Friday, October 17, 2008

Happy Raya People!!!!

Hey all.... Happy raya to everyone... i would first like to apologize to everyone who invited me to their open house because i could not make it... i only went to some houses and this was because the hosts insisted that i come and they all knew my sister so i had to come, there was no option for not showing up... sorry yeah to those who invited me... i'll try to come next year ok.

This is the office front desk... decorated by Wina. she did put good effort in it.

Kat and i on our way to KB on the first day of Raya and we were stuck in the jam. We were on our way to Sharin's house, Katherine's fiance.

Bored people try to entertain themselves in the car. One of the cars beside us, the guy was trying to figure out the rubik cube... he went along very well

One of the cars involved in the accident and the car owner watching traffic pass by.

The view of the sky on our way to and from KB.
Me and Siti Nora at Zana's house

Group photos with myself, Kat, Siti Nora, Zana and Jasmin; Siti Nora's daughter
Us at Siti Nora's Open House on Saturday
Me, Sharin and Katherine
Cool view of the sky
Leng and Rina during our office Open Floor on Monday


My messy desk... hahhahahah
Me and Leng
Me and Serena
Me and Wina
Me, Wina and Serena

Raya this year was ok for me... i had to bring chocolate cornflakes and peaches and cream for the Open Floor event. Other than that... hmmm~~~ oh, i got a broadband connection now. Its not wireless or anything, just the modem. I had very hard choices to make, it was either Go!Broadband from DST or Zoom!Broadband from Bmobile. I had mixed reviews from both of these broadband connection, a lot of people told me that Zoom! is not too bad in Tutong because it's more established than Go!... so with so much reviews to take in and price consideration, i actually decided to walk into Bmobile to ask their price and it was waaaayyyyyy cheaper than Go! and i bought it on the spot. What made me very impressed is that the connection is very good and fast and i really like it =)

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