Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Just My Thoughts...

Ok I now have thoughts on my previous blog; it wasn’t really a close up on the Singapore Contingent. It was just a bit of bits and pieces of some of them. I did notice that I did not have any pictures of the netball and table tennis team =( So now my thoughts on the Singaporean Contingent… hmmm~~~ I hope I do not offend anyone…

  1. Some of them were really friendly and others only seem to warm up on the last day but it could mean that they are very shy people. =)
  2. We also noticed that they are very “sehati sejiwa” kind of people. I somehow feel that some of them might be reading this so FYI, sehati sejiwa in direct translation to English would be one heart, one soul. It’s like all for one and one for all. It’s a good thing, it shows that they’ve got a good bond, team work and they’re “tight”. *two thumbs up*
  3. I heard that to some of them beer is like a daily necessity, it’s like water… true kah? Someone has to give me some feedback on this. -_-^^ I do drink but not so often and it’s usually not beer, just a mix of liqueur and a soft drink.
  4. I don’t think they discovered the Communist Store or what we call the Kedai Kommunis, one of the favourite shops to shop at. I think they would really pack up a whole load of pirated DVDs. ß I say this because I’ve seen some of the NS Boys doing this and yes they are very noticeable =D its normal when you think about it, it’s like how if we could, we would like to pack the whole of Marks & Spencers in our luggage everytime we go to Singapore…hehehe =) FYI; this shop was beside the Mall, an ordinary shop with plenty of pirated DVDs, CDs and DVD box sets. Oh yeah… piracy is very big here. And I mean big.
  5. Eye candy… there were some from the both sexes… there was a particular one that we all liked… heheheheh… the person was really cute… no names will be mentioned so as to not embarrass the person =D))

I think that’s it. If you do have comments, please do post them up. I would like to know what you think and I believe in freedom of speech as everyone is entitled to their own thoughts and views. I think this will be it for today… will try to blog again =) bubyez <33

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