Monday, October 27, 2008

Futsal Pictures

Hello all, today was a funny day for me... i actually knocked my head on a cupboard while i was throwing some rubbish in a wastebin near the water dispenser in my office,i don't know why i decided to bend a bit when i threw the rubbish... i just hope no one hear the loud thud... hahaha... i did end up laughing out loud at myself and some of my colleagues asked me what happened and i told them.... yeah... i'm a bit silly aren't i? heheeh =D Not much has happened during the weekend... i went out around 3+++ pm and my sis and i hanged out at the mall and after buying some stuff we decided to watch a futsal match that katherine's fiance, sharin was referee-ing at. This futsal match was organized by B.O.W futsal club and the matches were pretty short, 7 mins each half so yeah... here are some pictures, i actually used the sport feature on my camera... pics are still shaky tho... Oh yeah since it has been raining like crazy here, the matches came to an end at about 12 midnight and while we were using the old road back home to tutong, it was flooded so we had to turn back to use the highway and we only got home at 1.15 am and i only slept at 3.00 pm because my laptop gave me a big scare and i managed to fix it... Thank God!!! i cannot imagine reformatting it... its like my life at the moment!!! Heheheh... i'm being dramatic eh? So back to pictures... enjoy =D

People in action
Sudden death penalty kicks when ther is a tied score

Sharin, Katherine's fiance

Teams waiting for the kick
the crowd going wild... at some points =)
He shoots...
He SCORES!!!!! Spot the ball ppl...
Team members on the bench with their jersey numbers

Players in action
The organizing committee watching the game

More ball action
OOOOHHHHHH.... Bad fall

So yeah there you have... i don't know what else to comment... pictures are not so clear because it was in full zoom so can't see clear faces... HSBC will be having a football match between HSBC Bandar and HSBC BPC this Wednesday night at the Padang Kebajikan at 8 pm so I'll be rooting for BPC =) Will try to get some shots of that too ok =) Ta for now <33

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