Sunday, April 8, 2012

I'm back again

Hi All, yes i'm back yet again. I know it's very bad of me not to update as often as i should but yeah. Firstly, i finally ended my 4yrs 7mths with the bank. Yes, i have decided and it's time i've moved on. Things have been crazy and i had really strong feelings about leaving. I had to think twice because i didn't have any other job offers then so i was just holding on. One day, my sister told me that there was on opening in her company for a call centre agent and i of course have a lot of experience in that field. So i was like, "WTH! I'll just give it a go. My chances are 50/50 and if i don't get it, i still have my job". I submitted my CV and waited. Not too long after that i got a call for an interview, i went for it and the interview really went well. I felt really good after the interview and i felt that i put myself out there but whether i got it or not was another uncertainty. From what my sister told me, they were pretty impressed with me and they wanted to hire me. So yeah, I got it!!! I was very happy and excited. Some people who know both me and my sister would think that i got the job because of my sister, but they are so wrong. Yes, my sister did work in the bank before i joined and now this company. I must say, that she never pushed for me or had any influence in any of my job hiring. She just helped me by putting in my CV and that was it. I am very grateful that for every post that i have applied where she has/is currently working at, i always have work experience in the field that is needed. It seems like my sister and i are destined to work in the same company and maybe eventually together. I am very happy and grateful in this new job. So far the work is pretty relaxed but of course it will pick up in the next few months. They told us that it will be crazy and stressful. For me, that is nothing i've never handled before. I've been to hell and back and there is nothing that i cannot handle. I'm not being cocky or anything, but when you've worked like a mad person, going back in that state is normal... hahahaha... Like some people has said to me, i'm very matured for my age. I must admit this tho, i'm now working with a lot of young people or people around my age. It's something that i have to adjust to. To be honest, i kinda "lost" and "don't really know" how to talk or click with people around my age now. Sometimes, when i hang out with a group of people around my age, i don't really know what to say, so that is why I'm so quiet and i don't say so much. I guess it's because i started working with a lot of older people at a young age that i mature so fast. I can tell you that i am very comfortable and click very easily with people who are 30 and above. Sometimes I feel that i have more in common with them than people who are around my age. Definitely, i have to adjust in this new job and go with the flow. For now, I'm lovin' it!!! =D

In other news, i've turned 25 already... how does that feel? well pretty much the same... Age is just a number. I feel that lately I've been thinking more about my dad. I now feel that i understand why he was so strict,emphasized so much on education and worked so hard. It was for all of our own good and we would not have been where we are now without it. I'm very grateful he did it and looking back i really appreciate what he did for us. He really inspires me in so many ways. He may have not talked so much and i may have not spent so much time with him as i should have but now i really understand. It gets me so inspired and motivated to work hard and reach for the stars. Nothing is impossible unless you put you mind to it. I know he's watching over us and i hope he is happy and proud that he raised his girls right. :') 

I guess this is it for now, i will try to update more often since i have more time on my hands now =)