Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm on off day...

Hi All... the title says it all... i'm on off day!!! yay... finally... hahahaha!!! Som i actually washed my car this morning by myself... 1st time me washing my car... hahaha... i just hope it does not rain... my other plan for today was to catch the consumer fair with Amie... the thing is i forgot today was govt payday... so i hope all this govt servants will only catch the fair after work.. hahaha.. i'll be bringing my camera along to take some cool pics =D

The picture below is a picture of my old boss... Ms LHL. Yesterday was her last day in my former department, she has moved on to be a branch manager... I wish her all the best in her new role... And i really thank her for giving me the opportunity to work with her team. She was the one who interviewed me and gave me that opportunity to work in the Bank. She gave me that yes! Good luck boss!

I think that is it for now... i'll be heading off soon =D)) bubyez!!!

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