Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Band Once concert

Good Morning All... before i get to the concert... i actually had made another success dessert!!!! yay.. it's called grasshopper mint pie!!!! yay!!! i'll post up pictures soon =D)). So i went to A Band Once concert... it was my first time watching them play live... I must admit Faizul, the lead singer is really good. Plus to me he sounds a bit like the lead singer from Sheila on 7 but of course he has his own style. I don't normally show up for gigs like this but this time i decided why not and faizul is actually my classmate in form 4&5, plus he always send out invites so i thought why not? it's free some more!!! =) we knew he loved singing and if i'm not wrong he even joined our school's talent time... When his song Te'a came out, I was surprised to hear it was him singing... Wow my friend made it! Kudos to you! And great job last night!

The stage at JP Mini Amphitheatre

I saw Azwan!!! and his friend Dayat... and eerrr... i don't know the other guy but yeah they sat in front of us =D))

Faizul in Action

This was the last song, where there was a mosh pit in front and ppl started jumping and it was craaazzzzyyyy but cool and fun =D))

What i loved about the gig was he did quite a good number of songs and one of my personal favs was Kings Of Leon's Use somebody... out of the whole gig, i actually recorded 6 videos on my phone! So i will be catching more gigs in time... A couple of words to sum up their gig, AWESOME, CRAZY and that is what you call PURE ENTERTAINMENT! =) In future, i'm planning on watching Epic Frequency as well, if they do have another gig becoz i actually missed out on their gig last Jan.

So that is it peeps! Bubyez <33

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