Sunday, April 10, 2011

#100 facts about me

Hey all!!! i know i have disappeared for quite some time now... well i have been pretty busy, there was one weekend where i went to Miri for the weekend with my mum, my sis and the bestie. We actually stayed one night at the Miri Marriot... It is really a beautiful place to stay in =D And it won't be long till i'm on leave!!! woot woot!!!

So as the title says #100 facts about me. i saw this as a trending topic on twitter, so i thought, why don't i put some in my blog. Bear with me people, all of the facts are in random order and are made up as i write this blog, hopefully i can reach 100 =D

Fact 1 : i love cute cartoon cows...wait, i'm OBSESSED with them. For what reasons, i still don't know.
Fact 2 : i love bags, be it handbags, totes or backpacks i love them all. And when i see a hot bag, i MUST get it. Sometimes i can't sleep because of it.
Fact 3 : i love to travel! My #1 yearly destination is Singapore.
Fact 4 : i like to bake, i still have yet to polish my baking skills to make a living of it.
Fact 5 : i'm a big pirate... we all know what that means =D
Fact 6 : It took me 1 year to get my driver's license and i got it at the age of 21. It was not because i failed but because i was to lazy to attend practical driving lessons and i was working to pay for it.
Fact 7 : I nearly killed my driving examiner because the car lost it's power steering for while. I nearly crashed into some wooden construction thingy before i manage to brake on time.
Fact 8 : Sometimes i just have urges to eat a piece of cheese. You know those single wrapped kraft singles cheese and i do it.
Fact 9 : i used to have a love hate relationship with ipod products and itunes. Now i love it and i want to buy an iphone 4!
Fact 10 : i like wearing black everyday to work, sometimes i add a bit of colour.
Fact 11 : i prefer wearing short skirts/dresses on rainy days because i don't have to fuss with my pants being wet.
Fact 12 : when i'm in my car driving home from work, i crank up the volume of my radio and hook up my ipod so i can "karaoke" on my way back...hehehe
Fact 13 : When i'm infront of the TV, it only takes me a few mins and then i fall asleep. This als0 applies to the Twilight books... sorry no offence =)
Fact 14 : i can't swim to save my life.
Fact 15 : i love watching cartoons when i get the time to. I love watching Sponge Bob and Phineas and Ferb.
Fact 16 : when i eat fast food, i always eat burger. i never order fried chicken unless they're boneless.
Fact 17 : I usually eat boneless breast meat chicken. If i have no other options then i would eat the wing or drumstick.
Fact 18 : I love eating sushi but only things that have been cooked and nothing raw.
Fact 19 : i love buying books. The only vampire author i love is Kerrelyn Sparks. Her books are more exciting and filled with passion.
Fact 20 : i have never gotten drunk or wasted. Only a lil bit tipsy
Fact 21 : i love watching drunk people who do crazy shit! hahahaha... Well someone has to stay sober and make sure they don't get in trouble right? =)
Fact 22 : if i receive a text/whatsapp message an unknown number, i normally respond "Hi who is this? i've lost my phone so many times that i never had the chance to save your number"
Fact 23 : i don't usually eat lamb but i make an exception for lamb burgers and lamb misoyaki from Excapade =D
Fact 25 : i dislike driving at night or in the rain at night. I have to use my glasses to drive and all these car headlights look like really up close bright stars to me. That's why i prefer driving on the highway at night.
Fact 26 : I STRONGLY HATE CARS WITH BRIGHT WHITE LIGHTS. They really hurt my eyes.
Fact 27 : i hate grass cutters cutting grass at the side of the road. seeing them send shivers down my spine. i'm afraid they might hit a stone which might hit my car or their grass cutter blades might hit my tyres. i know i sound crazy and they're just doing their job but i still hate it.
Fact 28 : i have found joy in drinking peppermint tea and also some of Mr Brown's coffee. i love the french vanilla one and the macadamia nut one.
Fact 29 : i love the cold. when it's pouring i like to make sure my aircond is on full blast so i can cocoon myself in my comforter.
Fact 30 : i love lazing around during the weekends but lately i have not have the chance to do so. And i literally mean laze about at home doing nothing.
Fact 31 : i don't normally use make up to work or when i go out. But i go all out during work functions. This is so i can wow people.
Fact 32 : i LOVE going to that cafe by the beach in Jerudong =D
Fact 33 : physically, i like guys/men who are really tall and skinny. If they look good in glasses, then that is an added bonus. Guys who look like this really rocks my boat ;) hahahaha
Fact 34 : i like using phrases such as "whatever/whichever floats your boat"or "fudgesticks"
Fact 35 : i like to dance but i have no rhythm and have 2 left feet. so if you see me dancing very awkwardly then that is just me =D
Fact 36 : Sometimes during a conversation with my close friends, i would make dirty remarks and they would look at me and shake their heads. So i justify by telling them "If i don't say it then you know it's not KeL or me being just me" they often respond by nodding or saying "Yeah that's true".
Fact 37 : i don't like clowns
Fact 38 : i like to smile a lot and i mean literally. which sometimes lead to me attracting wrong kinds of people.
Fact 39 : i hate frogs, rats and snakes. i will squeal if i see one near me. let's just leave that one at that.
Fact 40 : i don't like being near balloons or when people are touching them... I don't like it if it pops!

I thin that is it for now... I'll try to come up with 60 more facts when i am on leave... hehehehe... hope that was bearable for you peeps. Enjoy the rest of your sunday and i will watch Phineas and Ferb now =D xoxo muahz bubyez!!!

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