Saturday, November 1, 2008

Raya at Kak Mai's

Hellew all... well after work yesterday evening, my colleagues and i decided to go to one of our colleagues raya open house. I did not take pictures and i also did not manage to get the hostess picture as well... anyways kak mai told joey that she burned her hands while grilling some lamb chop and she also had very little sleep marinating the lamb the night before. Unfortunatly for me, i do not eat lam so i was not able to savour kak mai's oh so deliciously marinated lamb. Kak Mai also prepared, rice along with chicken, meat and fish dishes. She also ordered Soto... i did not manage to eat the soto because i stuffed my self with the meat dish... it was very yummy that i had to go for a second round... p/s i'm not much of a meat eater and if i go for seconds just for meat, it must have been very yummy =D

L-R: Regi, Harman, Joey and Safu's Wife
My sis, Katherine and Ing Ming
That's me
Alex and Tiong Ho watch Safu getting some Teh Tarik

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