Sunday, September 18, 2011

As always, it has been a while...

Hi all... as usual i disappear for a couple of months and then i show up again... Definitely a lot has happened since May. I will try to do it systematically by going through month per month... hahahaha... so do bear with me but if you get bored well u know what to do =). So let's start now, in no particular order that these events happened in the months...

June - I remember this was a hectic month. Firstly we had a Mexican Family Fun Day for all the staff and their family members. I just went to for the fun of it and i definitely got tanned. Then at the end of the month there was the Bank's half yearly team building activity. We actually had a barbeque at the beach and there was supposed to be a mini beach olympics but it rained. I stayed a while to eat and then i went home and ran some errands. Then there was system testing, there was one day where i had to stay back at work till 8.30pm to do system testing and work. In this month, we also had a movie departmental date and dinner, we had dinner at McDonald's and we watched Green Lantern. I really enjoyed Green Lantern, partly because Ryan Reynolds is HOT and was in his boxers in one of the scenes. During that scene when Ryan Reynolds was only in his boxers, my male colleague who sat beside me said to me "I bet you enjoyed that KeL" and i was like "UHHH - HUHHHHH!!!" =P... Ya i know i gatal, what's new with that right? hehehe It was also that "time" of the month, so i went through a crazy chocolate phase and had very bad mood swings... nearly everything annoyed and pissed me off. In short, my hormones were RAGING like crazy. There was the tyre embarrassment day, i went for breakfast with my mum early one morning and i parked right in front of the restaurant, then some of these uncles were sitting at a table outside the shop. One elderly uncle said to me "Eh kawan, u punya tayar ahhhh..." In my head i was thinking that i hope i don't have a flat tyre. The uncle then continued "U punya tayar ahhh banyak lumpur ohhh" I sighed in relief and said "Rumah saya banyak lumpur bah" Later on while having breakfast, the uncle passes by me inside the restaurant and flashes me a big smile... Me, freaking embarrassed!!!! hahahaha... Remember in May i was TTR when i came across a customer whom i called had a birthday on that day, well i came across another customer and i wished him happy birthday!!! yay!!! In terms of baking, that month i was not successful in making a peach and banana crumble.. my crumble did not turn out well. June was also a sad month as one of my young cousins, Helmi passed away in a car accident. Some car rammed into him while he was headed home... His girlfriend got away with a few scratches but sadly he did not make it, he succumbed to his injuries. He was only 21 i think. He was a very sweet young boy and i had the pleasure of getting to know him when he was posted at my workplace. May his soul rest in peace.

July - Bridex happened, i did not go because my sister did not want to see military weapons but it was a decision we both regretted. All them hot military men were there!!! it's ok i made a promise to myself that when they have it in Brunei again, i will definitely attend it =D I watched the last installment of the Harry Potter movie and it was AWESOME!!!! My sister also went to Manila in this month just to accompany her friend, she bought me greyish, purpleish pearl necklace and matching earrings... i am in LOVE with them!!! best accessories ever! I also lost my pictures in my camera my memory card decided to go loco on me. Late this month, the bank piloted the new system we were using, it was hell because our user could not do anything and we had to wait nearly a week before we can do anything plus it's a difficult system to use =/ In food terms, i "premiered" my pilot batch of Hersey's chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting and rice krispies hearts with chocolate frosting. it turned out great! everybody loved it! I also attended the OTTERS toastmaster meeting in OGDC. It was great, i caught up with an old friend and met quite a few interesting individuals, in particular the "and so we meet again" guy... explaination for that will be coming up soon =P

