Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year 2010!

Hi All... Happy New Year 2010... The other day i was blog hopping and i came on a blog post from one of my friends... He said this is usually the one day where we take time to reflect on what has happened for the past year. Personally, my memories are mostly kept in my head while my friend has his mostly on his blog... I must admit that i do not blog as much as i used to... For me 2009 was a lot of searching and it still is... After my dad's passing, a very close friend of mine who is also a clairvoyant told me that i'm still very unsure of what i want in life, i'm not lost, i just don't know what i want but if i see something i want, i will somehow go my way to get it. 2009 was a year that i personally felt that was quite difficult for me... there were ups, downs and a lot of rough patches. But if you asked me if there was anything i wanted to change i would say no because from all of it, i learnt a thing or two about life, mostly the hard way. 2009 also presented a lot of opportunities for me, a new role in the workplace, the meeting of new people and a chance to improve and prove myself that i am not what people think i am. The biggest thing that happened in 2009 is the passing of my dad, not a day goes by that i don't think of him and feel like breaking down at some point. Although i was not close to my dad, i do sometimes feel his presence.

For 2010, i will be just fine, i am strong enough to carry on. Honestly, i do not have any resolution for 2010 because i know that the year will have a lot of uncertainties and unexpected, so i will just go with the flow. To say that i already have my mind set is a lie, I still do not know what i want in life and i will continue searching for it. Closing in on the 23 years old mark in a couple of months time, i know i still have time to figure out what i want. My hopes is that 2010 will bring me good health, better luck, more wealth, great opportunities and maybe a love interest =)

So those of you readers out there who actually read my blog, i wish you a happy 2010! May you have a good year and live your life with no regrets! Seize every opportunity you have and don't let it go. Do your thing and don't care what people think. Lastly let's also hope that the economy will also be good to us too =D. Happy 2010!


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