Sunday, January 17, 2010


Hi All... It has been raining for a couple of days now and it usually last the whole day. It makes me feel like time has not passed, it made me feel like it was december 08... The rain made me also think abt my dad a lot too... everytime i think or remember him, it brings me very close to tears. It's like it was just yesterday i was arguing with him abt small, not important, minimal things, but it's ok i know i can get through this... i know that there will be better and brighter days to come...

So last night i attended the bank's Annual Dinner, the theme was Le Masquerade Carnival. I did not get a mask, instead i wore HUGE heart-shaped glasses, which the people on my table loved... hahahah... i've got no silly pictures of myself to show... so yeah, i leave it to the imagination =), i would normally stay on for the after party, to dance and go crazy with friends for a bit but i decided not to this year because, my shoe was really hurting me!!! and i bought it the night before.. i did not have enough time to "break" into my shoes. Overall, i had great fun because our MC was that drag queen from Malaysia, Didi i think. So much fun and a whole load of adult humor!!! what i would mean by adult humor meaning, every statement he makes is associated with sex, hooking up and things like that... even the simplest of statements, sounds like it's dirty... all i can say is I LIKE!!!! hahahahaha =D)) Oh yeah, that ticket up there won me a lucky draw prize!!!! i came to the dinner with no expectations of winning, just hopes that if i do win, i hope i get that 42 inch Samsung LCD tv... but i got a phone instead... well better than nothing right? =))

One of the decos for the night, fake pillars with fake candles

This is when the senior management came in to present them selves... i just simply snapped this shot =)

My lucky draw prize... it's a Sony Erricson W508... don't really know what i will do with it so yeah... in the market it costs $285... so i guess it is something... i don't think i'll sell it because it's the first time i have won a lucky draw... so it's a keeper ;)

That's me... born in the year of the Rabbit =D)) i think this is it for now... will blog more soon... xoxo KeL

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