. One man who passed by me earlier that day, said as he passed by me "Buat kacau aje". Well obviously he was not there to see what impact this sign had to the people running the marathon. Standing there by myself in the sun smiling at anyone, I got a lot of thumbs up, claps, thank you's, "Thanks for the motivation!", "Good job", "i like your sign/poster!", "i love you" and some actually touched my sign/poster. Only one runner looked at me and gave me a thumbs down =( Some people who saw my poster/sign started running to the finish line after they saw it. I also got quite a number of runners taking pictures of me or the poster/sign and i was also asked to pose with some of the runners and the organizers who were on bicycles as well. A few curious people asked me what exactly i was doing there so i told them, i was supporting my sister who was running her first 21km marathon and i was waiting for her. The poster/sign was there to motivate everyone who passed by me. The only thing i did not do was take my camera and take pictures of the runners passing by. The highlight of my motivational wait and stand was a good looking thai runner who has already finished the race and was headed to his hotel, i think... which i suspect could be the same hotel that we were staying at. He came to me and said "Hi, i really like your words. Thank you" and then he shook my had and said bye while waving at me. He walked on a few meters, looked back and waved at me again. He was oh so cute and i did not take any photos of him or even asked his name. *sigh* i'll probably meet him in the future again... who knows =D As for my sign... that is not the last people will see of it =)

My sis sleeping at the airport while we were waiting for our flight back.

The sun... we sat under a sunny place as it was cold in the terminal... trying to get some warmth =)

The tiny plane that we were on going to and from KK. To be honest, don't be deceived by this small plane. There was plenty of leg space, the seat belt fits me no extenders needed here =D and i could put the table tray down and it would not touch me... hahahaha... it was surprisingly a pleasant flight =D

So i guess this is it for now! i had a very good and fun experience and i wonder if i will ever see any of those pictures =D Good night all! Muahz <3