Saturday, July 24, 2010

Oreo Cupcakes and playing b*tchy...

So a lot has happened, so before i go to the delicious oreo cupcakes i made, i had a very bad encounter at work. Ok so, my colleague who i am currently relieving is now on her core leave and is in china for holiday. The thing is she sends monthly statistics to HK every month and it so happens she sent out the mail for june but did not update the figures in it. So HK sent it back to us asking the figures. The thing is everytime she goes on leave, i do update her statistics but she has never showed me or told me about this one. So after really trying to study the excel file and the spreadsheets in it, i manage to figure how to get the figures for half of it and i tried trying to figure out the other half. When i could not figure it out, i smsed her asking her where do i get the figure and that i managed to find half of it and i told her, she can either sms me back or email me on facebook. She then replied insisting that she already sent out the figure and asked me to recheck whether the mail was sent out. I then replied to her and said yes, u did send out the mail but u did not update the figures. And i asked her, where can i find these figures. She then smsed me back asking me to figure it out, and said i should learn because who knows she might leave soon so i have to know all these things. and the she said, if you want my reply, send her some credit because she was running low.

When i read that reply, i was boiling MAD!! i mean seriously, u did not tell me about these figure nor have i ever seen it in my life and u asked me to learn by myself and then have the nerve to ask me for credit?HELL TO THE NO!!! GO TO HELL GIRL!!!! And oh, i'm using a prima so i can't send u no credit nor am i going to waste my money on such crappy replies!!
So in the end i figured it out, and i replied to her and i quote "It's ok i figured it out already. U leave? Seriously? I hope i leave before you do.... hahahaha" And you know, i have been in the department for 1 year and there are things that i am still learning and you know everytime i ask her questions about work which i seriously don't know answers to, she always say to me "U THINK LA".... Seriously... WTF!!!! I usually brush it off but this was the last straw!!! I asked u a question because i really don't know the answers to them because if i knew, i would not ask you and i don't want to do anything until i'm doing the right thing... because i dun want a small mistake to become a huge hoo-ha... I was so pissed. so u know, if she wants bitchy, i'll give her bitch... because she seriously don't know who she's messing with.... I maybe quiet an all but girl it's SO ON!!! U ain't getting any mercy from me anymore!!!

Enough of the angry parts... So on a brighter note, i made Oreo Cupcakes... i googled the recipe and i combined it with one of my vanilla cupcake recipes and it turned out great!!! My sister says it not too sweet and it's just nice =D

cupcakes waiting to be baked.

The oreo with the cream side up goes at the bottom before u fill it in with the batter.

The final product the oreo cupcake!!! I was just curious on how it would taste like so there it is =D

Since i'm typing and all, i might as well give u the recipe to try... you can also substitute the oreo for nutella, just add a small scoop on nutella on top of the batter and using a toothpick, swirl it around... the nutella cupcakes are a hit with everyone... i have made them a lot of times =D u know what i will put a picture as well =)

*Makes 12 cupcakes
- 10 tablespoons of softened butter
- 3 eggs
- 3/4 cup white sugar
- 1/2 teaspoon vanilla
- 1 3/4 cups flour
- 1/4 teaspoon salt
- 2 teaspoon baking powder
-12 oreo biscuits

- Preheat oven to 160 degrees celcius
- Gently twist off one side of the oreo biscuit so that the cream is on one side.
- The side of the oreo biscuit with no cream are to be crushed roughly.
- Cream butter and sugar until light. Add in eggs one at a time until fully incorporated.
- Add in vanilla, stir in flour, salt, baking powder and crushed oreos until combined.
- In a muffin liner, place the other half of the oreo cookie, cream side up.
- Fill in each muffin liner till 3/4 full
- Bake for 25-30mins.

So here is how the nutella ones look like, just substitute the recipe above with nutella and u put the nutella on top of the batter and swirl it around

Nutella cuppies ready for baking

The nutella before it is swirled into the batter

The end product!

