Monday, June 28, 2010

Seriously, i have World Cup FEVER!!!

Hey all.... Well plenty has happened since i lasted posted =D As the title says, i do have World Cup Fever... hehehe.... so far i have 3 jerseys, Japan, Italy and Brazil. I think i should get the Germany White and Black jersey too... and oh, i watched the Germany vs England game last night... My oh my... england did not do too well... I thought that if they had persisted more and did not give up easily, they could have gone down with pride. Germany was fantastic, great defence but i felt at the end where they could have attempted to score, they did not. Actually they had several opportunities but they hesitated. I see it 2 ways, either they were not confident to shoot or they were trying to tire out the Brits... Overall, well played for Germany!

Enough of World Cup on to other things =D I went down to Miri on Saturday with my sis, kak mai and amoi at 4pm. We then went to KB just to eat at Buccaneer around 9++pm. I like eating there, the food is fantastic and cheap! Good place to eat also if you want to go dating *wink wink* Also another great place to eat is D'Tarindak Polo Beach Cafe. You know that beach cafe down the hill from D'Tarindak in Jerudong.... I LOVE going there, i love their Ceasar Salad and their cucurs.... Mind you, they do not open on Mondays and operating hours daily are from 2pm till 10pm and cucurs are only available before 6pm. Not much choices of food but i find it a good place to eat with a great view. and oh, i saw a HOT waiter there too... heheheheeh... i like looking at guys, i'm sorry, what's a girl to do. But the hot waiter has a ring on the ring finger so he's off limits. So girlies, when a man wears a ring, he's off limits and must be avoided. Plus, i ain't no home wrecker, MAN + RING = OFF LIMTS AND DANGEROUS. hehehehe =D So we bankers are now fast approaching the half yearly mark... don't know what my department will be doing... to be honest, i don't really want to do much. I'm lazy. and oh silly random fact, i have not washed my car for at least 3months... so yeah, it's very filthy...heheheh

Wait now i remembered why i wanted to post... i was re-reading my previous post and OMG!!!! My english has gone down hill... hahahaha =D))) i guess this is it for today and hopefully more posts to come. xoxo KeL

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Drunk people, great makeup, World Cup and HOTTIES!!!

Hey all! so i have been missing for over month! I've been lazy to blog and occupied with some stuff. Anywhoos, i'm gonna do a bit of flashback to see what has happened for that 1 month =D For may the biggest highlight was 28May2010, it was the 1 year anniversary of my Dad's passing. May his soul rest in peace. I do think about him every now and then but i don't feel his presence as much as i did a few months ago, so my guess is he's really gone to watch us from above. I've been through a whole ups and downs lately but i'm not too bothered because somehow i know either way everything will be ok and back to how it is.

May also started the functional man craze...hahahaha... okie, this is how it goes. There is this one functional engineering man who once in a blue moon comes to the office. He looks like he's eurasian and i find him hot! i wanna jump on him but i don't know if i have the guts to do so. After the Oscar night, i actually asked my friend, the clairvoyant if i would even meet a guy this year and she just said that i will meet one but i have to approach them first. so yeah, if you see someone who looks just like me, jumping on some dude, oh yeah, you got that right, it is me! hahahaha... so yeah functional man has caught my attention now =D

Now on to June, the first weekend, i attended a colleague's wedding and it was not too bad, i like the food and i had good fun. Then the weekend after that we had a bank event, Oscar Night. My friends and the clairvoyant happen to be in the event committee so i did help them out a bit with the script and the re packing of door gifts the day after. I had fun dancing at the after party and i had a good laugh watch people get drunk at the after "after party". The things people do when they get drunk.

To be honest, i never get drunk or high at these events because i don't know what i will do and i don't want to be the laughing stock the next day. So RULE #1 for big events is DO NOT GET DRUNK! you don't need to get drunk to have a good time, i've watched so many people in the past get drunk for these events that i seriously have a good laugh at them... mean but yeah they seriously don't know what they are doing and they need someone to tell them the next day.

RULE #2, DON'T SLEEP UNTIL EVERYONE LEAVES. with loud music and drunk people, there is no telling what will happen so i did not catch any sleep till 3++am. And also one colleague got so drunk that i had to pull him and made sure he had some sleep before he left with another colleague at 4.30am, which of course i woke up and made sure he was ok to drive. This drunk colleague, so so silly that he logged on to facebook and wrote some things he should not have said on his facebook status. His girlfriend wanted a breakup on his status and blamed us for him being drunk. So boys and girls, if you have a possessive partner, RULE #3, WHEN DRUNK, DO NOT LOG ON TO FACEBOOK. WAIT TILL YOU'RE SOBER. The boy deleted that status and apologized to his girlfriend. Dunno whether he patched things up with his girl tho =D

Anyways, i got Heidi to do my make up and it was AMAZING!!! i did not take much pictures myself, because everything looked yellow in my camera. But i made sure i posed at every chance there was a photog snapping near by. Several people did ask me about my make up and of i course i did advertise. They loved it! so do check out her blog here if you want to see her works =D. You want to know why the make up was amazing, i'll list them out for you =D
  1. She made me look HOT!!!! I'm so using her for Annual Dinner next year =D
  2. The material that she uses are good quality stuff and it feels light on your face.
  3. I did plenty of dancing and i sweat a lot too... so when i pat my face with a tissue, my makeup did not run nor did it looked patchy afterwards.
  4. The makeup lasted till 2++am, i think it could have lasted till the next morning if i did not have to remove my makeup when i needed to sleep.
  5. Heidi's cool and funny =D

    These are the pics i got from her blog, i'm still waiting for the pictures from the dinner to appear so i can grab and see how i great i looked that night =D

Oh, tomorrow i also have another bank event, i'm a volunteer for Cycle for SMARTER... So hopefully that will turn out ok. And also World Cup!!!! I have World Cup fever!!!! Hahahahah... and it seams like i'm the only person in my department who is semangatz for the world cup.... hahahaah... And i bought Japan's Home jersey for $18!!! i want to find Argentina's and USA's jerseys next. I watched the Argentina team played against Korea and i can only say HOT HOT HOT!!! The Argentina men were HOT!!! Especially #9 and #16 HOTNESS i tell you!!! You see because of this argentina match, i wanna jump on men now.... hahahahaaha.... i know i'm crazy but who cares!!! So yeah enough of that... i'll update soon... Muahz!!! xoxo