Monday, June 28, 2010

Seriously, i have World Cup FEVER!!!

Hey all.... Well plenty has happened since i lasted posted =D As the title says, i do have World Cup Fever... hehehe.... so far i have 3 jerseys, Japan, Italy and Brazil. I think i should get the Germany White and Black jersey too... and oh, i watched the Germany vs England game last night... My oh my... england did not do too well... I thought that if they had persisted more and did not give up easily, they could have gone down with pride. Germany was fantastic, great defence but i felt at the end where they could have attempted to score, they did not. Actually they had several opportunities but they hesitated. I see it 2 ways, either they were not confident to shoot or they were trying to tire out the Brits... Overall, well played for Germany!

Enough of World Cup on to other things =D I went down to Miri on Saturday with my sis, kak mai and amoi at 4pm. We then went to KB just to eat at Buccaneer around 9++pm. I like eating there, the food is fantastic and cheap! Good place to eat also if you want to go dating *wink wink* Also another great place to eat is D'Tarindak Polo Beach Cafe. You know that beach cafe down the hill from D'Tarindak in Jerudong.... I LOVE going there, i love their Ceasar Salad and their cucurs.... Mind you, they do not open on Mondays and operating hours daily are from 2pm till 10pm and cucurs are only available before 6pm. Not much choices of food but i find it a good place to eat with a great view. and oh, i saw a HOT waiter there too... heheheheeh... i like looking at guys, i'm sorry, what's a girl to do. But the hot waiter has a ring on the ring finger so he's off limits. So girlies, when a man wears a ring, he's off limits and must be avoided. Plus, i ain't no home wrecker, MAN + RING = OFF LIMTS AND DANGEROUS. hehehehe =D So we bankers are now fast approaching the half yearly mark... don't know what my department will be doing... to be honest, i don't really want to do much. I'm lazy. and oh silly random fact, i have not washed my car for at least 3months... so yeah, it's very filthy...heheheh

Wait now i remembered why i wanted to post... i was re-reading my previous post and OMG!!!! My english has gone down hill... hahahaha =D))) i guess this is it for today and hopefully more posts to come. xoxo KeL

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