Sunday, December 19, 2010

Time really flies...

... when you're caught up in a lot of things. Hi All!!! I can't believe that i made it through another year. To me this year passed by so fast and it seemed that yesterday was something i did last march. Wow... time really did fly. I must admit that i did went through some tough times and i hope that next year would be better. Hopefully there will be lesser tough times and more good times.

Before i get on to what might be my plans for next year, i want to talk about the singer Bi Rain. My friend from Melbourne, one of the twins, Kakra is crazy about Rain and she posted a link on my facebook wall. And it was Rain's video. OMG!!! He is so FREAKING HOT!!! Check out this link and tell me if you don't agree with me. I LOVED the part when he ripped his shirt and when he pulled his shirt over his head and danced. OMG!!!! It's so hot!!! HOTNESS i tell you!!!! hahahaha... okie enough of going man crazy for now.

On my transit in SG, i did write out a list of what i wanted to do next year. Well in 2012, instead of going to UK, we will probably head back to Melbourne and then go to New Zealand. And the baking biz, i'm not too sure about that now... At the moment i don't think next year will be the right time just yet. And as usual, i still have not found my direction yet. I'm still exploring a lot of possibilities for now. Hopefully it will come soon. I think this is it for now. I'm gonna go indulge myself in more Rain videos on you tube... hahahah. Bubyez... Muahz <3

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