Thursday, October 23, 2008

Things that i'm pondering on...

Hellew all... i've been pondering on a couple of things... I just realized that after i got my new camera, i'm not snapping away like i imagined i would... It's funny, really... So maybe i should go on another holiday and start snapping.

Oh another crazy fact, yesterday we had a blood donation drive at work. Being me, i was very worked up and excited to donate blood. After they pricked my finger, i had to do the "How high is your blood pressure?" test and i had a BP of 170/110... Mind you this is not my first time giving blood... I was then told to loosen up and rest for 15 mins... So i thought ok... i'll just walk around, disturb other people and then sit still... 15 mins later, i did the test again with the other doctor... this time much better 160/110... only a reduction by 10... and so i thought ok, i'm doing good... let's try to get it down further. So i went round, talking to people... oh at this point my sister, katherine already finished filling up her bag of blood and it was her first time. So myself, katherine and her fiance; sharin decided to sit outside at the benches before going back into LDV. One more, we'll see how much it has reduced... Sadly to say, my BP stayed at 160!!! and the doctor told me "i think it's rising a lilttle bit more" and it my head i was going "AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" The doctor then turns my slip of paper and says, "I'm sorry, you are unfit to give blood today... maybe next time ok" ~~~HMMMPPPHHH~~~ So much for being excited to give blood eh?

Within the whole session of waiting for my BP to go down, i bumped into Melvin Jong who is my ex high school class mate. It was his first day on the job with one of the newspaper production company. He says he has not seen me or our other classmates for nearly 3 years and i told him likewise and also because i've been living under a rock... hahaha... i'm not really aware of recent world news or office gossip... so yeah... if you're looking for me, try looking under a rock... i might just be there ;o) lol!!!

Will update soon with pictures... i might be going to Kuraman Island some where in November with my ex-collegues from SCB.... It really amazes me that everytime they have an outing, they always invite me...i feel very touched and happy that they still consider me part of them... i really miss them... Things are just so much different in HSBC... its like durang siuk sendiri... and its not as fun as being with them in SCB... Sorry to say that... to me its very true. Ok, i'll keep updating... i do have some things scheduled for next month and hopefully i can make it to the HSBC footie match between Bandar and BPC... Shah of course will be playing... I'll try to get pics if i go... Then there's my sister's concert, Kathleen. She's in a choir caleed the Serunai Singers... So i'll get some photos of that and hopefully a video too... Ta ta for now... Gotta get ready for work =)

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