Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's December already

Hi All!!! As usual, i reappear! Definitely a lot has happened and i shall go through the highlights...

October - hmmmm.... i cant seem to remember what happened in this month. Well what i remembered was that i was supposed to move to my new role on the last week of october, but because my bosses were not looking hard enough for a replacement, they had to retain me that last week and only let me go as of 1st November. That last week, i had to spend half the day in Jerudong and the afternoon in Gadong. So it was a lot of driving up and down for me.

November - I finally start full time in Gadong. Being in the front lines is definitely different and a big eyeopener for me. The work is not as hectic like my previous role. I move around a lot more in this new role, a lot of running around and interacting with a lot of people everyday. I don't spend a lot of time infront of a computer like i used to. it is very fun and i feel much more "free". The only downside is that i have to work saturdays. To be honest, i konk out quite easily these days. I'd get so tired after work that when i wake up in the morning i feel like i don't have enough sleep. It's a good thing i guess, i sleep much better and i kinda "exercise" more than i use to... LOL!!! Also, i went to Penang to accompany my sis for her Penang Bridge Marathon and no, i did not hold up a sign this time. I think holding up a sign would be reserved for KK's Borneo International Marathon. My sis says she will doing it again next year, so i will be more prepared this time round. I'll hold up my sign, be prepared with my camera, a pen and paper. Just in case i ever meet any cute runners that could potentially find me cute and not run away from me... hahahaha... As corny as it sounds, i just hope that particular one will be there next year and that i'll finally remember how he looks like! About my new role, it is definitely interesting and i have made new friends already. I mean i do know some of them but getting to know them has been interesting. The only thing is because my sister used to work there with some of them, they assume i'm like her and have mistakenly called out her name instead of mine. I do look a lot like my sister but a lot of people assume i am an exact replica of her. Looking exactly like her is cool, because that means they're looking at my face and not my body but thinking that i act like her, is a whole different thing. Some people who have gotten to know us both or have closely observed us, have found that we are very different. I'm not as loud and chatty as her. I'm more quiet and reserved around people that i am acquainted with. If i know you better, then i would warm up but other than that, i'd definitely make small talks and flash you my big smile. Some people are quite surprised how different we are. Lookalike sisters with different personalities. My sister is so friendly that she makes a lot of friends, especially clients. Sometimes when these people see me walking on the streets or in a restaurant, they stare or smile at me like they know me but of course they don't know that i'm not my sister. Then if my sister comes and join me, then it clicks to them and they always go "Oh, i thought she was you". Funny stuff i tell you.

So now it's december, i'm on leave for the next few days. I'll be back to work by monday... boo hoo =( I have been lazing about today and so far it has been good =) 2012 is coming pretty soon so i have no expectations, just that i have a feeling that next year will be a good year for me. Things will definitely be better. I know some people are worried that the world will end in 2012. I'm not. To be honest, i saw bits and pieces of the movie 2012 and this is what i think. If the world were really to end in 2012, i don't think God would tell us, he'd just wipe us all out at one go. If we were meant to die in 2012, then we'll just all die at one go. There won't even be time for us to prepare. so if you're worried 2012, don't. If the world is meant to really end in 2012, then it would. But if it isn't, it's best we don't know when. So live your life like it's the last and enjoy it while it lasts =) xoxo

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