Thursday, May 26, 2011

HSBC Walk Run Cycle and other random stuff =)

Hey Peeps! I'm back yet again =) So i have had some interesting moments at work for these past few days. You know, working in the bank where i call tons of people everyday just to verify their purchases is quite routine. Some days you get demanding customers other days, you get them ok nice ones. Usually before i verify their personal purchases, i ask them if i could verify some of their personal details. There was one customer, i asked him "Can i have your date of birth sir?" He responded, " Ok, it's today 19XX" I *feeling very awkward and thinking should i say Happy Birthday?" responded "Ok.. thank you very much Sir" hahahahahaha.... i should have greeted him... but since i am more experienced now, i should.... hahahaha. The other funny situation happened today. Before i asked my verification questions to my customer, he said jokingly "It's still the same me. I'm still the same person so shoot away with your questions..hahaha" I was like "eh..hehehe? =_=" ok..." It has been quite an interesting journey for me in the bank. it's like nearly 4 years now that i will be in this bank, which brings a grand total of me being in the banking industry for nearly 6 years. To be honest, i quite like banking with all the new people and acquaintances. It's just some days you feel like giving up and calling it quits! I'm hanging in here =D.

On to other stuff, here are some nice photos i would like to share with you. Just random things and 1 pic from Walk Run Cycle that i manage to snap away with my ipod touch =)

This was one of those days when the sun was so hot!
Taken on 18May11 at 7.56am!

This was one of the fridays when our boss belanja us big ass cookies.
Honestly, i can make quite a mean batch of Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookies but these were HEAVENLY!!! It was not sweet and everything i wanted in a big ass chocolate chip cookie.
The other flavour was White Chocolate Macadamia... OMG!!! The white chocolate just melts in your mouth! These cookies are TO DIE FOR and i think they're about $3.50 a piece!!!!

The only picture i manage to snap at the Walk Run Cycle Event... Should have brought my water proof camera instead!

A stolen shot of me and my sis from one of the HSBC Walk Run Cycle photog!
I look so round! hahahahaha =P
*Courtesy of HSBC WalkRunCycle photog - Safu*

A shot of me, my sis, my cousins and her friend in red =D
*Courtesy of HSBC WalkRunCycle photog - HjMdFouzi*

I guess this is it for tonight, i will be leaving work early tomorrow!!! Yay!!! And i have a themed Mystery Manor party to attend... my first to be exact... i bet it will be an interesting one! =D Muahz! Bubyez <3

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