August - I have a pen set obsession, so far i got myself a Sheaffer pen and pencil set and then a Cross pink stripe pen and pencil set. I love them both and i wanna get MORE!!!! Crazy but yeah =) It was also the month of Ramadhan, i went out sungkai about 4-5 times only. I think i hosted a speech marathon at Liz's house where i met the "And so we meet again" guy. Seriously, that was how he greeted me "And so we meet again" and then he shakes my hand... when i first met him, he approached me and said hi, then he said to me "Did you know that health is important?" i replied "Yes" but at the back of my head i was like "Apakan?!?! i GET it, i know i'm fat" but you know, being cool KeL is not hard, i just went with the flow and we chatted about health... hahahaha... such irony ya... and to describe how this guy looks like, he is fit and he's got a very nice muscular body. The kind of guy you would want to hear fitness about. But in other terms as in do i like what i see... Ok lah, cute jua lah in his own ways but not what i like. Physical looks, not my type, not the kind that rocks my boat... hahahaha ok i am shallow a bit and i know i don't have much to rock other people's boats but yeah. August also marks my 4th year love-hate journey and relationship with the bank. Late in the month, I was also approached by my former boss about joining the front line crew in the bank. She wanted me in her team because she believes that i can talk very well. Very important decisions to make but i said no but would consider it in the future. Food terms, i was not very successful in making molten lava cakes... no lava coming out of the cake =/ but no worries, i will attempt it again =D

September (well up to today =D) - It's Hari Raya month, i went to a couple of houses, some houses i did not go so i am very sorry... I met the "And so we meet again" guy at an open house and to assure you all, he still used that same line. I think he wanted to talk to me at that open house but i kinda avoided him and was successful. Jahat ah aku ah... hehehehe... i also went to OGDC to attend their speech contest, i also had Sri Kandi's kebab that day from their express stall in KB i think, chicken and beef... it was YUMMY!!!! Earlier in the month, work was as stressful as ever, i felt that the new system kinda doubled our work. I asked my former boss on tips how to handle front line. She gave me useful tips and she then asked me "Are you interested?" I told her i would definitely give it a go in the future. Little did i know, that future was not far away. Then something happened at work which was the final straw for me to put my foot down and say enough is enough, i can't tolerate this shit no more, 2 years is all i can take. The advert for the front line post was closed but i asked some good friend in HR if there was any openings and my friend asked me what i was looking for and will let me know soon. That same week i got called for an interview. I did not know abt this interview until i came to work on the day of the interview. i went home an hour early the day before to go to OGDC. Interview day and i came to work in one of the bank's collared t-shirt. I was not informed by some parties that i has an interview that day but that did not stop me. I went for the interview and one of colleagues said i got it already. But i was not too sure until i get that confirmation from HR, when i got the offer the next week, in 3 minutes i replied and said "I accept". My boss and line manager was shocked as they don't think i would move to front line after 4 years in back office. For me, i see this as a good learning opportunity and i know i can do it. So i will be moving departments by October. I am quite happy, i know that this will be unfamiliar territories but there is nothing you cannot do without learning, hard work and perseverance. Well for this weekend, i had to attend my cousin's church wedding and stuff. I was not able to attend my Penguin friends open house, i was excited to go but due to a lot of things going on and the reception at night, time was not very kind to me. So sorry azwan and penguin friends, i was so excited to see u all already =/ it's ok there will be another time for us to meet again. During later part of the reception, we heard news that one of our cousin got into a motorcycle accident at 5pm and the doctors tried to save her but she succumbed to her injuries and passed away. I heard she was riding by herself and she got into a self accident, she crashed into the metal side railings of the road. She was only 26. God bless her soul and may she rest in peace. Her funeral would be taking place tomorrow. Well today, i was also overbooked. I had to be the timer for the first half of the Toastmaster's Area contest and then i had to pick up my friend in Rimba and then go to a colleague's wedding in Pengkalan Batu. i only came home around 3++pm.

So many things happening, in such short time. I was thinking about death and i have watched my dad take his final breath before my eyes. It was heartbreaking but we all knew that it would happen and we had to be prepared for it. My 2 cousins passing away so suddenly and both in road accidents, it makes me think that i don't want to die like that. If i were to die, i want to go peacefully like how my late dad did. People had to be prepared for it. I know their families are all in shock and to cope with a sudden death is definitely very hard. So drive safe and responsibly people. But like some people say, it's all fate. God loves you much more so he takes you earlier so you can join him and all the others up in heaven. May all the souls of the people whom we know that has passed on before us rest peacefully. They are all looking out for us from above. XOXO.

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