Thursday, October 23, 2008

Random ramblings

Hellew yet again... my second post for today... Very fast eh? Well, i saw something just now that made me think that there are people in the bank who are normal and do go crazy at times... I took the lift to the 3rd floor of my work place building... i actually work on the 2nd... call me lazy but this is actually a daily routine for most of us until someone gets stuck in the lift and sad to say it has happened to me once and i do not want it to happen again! As i was saying, i was carrying plenty of documents as always, i passed by this one particular section, one of the team members is a gifted person; she's deaf. I like this girl because she's very friendly and it proves to show that you don't need so much words to express yourself. So as i passed by this section, she was pointing at her one of her team mate who had plugged his ears with loud music and he was "dancing"... i assumed he was listening to dance or techno that he was doing such things... he just looked at her and continued dancing in his chair and after sending the documents, he was still at it and i just smiled to myself and thought i'm not the only going crazy because i tend to do such things but only in the safe. i know it sounds like no big deal but it meant something to me.

So anyways... i'm out for lunch at the moment... ummmm... before i left my office, i saw that i will be swamped in work... no wait... i'll be drowning in work for the next week or so... ~~~sigh~~~ i swear they're trying to kill me or it could just be my imagination... Let's just hope i make it through alive.... ahhahahah... i sound so dramatic lah.... wait wait... i can make it through the rain~~~ hahahha... inda pun hujan... hahahha... i sound psychotic now... ok i'll just stop at that... hahaha bubyez <33

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