Saturday, April 28, 2007

Its a saturday...

Hellew all... its a saturday and i'm in school!!!! well, i came to school to hand in our group assignment... and its successful... but the thing is all the other groups have recommendations in their report and we don't have one!!!! To think of it, i don't think our report needs any recommendations... so if we do need one... SCREW THAT!!! i'm in loads of sh*t!!! but hell, i don't care anymore... i'm content with what we have...

I was supposed to do the report a bit earlier last night nut i came home late from work... And work... ohhh... i actually liked work yesterday... i wasn't filling, instead i was asked to take out closed accounts from the file, and being the super woman that i am (heheheh... super woman... prasan eh aku ;) ), i managed to take out a whole month's account closure. it was about 1o pages long... how i did it? i also don't know.... Maybe it was because Azre was not around... he took the day off with chong... but hey, i'll always see them next week no?

There are quite a number of plans tonight... for starters, there's my little niece's birthday which i will not attend because my sister and i want to go out and have some fun... and i plan to get that necklace which i had my eyes on for over a month... i hope its still there... it would complete my whole outfit... and i will finally look hotter!!!! hahahahah

maybe i should post up pictures for now... lemme see what i have....

These are cows in love <33... not that i'm in love or anything =)

And these are my army of lovers... heheheheh... they may not be much but they're something alright.... heheheh =P

I guess this is it for now... will blog more soon and will take more pics as well... bubyez... muahz <33

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

i'm bored~~~

Hey all ~~~ well i'm blogging because i'm bored!!! hahaha... At the moment, i'm opening all of the forwarded email that i have and i got tired of forwarding them and i also flooded 3 person's mailbox so i thought i should just stop forwarding mail.. =) Maybe i should post up pictures eh? yeah, i should... lemme bluetooh it over first... hehehe
well here goes... more pics =)

this is all for now... bubyez <33

Sunday, April 22, 2007


Hellew all... its been a while since i've updated my blog... well... loads have been happening and yeah... Last night i went to the bank's Masquerade Annual Dinner... i had fun but i felt last year's bollywood night was better =) so less talking and more posting up pictures =P

Me at Jerudong Polo Club

Me and Rosie

Shimah, chong and zai

The Adidas-es : Chong, Zai & Azre


Hj Tinah, Lillian, Me And Midah after the dinner

Dani and I

The Masquerade was fun, it was not so much of a masquerade because when i went in, about 90% of the ppl had their masks off... so yeah... its not really a masquerade... after everything was done, we all had a department photo at the reception and i hope it looks good... it was taken by a professional photographer with a background so yeah. i think that is it for today... will try to blog more often.. Muahzzz <33

Saturday, April 7, 2007


Hellew.... Well Loads have happened ever since my birthday... and things did turn around for me... for the good =)... that group assignment that we had... it went horribly wrong for them bcoz it was all wrong and one of the girls decided to redo the whole thing. It actually gave me the opportunity to do work with them. It was all good.

Moving to lighter things... I watched Jangan Pandang Belakang last night. It was a cool movie... actually, it was GOOD!!! it got me screaming like crazy in the cinema. I think i managed to scare the guy who was sitting beside me as well... anyways he kept on looking at me and i was covering my ears and my face with both my jacket and hands... you tell me who would not be scared. At the moment i'm on 2 weeks holidays, so i'm enjoying myself and i'm going to work... its been a while since i've been at work... i really miss it. it is fun... at least i'm earning something during the holidays =)... that hard drive and that printer will be mine soon... hehehe

i think that's about it for tonight... will try to post up pics soon =)