Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A new start to the new year

Hey all! Well, today i decided to make some time to blog =D so work has been a bit hectic for the past 2 days. But i don't want to be a bore and talk about work! Let's start with Saturday, i chopped off my pretty coloured hair... why i did it? I'm really not too sure... i just felt like was was getting irritated and kusut with my hair... So when i went to one of my hairdresser in Gadong, i said to him "I want you to chop off my hair!" My hairdresser folds his arm looks at me shocked and said "Are you for real?" and when i said yes, he looks at my sister and said "Is she for real?" well... he got the same answer...hehehe... in the end he did cut my hair at mid length and if i have wanted it shorter, i think he would have just refused me... hahaha.. Mind you, my other hairdresser in bandar, once asked me 5 times before she chopped off my hair...

Enough said about hair, i had a fun weekend, i went on a picnic with my sister and some good friends... i have made friends with a few of Amie's friends. They're cool people, although i have only joined them for 2 outings, i like hanging with them... To be honest, it feels good and fun to talk and hang out with people who around my age. In the department that i work in, i am the youngest in my team and the 2nd youngest is maybe around 26 or so. Most of the people i know at work are either older or married or both! so yeah i find it fun to mingle in a crowd that is around my age =D. Not that older people are not cool, they are... it's just that sense of being with people who you can talk to, relate to and be crazy and silly with without being called funny or weird... hahahaha... Plus i don't have much friends at work who are around my age... so this is something that i can call my own =D

Back to the picnic, i got sun burnt and charred! hahahah... We were catching small crabs and it was fun =D We caught a cray fish but that got eaten up by the other crabs. Here are some pictures =)


The scenery in the morning... so pretty right?

Earlier tonight, i was blog hopping and i came across a blog that i felt was very interesting, the blogger did not blog so much but what he wrote was quite deep. You can see how he appreciates life and everything that he has plus how he is single and will wait for the right one to come along. Kudos to you! I'm kinda in that same boat but i'm neither waiting or anticipating, i'm just not interested. Maybe i have not met someone who strikes my interest yet =) I also found this quote on that blog, i don't know if he made it up or copied it somewhere, but i think i am at this point now. I'm still searching and hopefully i will find what i'm searching for. ;)

I've learned-

that it's taking me a long time to become the person I want to be.

I guess this is it for now, i'll blog more soon plus my sis is getting suspicious of what i'm writing in my blog... why? i'm not too sure why though... afterall these are just my random ramblings right? hehehe... Bubyez! <33>

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