Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Another holiday trip story =)

Hi all!!! Just got back from a holiday from SG with my mum, sis and our friend. We used Air Asia so our flight was from BN-KL-SG and vice versa. Our friend is crazy i tell you. For now, i don't ever wanna go on holiday with her ever! All she wanted to do every night is go clubbing! And all the clubs we went to, the crowd were not "happening" not much people seemed like they wanted to dance. Clubbing is not cheap! And the last night we were there, a sunday night, she insisted we go to a club again! Who on earth goes clubbing on a sunday night! Lucky for me and my sis, the club was deserted! Other than that, i had a good time shopping till my feet hurt like crazy!!!

I noticed that the new craze now for foot wear is Fitflop. Because my feet were so much in pain, my friend suggested that i buy a pair of Fitflops. So i was keen on getting them... seems like they were the "in thing" and made the person wearing them feel like they were walking on air. Well, i did not get it. Much to my disappointment, the creators of Fitflops, did not think about the ladies with wide feet. I'm not ashamed to say that i really have big feet. I wear a size 9 or size 40 shoes. When i tried them on, they were so tight that i was like forget it and i tried a size 41! So fitflops were never meant for me.

I did a lot of shopping, i bought a lot of bags! I finally visited the Perllini store in Plaza Singapura and i bought so much bags that i got a lifetime membership with them! hahahahaha. Perllini bags are affordable and may not be as fancy as Carlo Rino or Bonia, but i really like this brand. I bought a couple of bags from their classic line =D Then i also got a Sembonia backpack for $45!!! this was at a sale at Takashimaya. it was the bag to wrap up all of my bag shopping. I was also trying to look for clothes from Dorothy Perkins and Marks and Spencer but they did not have what i like and DP did not have my size. Lucky for me i manage to buy a little black dress from DP!!! Expensive but worth every penny i paid and i will cherish it!!! hahahah so yeah, plenty of shopping and eating at burger king too.

So below are pictures of what i managed to snap with my ipod touch, to be honest i did not even use my camera at all! hahahaha... so enjoy =D

my view when we we flying from Brunei to KL

Eating chilli crab at Jumbo Restaurant in Clarke Quay! Best chilli crab eating experience ever =D

Motivational words posted on an MRT Sign board.

From Rubi Shoes and dedicated to all them shoe lovers out there

CK Underwear Vending Machine at ION Orchard. So men, if by any-God-knows-how chance you lost your underwear around ION, you can buy them here instantly! =) hahahaha

So i guess this is it for now, i shall be back at work by this friday... arrrrgggghhhhh.... i wish i don't have to work! then i'll be flying off again on Saturday with my sister for her Borneo Marathon. Hopefully i'll still have energy by Monday! hahahaha... Bubyez! Muahz <3

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