These nutella ones are so sinful i tell u!!!! It keeps you wanting for more =D
I guess this is it for today, i have a big day ahead of me tomorrow... am going to KB for a wedding at LLRC and the we are headed to Miri for shopping and some other stuff... so this it for now... Bubyez =D

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Last weekend was CRAZY!!!

Hey all! hope all of you are doing good! Well as the title says, last weekend was crazy for me because i went to Miri, with them bankers to play paintball. It was fun!!! each player gets to play 4 games!!! Fun fun!!! i nearly fainted because i did not eat and i was lucky, one of my fren's younger sister saved me with her lollipop... hahahahah.... yes, one small lollipop makes a difference. if you are interested, you can visit their website here, but it has not been updated for quite a while, so it's best to contact Mr Liew via email or sms to get the rates. i got shot twice, yes only twice because i kept hiding behind the bunkers and only started shooting when no one was shooting at me.... i knew some of the ppl i was up against were quite frustrated with me because they could never get a good shot at me... hahahahaah... strategize ppl!!! hehehehe.... overall, it was fun! and the gun was very heavy but it was worth it =D here are some pictures i managed to snap before i played. and oh if you were were wondering where i got shot, it was on a sensitive part of my chest and yes, there is a mark even though the person who shot me was so far away... i did feel the pain when i was shot and after... i was just very unlucky not to have lovely and colourful paintball bruises to show off... hahahah

people who were already inside collecting their guns and testing them before they started playing.

the bunkers which can protect you... good hiding places =D

people getting geared up before the game.

That was last weekend, an oh yesterday was a public holiday because it was HM Sultan of Brunei 64th Birthday so i had the day off, i did not do much except catch up on sleep and to recuperate after the tiring weekend. I did however went out to Tarindak D'Polo Jerudong Beach cafe for their ceasar salad and cucur... my older sister, karen went there with they guy she was dating and then myself, kathleen and kak mai followed up after that... i should bring my camera there next time to take pictures of the beach... i really love the scenery there and the food and also that hot waiter. My older sister, karen decided to ask the cute waiter's friend his name and now i know his name and also the waiter that we questioned... hahahaha.... it was so embarrassing and yet so funny... so yeah, i know know both his name and his friend's... will i do anything to action on it? i don't think so... i'm a shy person so i won't do that until i've really lost my mind!!! hahahahahah =D

And oh just tonight i went to the Brunei Speaker's Group 11th Installation Dinner at Ilotus! it was fun and zana was good at singing the mandy moore's only hope... it was an interesting and fun night, i really did enjoy myself =) so yeah, i guess that is is for now, i'll try to blog soon =) muahz!

Friday, July 2, 2010

my water proof camera

The pictures below are not from my team building, it's from the cool people from the 1st floor. I lent my water proof camera to 2 of my friends and they had fun using it underwater. They unleashed the full potential of my water proof camera... i can't swim to save my life so i never thought of playing with it in the pool either... but the pictures my friends took turned out great! they looked amazing and these are the 3 i like the best =D Maybe i should take my camera for a spin when i decide to go swimming or something =D as for my team building, well it's nothing to boast about or worth mentioning. we went to work and then went for lunch and that is it.

A group picture with some of them. Amazing how some of them managed to pose =)

I personally like this shot, wina (the one in green) looks like she's a mermaid, while efah (the one in brown) looks so like she's not even in the water and mizzie (the one in blue) looks like she trying to get some of the spotlight from them... overall, great picture!

Them, trying to pose again under water.

Oh if you're wondering what camera was used in this process, well its the Olympus 1030sw, click here to see a review written on it. That is exactly how my camera looks like and i bought it 2 years ago... so yeah, it works perfectly well under water =D

Also, the colleagues and i are having a small celebration at work on Monday... A celebration for what you ask, its a celebration for "The noisy bunch has finally left the building" celebration... hahahaha... this time round i won't be making dessert, i'll be making nutella swirl cupcakes! yay! To be honest, i think i need to learn how to make new simple desserts, my simple tiramisu and peaches and cream are getting too over rated i think ... and yeah, if you did not know, i like to bake and stuff =D, i guess this is it for now, will try to blog more. muahz and bubyez =))