Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hi All, it has been a lazy saturday... i did not go out because my mum and my aunty took my car out... There was nothing much on TV either... Luckily, some of the series i downloaded just finished so i decided to watch them... the wait for these series was long enough!!!! well it will be A long wait till the 2nd season of Glee.

Facebook status-es. This was something i saw early this week, a particular one from a 20 year old girl... For me, this 2 status of her was very disturbing... here goes, coming from a 20 year old...

"says, i fake having fun when i'm in bed with you, not because you're not good at it but it's because of your short dick and you don't know how touch a girl like me!"

"says, i don't do cigarrates but i do blow job. haha!"

For me, i would not put up status-es like this because, why the hell would you want the whole world to know what you are doing in your private life? If only her parent's have facebook, maybe she won't say such things...As a person who is around that age... you don't want people to know you're a slut... it make s you seem easy and cheap... No offence, but if she is reading this, dear girl it's not nice to put status-es like this... makes every guy want to get into your pants and tell all his friends to get some too.

Anywhoos... let's get on to other things i've been thinking about an ipod touch! b$468... hmmm~~~ maybe i'll get it in march... hmm~~~ i was actually playing with one of my friend's i phone and the games are so cool!!! she told me that you can play them on an ipod touch, hence i do want to get one... i was actually thinking abt it since last year but really decided to buy it... too bad i did not win this during the dinner's lucky draw! So yeah, the thinking and consideration goes on for now...

Oh yeah, i got some Utama Grand vouchers so i can go shopping for baking stuff tomorrow! yay! i'm gonna go on a baking frenzy =D i guess this is it for now.. xoxox

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