Thursday, October 30, 2008

Football Pics : BSB Vs BPC

Hellew all... I did manage to watch the football match between the BSB and the BPC team... Let's just say that i was disappointed... i expected exciting action on the field but i did not get any =( boo hoo... The results : BPC won the match 5 to 3. so yeah GO BPC!!!! I'm a big supporter =D Now here are the pictures... still a bit shaky even with the sports function on... i'm not too sure if its me still unsteady with the camera ofr they're just blurry pics... bear with me ya =D maybe i should get a focus camera or something... hehehhe enjoy ppl =D))

My sister's DQ ice cream
Mine... it melted
The DQ Cup

Footballers in action!!!

Us ladies supporTing BPC : Efah(in red), Serena(in white), Wina(in grey), Raf(in black) and me in blue

Other Supporters

Break for the 1st half
The BSB team

BPC team in red

Going back in for the 2nd half
Me and wina
Efah and her burger

Pics below was when the match ended

When the match ended, i did not stay around to watch the strip show.... hahaha... decided to go home and yeah... i guess that's it for today. Bubyez <33

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