Friday, November 19, 2010

Greetings from T3 Changi Airport

Hey All, as i promise, i would blog... hahahahah.... Well at the moment i'm in transit at T3 of Changi Airport and it's a bit warm i must say and plus, aku SAKAI tadi in the plane!!!! hahahaha =P To be honest, it was and is my first time flying on a big plane to Singapore with a small TV screen in front of me and the table does not even toucg my tummy plus there is plenty of leg space!!!! hahahaha.... TTR bah aku tadi at the airport and the plane.... hahahaha

So anyways, i have 5 more mins before i end this, so i feel at ease at the moment and this is like the moment i have building up to during the year... Finally i get to go on leave... I'm very excited and for these past few nights i could not sleep well because of it... hahahah... iski banar skalinya.... The last time i had a long holiday was in March and i practically slaved till now to get here... I know i will enjoy melbourne =D So yeah... i'm very happy, no crazy shit, no work and no more drama =D An oh i booked a holiday to air asia in march next year... so i guess this is it for now.. bubyez ... muahz <3

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